Soft drink vending machines offer free Wi-Fi Internet access

Soft drink vending machines offer free Wi-Fi Internet access ASAHI SOFT DRINKS CO


Asahi Soft Drinks Co has developed a vending machine that provides free Wi-Fi connection to the Internet.

The company said on its website that 1,000 Wi-Fi vending machines will be rolled out this month in Tokyo, Sendai, the Chubu and Kinki regions, as well as Fukuoka. It said it plans to expand the number to 10,000 within five years.

The free Internet service, to be provided in association with Freemobile, will be available in two types, Asahi said. One will require registration via email, and one will not. Asahi says both services will be free of charge.

Asahi says that sessions will time out after 30 minutes and that wireless hotspots will available within a 50-meter radius of Asahi vending machines. WPA2-PSK security will be provided.

Japan Today

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    Now that is interesting; buy a drink and check your mail.

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    Sounds great!

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    Ron John Silver


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    Really, seriously!

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    So, if one of these machines is close enough to your apartment, you will not need to have internet connections in your home? How does the 30 minute time out work?

    Will there be a lot of people standing outside your apartment, or blocking streets?

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    Tom DeMicke

    Why didn't I think of this?

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    There should be free Wi-Fi everywhere.

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    Our ISP provides us wifi hotspots all over the place, plus many more thru cross-promotion deals with other ISPs' hotspots, such that I often leave the cellular data signal off.

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    How does the 30 minute time out work?

    Basically, you will be disconnected after 30 minutes, and have to re-connect to continue using. They may also have set up a "cooldown" on the connection, which could deny you connection for several minutes (which I seriously doubt).

    Just yesterday, I accompanied my wife to get her first smartphone ... a free wifi router was offered (with the condition to connect to it at least once a week) with the smartphone. In a way, I think this is a very smart move to avoid possible traffic on the smartphone carrier's side, and as an advertisement for the wifi maker.

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    Where can I buy one for my office?

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