Tablet sales forecast leaps again

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    I think that tablet PCs are going to be the product that makes China rich.

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    Korlacan Khanthavilay

    Not really. Tablet PCs will just cannabalize regular PC sales. Then Android/iOS tablets are also cannabalizing PC sales. The PC market will drop, since most users are finding that they can easily fill their computer usage needs with a cheap $200-$500 Android/iOS tablet.

    The PC market isn't going to die though, as you still have users that need more than just a mobile OS tablet. So they'll go with a desktop, laptop, or tablet PC.

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    Elbuda Mexicano

    Tim old boy, CHINA is already RICH, if you have not noticed. Tablets though, must come down in PRICE so the average Joe, Tanaka, Wang, Garcia, Sanjeev etc...can say, I guess I will go out and buy one for $100 USD or LESS, now way too expensive and we can do the TABLET stuff on our smartphones, right??

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