Tokyo aims to increase ratio of renewable energy-derived electricity to 30% by 2030


The Tokyo metropolitan government decided to have a goal of increasing the ratio of renewable energy-derived electricity to all the electricity used in Tokyo to about 30% by 2030.

In fiscal 2014, renewable energy-derived electricity accounted for only about 8.7% of the power consumed in Tokyo. Nevertheless, the total capacity of solar power generation facilities in Tokyo has been rapidly increasing in recent years due to the feed-in tariff (FIT) policy and reached about 350,000kW in fiscal 2013, an increase of about 500%, compared with the capacity in fiscal 2008.

This time, the government announced a goal of introducing 1.3GW of solar power generation facilities in Tokyo by 2030.

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    Too little too late.

    A daily analysis of global temperatures shows that the Northern Hemisphere likely exceeded 2 degrees Celsius above "normal" around March 1, 2016, when measuring from pre-industrial levels.


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    Roger Jolly

    Dear JAPANTIME, you should say also that in the same bill proposal, with the reduction of CO2 of 3.8% within 2020 and of the 26% within 2050, the government has proposed to revamp nuclear energ, bringing it up to 20-22% of the national production by 2030... and it is ging to invest in renewable only because it has been heavily bashed for not doing virtually anything on that front at the Paris climate table despite being the 5th biggest CO2 producer and while other countries have installed countles windmills parks and solar pannels.

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