U.S. Navy converting seawater into fuel

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    So much for the people who keep telling us we cant make fuel out of water. There are many people saying you can and many try to say it physically impossible but it seems to be feasible. When can we see it used in our cars?

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    I don't get it. Hydrogen is flammable so why do you need the carbon. Basically they are creating something like oil so that they can burn it and release green house gases (CO2). Where the oceans tend to take the CO2 and make it solid so it can't go into the atmosphere. It doesn't seem like a break though to me. Seem it would be better if they can make sea water into drinking water and also used the Hydrogen as a fuel.

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    I wonder how much energy is expended to make this fuel?

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    Ka chan sea water into drinking water has already been accomplished, decades ago.

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    Watch other navies follow suit.

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    This will be revolutionary. Ships that never need to refuel.

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    Can they get cars, trucks and motorbikes to run on seawater? That would be great...

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    Like most technologies we use today, it will trickle down to commercial use after a while (assuming the oil cartel does not kill this first).

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    Can they get cars, trucks and motorbikes to run on seawater? That would be great...

    Sadly, the amount of equipment required to perform these conversions isn't going to fit in your typical minivan. Plus, there's not much seawater on the roads you drive on (unless a tsunami is in progress). I guess the key is how much seawater is required to process enough fuel to run a ship for an hour, and how long does it take to generate that fuel? Say your ship uses 50 gallons of fuel per hour, but the process only creates 25 gallons of fuel per hour. You'll be able to run longer than you used to without refueling, but you're still going to need to periodically refuel from a tanker.

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    LOL - obviously this is done with nuclear powered ships in mind, in order to produce fuel for their planes or other ships. No one thinks of using oil to power this method.

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    In Japan SenbaiKosha (Govt Monopoly company) use to make salt from beaches on Inland Sea (Seto naikai). Salt became unpopular now. Will they be using salt in sea water? I just wonder.

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