Qantas stops in-flight Internet access after lack of passenger interest

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    Of course nobody is interested in paying 39 USD for something we take granted so often. It is absurdly obvious: Make the costs so high that nobody is interested into using the service, then stop the service saying nobody was interested.

    How about making it free for a while???

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    If it was free I'd use it, but paying is a pain for a lot of reasons:

    Firstly you'd have to either use a credit card (NO CHANCE I'm using a credit card on a crowded flight where anyone can see my card) or wait until well after takeoff to call a member of the flight crew to pay... it's just a pain in the teeth

    Secondly, $40 is about what I pay for a MONTH of internet access. I understand that it's not easy to get reliable internet access on a fast-moving aircraft, but it's very expensive.

    Finally, I rarely have anything so urgent that it justifies the inconvenience or expense.

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    Peter Payne

    I'd pay it but only because I can charge it to my company. That is rather expensive.

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    I was reading about the Internet access when I flew Qantas from/to Tokyo earlier this year. I'm sure it said it was only available in the upper classes - not available to the regular folks in the back three-quarters of the plane. Perchance this may also have affected the take-up rate?

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