9 Mexican police killed in ambush

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    Elbuda Mexicano

    Acapulco, is like it or not a PORT, ports meaning lots of ships coming in and out, and guess what is coming up from South America?? Yes, lots and lots of COCAINE, so is anybody surprised?? Do feel sorry for these cops, but this is just another day in the life and death of these so called drug wars in Mexico.

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    The drug problems are all over S.America including Mexico and N.America. When will the good Mexicans rise up taking control over the country from drug dealers? Mayana ( tomorrow, next day)! Hello, education, family, science and technology will be the better choice than drug culture and illegal immigration! Shameful blood shed!

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    Bgood; the GOOD Mexicans can NO LONGER Rise Up against the drug dealers, they were all DIS-Armed by their government 20 years ago, about the SAME TIME all this DRUG Violence STARTED.

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    The cops not bullet-proofing their cars?

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    Acapulco is definitely off my holiday list.

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