Australian motorcycle gang challenges criminal law in court

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    The Finks is a great name. Best Aussie name is the Coffin Cheaters. Also Notorious.

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    Good name for a band maybe, but OMCG crime is a problem here in Oz so hope this challenge is unsuccessful.

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    Bikkies deal with drugs and commit criminal acts should be label Criminal Gang and ban them from forming a legitimate group. By the same token if a large part of this laws is unconstitutional then it should be repealed and re-legislate to ensure no party or organization are being unfairly label criminal group when ever government choose to label them. Hope Australia does not follow the US path like labeling Julian Asange and B. Manning as Enemy of the State.

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    allowing lower court judges to hear evidence in secret and to prevent legal appeals

    ... this honestly is going too far. Secret evidence and no appeals sounds like something a dictatorship would use to silence political dissenters.

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    Jan Claudius Weirauch

    They should make Bozoko in Japan illegal...

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    Peter Payne

    I was amused to learn biker gangs are known as "bikies" in Oz.

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    Leaders of the Finks, whose motto is "Attitude with Violence", have asked Australia's highest court to overturn laws they say are draconian and threaten civil freedoms

    When they have a motto like that is it any surprise "laws with attitude" are introduced to curb their thuggery.

    I wait for the day when I can say good riddance to these anti-social little boys clubs.

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    “Attitude with Violence” just the name alone is provocative and dangerous.

    BTW how about the japanese motor bikers who pollute the peaceful day or night with the loud sound of their engine... is there a law against that in Japan?

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    what is it with people who dont get it that the legislation would in effect make a precendence for any sort of gathering, and is totally not democratic???? What your partner not listening to you that you get such a dictatorial attitude? Like for example, if this sort of legislation was introduced, it is possible to lead to any sort of gathering being banned. How about the wives club with their Attitude with Mind-Deception? Or the average Japanese club in a foreign country, with their Attitude Killer Whale. Or any embassy for that matter. Dont people realize what being constitutional means.

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    Elbuda Mexicano

    Hells Angels down under too?? Time for Crocodile Dundee to come down tough on bikkies??

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