Australian police make record methamphetamine seizure

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    They substituted the drugs with a harmless substance then allowed the consignments to be delivered.

    There was probably no need to arrest them, since, upon finding that the drugs weren't in the consignment, the smugglers would have almost certainly started blasting away at each other, thereby saving the state the cost of a trial.

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    Christopher Smith

    Deportation for the Singaporean and Chinese guy - oops, the death penalty looms for them.

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    Australia is becoming an increasingly lucrative market for international drug networks because of the strength of the local currency and resilience of the national economy compared to other wealthy nations.

    And not to mention a massive demand for meth from Australia's drug users.

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    Clever sting! Meth will be a bit more expensive for a while down under.

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    Surf O'Holic

    So they caught three middlemen. The production end goes on unabated, and they will improvise the delivery.

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    "Ice". Australian for "methamphetamine".

    (I guess that only scans if you've seen the Fosters commercial.)

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    Why so big demand for such poison, world is getting more crazy.

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