Banana Joe the affenpinscher America's top dog

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    America's Got talent!

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    That's adorable, it's like a little Ewok.

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    Kimokekahuna Hawaii

    What a sham.. corruption.. they must judge the owners as much as the dog... that dog has no purpose but to annoy owners of real dogs.. dogs that work... not just yap. The Deutch pointer was a winner.. No Akita, No Shiba? The Portugese water dog.. needed pants. I wonder what those dogs would do on a beach with no leash... and the runners... where do they get their clothes.. doesn't anyone dress those people.. they should all wear same color and not distract from the dogs.. some were fat, frumpy and had bad hair .. I would like to see the breeding chart on the owners.. as much as the dogs. Much better to watch sheep dogs do their thing... and Labs are the best breed.

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    a little affenpinscher

    If I didn't know it was the dog's breed, I would swear this was an insult.

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