Blasts at Syrian university kill more than 80

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    This is just sick. One side using young people and other to futher their cause, at what cost?

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    Just saw footage of the whole thing being filmed by a photographer shouting Allah Akbar. What kind of student is he? It is almost as if he is happy to shout God is great, and almost as if he knew in advance this was going to happen. Which side is anti-education? To hit the middle of the college on exam day? Too many coincidences here. Either side could be responsible, sure, and it could have been a couple of stray rockets, but in this case my finger of suspicion points at one of the rebel groups.

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    Over 60 University kids killed. Imagine that.

    Who exactly are these "rebels". The pictures of them don't bode well. I certainly wouldn't want them strolling around my neighborhood preaching verses from the Koran.

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