Britain considers sending 200 non-combat troops to Mali

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    Elbuda Mexicano

    The UK may not waste too much time "considering" to help Mali against these terrorists, the UK is already full of radical Muslims and all they need is a small nudge to drive them over the edge to commit acts of terrorism right there in the UK, so better to fight against terrorists now!

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    Surf O'Holic

    Big mistake. Those sent may not live to regret it.

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    Big mistake. Those sent may not live to regret it.

    Er... how many have the French lost in this operation so far?

    The British personnel will not be put into combat, but to train the African forces so they can take over from the French. From what I've seen on various news reports the East African soldiers look like a pretty amatuer bunch. If they are to have any hope against terrorists/insurgents they need proper training and appropriate tactics taught to them.

    Personally I think a flight of Apaches sent in would sort the Islamists out.

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    The relentless tide of militant Islamist will eventually run into the relentless tide of Christians. There is no group any more ruthless than the Christians. Send British forces with a few Christian Missionaries...

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