Christchurch marks 2nd anniversary of deadly quake

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    I was in Chch at the end of last year and there is a lot of rebuilding still to be done- some suburbs are just disaster zones, not to mention the city centre. Hope the rebuilding momentum builds up from now and Chch can be a vibrant city again.

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    Peter Payne

    I was here in '76, and remember the beautiful spherical fountain. Hope people are getting on well.

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    Christopher Blackwell

    More and more it is showing how even developed countries are not prepared or the cost of rebuilding after major disaster. I have to wonder how many people have been pushed into bankruptcy by the delays of getting their homes o businesses rebuilt. also I have to wonder how many construction companies have gorged people with rising prices while taking on more rebuilding jobs than they are actually able to handle. How many phony companies have come into existence to feed off of this disaster? How many of the insurance companies have been delaying paying off their now hurting customers? I ask this because all of this is standard practice after a disaster, just about anywhere in the world in most developed countries.

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