Egyptian draft constitution sparks mass protest

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    It will take away the rights of Christians and non Muslims. Also take away the rights of women.

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    Whomever the military sides with will be the ultimate victor.

    Things ain't looking so good in the middle east now.

    This may be the century of the Rise of Islam as modern superpower.

    God help us all.

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    Look what Obama supported! Now we see the predicted results.

    And it is not as if nobody warned against helping the Muslim Brotherhood take power. In fact, everybody who did their homework about Egypt and the islamists warned against this. But our political leaders did not want to listen.

    To the contrary, they are now working to achieve the same "progress" in Syria.

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    Cannot trust in the M word. Not that other religions are exempt, even the christian one, (for they have fornicated together), but this one in particular goes beyond reasonable human comprehension.

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    " Not that other religions are exempt, even the christian one, (for they have fornicated together), "

    Yes, some religions are excempt. As Sam Harris famously said: "Show me a Jain suicide bomber, and I eat my book." Yes, radical Christians could conceivable demand Old Testamentarial law, but I don´t see any fundi Christian group that actually does that. The Muslim Brotherhood, on the other hand, is very clear about Sharia: It is Allah´s law for the world, and it must be imposed thoroughly. And in Egypt, they now got their wish.

    Thank you so much, Western Leaders, to support this.

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