Ehud Barak says he's quitting Israeli politics

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    "Barak abruptly quit politics". "His departure from politics comes at an uncertain time for Israel, with Islamist political parties rising around the Jewish state and a decision looming on whether to strike Iran's nuclear program"..........Is he an Islam supporter, or converted Muslim?..... or does he know something we don't?........Huumnnlnn.....???? Traitor of Israel...? I don't like it...and Iran you will be like the women you beat, the people you prosicute? You silly-bo-billies....Iran's is a bomb, and the STATE OF ISRAEL, is willing to set it off now..,.set it off now????? Nuclear Arsenal not yet, stupid, deeply ingraved in damascus steel. patience? NOT/ Applicapble....War, begat's more war....First remove the log from your own eye, then..., you will see clearly to remove the splenter from your Brothers eye.....Death to Islam if Israel has their way....and the opposite for Israel if Islam prevail's.....However, ....Blessed are the peace makers....I pray for peace.....RACA!........... this bloodshed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...............(Worthless! def. of raca)......

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