EU leader warns Britain over referendum plans

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    Cameron has no choice but to keep Europe at arms length. He is leading the most Eurosceptic Tory Party I can remember in my lifetime and his backbenchers still haven't forgiven him for missing an open goal by not getting a majority in the last election. Not to mention the slap in the face he gave them by pushing through on gay marriage. This is nothing to do with what he feels is best for the UK regarding its relationship with Europe, its all about his self-preservation by throwing red meat to his rightwingers. The rest of us will suffer ( businesses already are ) as Cameron tries to stay on the tightrope.

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    Cameron's also trying to take the bite out of UKIP who are unashamedly using nationalism to demonstrate some form of difference to the major parties. I fear the issue is becoming a runaway and Cameron will find he has little control. I very much doubt he'll be around in 2017 to take the rap for Britains exit.

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