FAA grounds all 787 Dreamliners in U.S.

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    Wonders if JAL and ANA will put some of the 747-400's back in service? JAL has already scrapped some of them.

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    Imagine if they had taken the time to inspect them properly in the first place instead of rushing to get them done and have other nations order and use them!

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    Elbuda Mexicano

    I hope no sabotage was involved, but good on the FAA!!

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    Doesnt Yuasa make the batteries?

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    FIX IT.

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    I hope no sabotage was involved

    I am beginning to wonder about it as well.

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    As I said on the other thread about Japan grounding its 787 fleet, thank you, Boeing, for raising the audacity of mediocrity to a whole new level.

    Lemme' guess: The bean-counters estimated it was cheaper for Boeing to settle potential lawsuits that might occur if, say, everyone on board a faulty 787 died in a horrific crash due to mechanical failure, than the ridiculous amount of money the company made off the sale of these and future 787s?

    Sounds about right for a Fortune 500 company.

    Again, thanks, Boeing.

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    As Frankenstein would say: Fire bad.

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