Fighting cuts access to Damascus airport

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    Israeli-occupied Golan Heights were wounded when their convoy came under fire near Damascus airport, Austria's defense ministry said.

    Guess who fired on the convey, Damascus police or the Islamist insurgents.

    as well as a slow stream of such weapons believed to be coming from Gulf Arab adversaries

    Whatever happened to the "There's no foreign involvement in Syria" theory. It can't be a domestic uprising when the fighters are foreigners and they're being paid and supplied by fundamentalist Islamic regimes.

    A rebel fighter who identified himself as Abu Omar, a member of the Jund Allah brigade,

    Whoever is interested in the nature and makeup of the rebels and what their agenda is, do some research on the Jund Allah brigade is what they stand for. They make the Taliban look like liberals.

    neighborhoods that fringe the center of the city where rebels have managed to hide

    The rebels are hiding in residential neighborhoods. That's a direct violation of the Geneva convention as it's a tactic designed to maximize civilian casualties. The Islamic rebels are using human shields.

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    when the fighters are foreigners

    The article suggests the weapons are foreign. It says nothing about the fighters being foreign. Are you looking at a differenct article?

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