Funerals for Connecticut shooting victims begin

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    ONLY FOR AMERICA (1) FREE MENTAL HEALTHCARE & SUPPORT for children and adults who have serious mental issues. (2) Ban semi-automatic/ automatic assault weapons, crossbows, hunting knives, sniper rifles, and bullets that are the same length of a chopstick. You don't need a Sniper rifle (50cal.) that can take down a helicopter and go through 5 people standing in a row. (3) bullets should be more expensive. $5000.00 for 1 bullet is needed. (4) If you have a mentally defective or mentally ill person in your household weapons should be banned from said household. (only plastic forks, spoons and knives in your household)

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    Do not mention his name again. Do not show his picture. Do not refer to him in any way. No immortality through infamy. The media are culpable insofar as they play to the drama-vampires. Enough.

    May those little children rest in peace and their parents find the strength to carry on.

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    I do agree that the media should refuse to publish information on the shooters. If they know they won't be famous or remembered I have to think it will have some kind of impact on their decision.

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    Copycat crimes are a genuine concern -- this is being borne out by news reports from California already.

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    Goodbye to all these smiling faces who did not know how to hate. You were the cutest angeles; You have touched the hearts of whole nation and we are still in shock.

    The hymm; the meaning of Amazing Grace pierced into my soul, and I am still crying in tears for you, my angels. You were so innocent and pure in hearts. I will make sure you did not die in vain. I will stand up for you. Peace be with you.

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    May all the totally innocent children and those heroic educators rest in peace. May the spirits of the families who survive them be comforted.

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    I work at two elementary schools as a computer tech. Every day the little ones smile and wave to me - a total stranger to them - in the halls. I don't see how the survivors of the Sandy Hook massacre can ever smile around a stranger again. Their lives are forever altered.

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