Horsemeat in burgers horrifies UK

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    "Would you like anything on your burger sir"

    "Yes, 5 pounds each way"

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    "Yes, 5 pounds each way."

    And we're off!

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    I got some Tesco burgers out of the freezer earlier aaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnndddddddddd they’re off

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    The label on my Tesco burger says it's neck and neck.

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    Horsemeat doesn't sound so bad but Tesco value burgers? No chance, you'd be better off eating the cardboard box.

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    While horsemeat may not be all that bad, they're more valuable as ridable, carriage drawing, rodeo bucking, jockey racing equestrians. I mean we may as well stop riding horses and start riding bovines!

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    In the UK they are generally pets or working horses. Don't think many would eat an animal they've given a name.

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    Among the really expensive dry salamis I know, there is one using horse meat (25%). I can't stand basashi though. It's too stinky and fatty.

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