Indian PM urges calm as anger rages over gang-rape

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    Horrible. I hope the woman gets better soon.

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    Hang'em high.

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    Saul Schimek

    Failing to see a problem with stringing the perps up for a week in full public view. might discourage the behavior in others

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    The rape occurred on a moving chartered bus that was illegally picking up public passengers.

    -it thought it was a public bus, but it wasn't.

    The rape was so savage that the woman had to have large amounts of her intestines removed, her doctors said. She is still on life-support systems at a Delhi hospital, her doctors said Sunday

    "Police laugh at women and girls who go to them to complain against rape, molestation and harassment and say 'What is new in this,'" said Kamna Kakkar, a second-year medical student, who joined the protests Monday. "This is an opportunity for us to force the government to make stronger laws. We will protest as long as possible."

    The Indian Government is basically pumping heat into the situation by blocking access to the (temporarily illegal) protest. There is no way these people are going to give up on this. If nothing is done I would expect people will start camping out and prepare for long-term political battle -especially since the victim is still in the hospital.

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