Iraq suicide bomb at Shiite mosque kills 42

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    Any assault om human life is horrible - but these assaults on worshippers in places of worship is numbing - - there is no sactuary of safety left.

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    I pity the people who must live in such environments of hate.

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    What a waste of human life, sad this happened.

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    The U.S.A. brings Freedom and Democracy to Iraq.

    Will China be next?

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    Elbuda Mexicano

    No body is perfect, the Iraqis must blow off some steam, let the Catholics and Protestants go at if for a bit longer, oops! I meant the Sunnis and Shiites kill each other off until they themselves are tired of the violence. Who are we to tell them not to blow each other up?? Live and let live, or kill and let kill??

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    the numbers keep tallying and see no progress for peace. How many people will it take to die before peace is achieved?

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    Ask Syria.

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    Allah is doing this. Every thing is Allah doing according to Islam.

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    the numbers keep tallying and see no progress for peace. How many people will it take to die before peace is achieved?

    There is truth in the old bumper sticker:

    "Fighting for peace is like folking (misspelling) for virginity."

    We need to work in the direction of peace rather than trying to stop terrorism or trying to fit people into a certain mould, whether it's a radical Islam mould or a Leo Strauss Freedom/Democracy, anti-liberal, anti-communist, anti-everything-but-us American mould.

    Let's not forget that we all live on the same planet. We drink the same water and we breathe the same air.

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    Although it's not practical, perhaps the cause of peace might best be served by turning away from all superstition, whether it's called religion or something else.

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    They don't want to shake hands. The right hand wants to cut off the left hand because it's different.

    They won't get peace because they don't want peace.

    They want a society ideally with no Shiites, or where the Sunnis are on top.

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    Its times like this that I really wonder what the world would be like if places like Iraq/Iran/Syria/Egypt/Palastine/Isreal could actually live a few years without any terrorist incidents what it would be like today.

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