Lindsay Lohan charged with assault, reckless driving

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    This woman is a menace, clearly. Lock her up for some serious time already -- she clearly can't learn from past misdeeds.

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    Smith: Agreed! And how does she still have a driver's lisence?!! That should be taken away until she cleans up her act and can prove that she can be a safe motorist. She has been given too many chances whereas your average joe would already be in jail.

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    She's a wreck, but what she needs is help not incarceration.

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    She's a wreck, but what she needs is help not incarceration.


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    She should be blacklisted from both the entertainment industry and the media. Let her learn about life by spending the rest of hers as a shopping bag lady.

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    Not too many nights ago, she and her sexy friend in party dresses walked by us inside a store, as her limo driver waited outside the doors. Save for the high heels, she's shorter than she looks. Such a long way from The Parent Trap...........

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