N Korea video shows Obama in flames

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    Graham DeShazo

    Congratulations, at the expense of your people and your economy, you are now where we were about 55 years ago. BTW, not for nothing, but you have at best a few warheads that may or may not survive lift-off and reentry. The United States has around 1,500 with a circular error of 200 meters or less. Good luck with that.

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    Grrrr.... we're so angry we'll test a bomb! Make us angry and we'll test another one, so there! Then again what do you expect from a country that threatened to bomb Seoul back to the stone age for not showing enough remorse over Kim's death.

    It's like giving a bunch of idiot kids the keys to a shed full of power tools - eventually they'll make a mistake and there'll be an accident... only it'll be a BIG one.

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    Ewan Huzarmy

    Was that supposed to be nuclear flames ? What with the dramatic music, I thought that I was watching Doctor Who and that Obama was regenerating.

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    Kimokekahuna Hawaii

    Monkey with a gun

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    'N Korean video shows Obama in flames' When I saw the headline I thought they'd stolen it from the NRA.

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    25 first seconds of Oblivion Theme song on repeat. Just what am I watching?

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    Hope they copyrighted it or the Tea Party will rip it off.

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    "Activision filed a copyright complaint"

    Good luck on getting the N Koreans to pay up or stop ripping off their games.

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    Saul Schimek

    Laguna: Ah, Tolerance. A lovely thing if you actually practiced it.

    For the record, I do not hate the president. I just find his policies and politics contemptible. discussion ends

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    They need to kidnap some better editors.

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    Ah, Tolerance. A lovely thing if you actually practiced it.

    Yes. Google "Tea Party images of Obama" to see the lovely tolerance practiced by these people. You would find North Korea propaganda indistinguishable (except that they tend to spell-check more).

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    Elbuda Mexicano

    @Laguna, hahaha! Tea Party Vs. North Korea Party of Loonies?? Anyway, NK is a JOKE! Very happy that they know how to make propaganda videos and have learned how to upload them on to YouTube, maybe this can also help them FEED THEIR OWN PEOPLE??

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    Wait, you mean that wasn't just Dr. Evil showing the video clip of the White House being vaporized from "Independence Day"?

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    Once again the dictator of NK shows that he is a shallow, callous, waste of time. Does anybody actually think Obama lost one minute of sleep over this? Or that it somehow helped the poor citizens of NK? The dear pudgy leader is as low an order of life as his father and grandfather were.

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    LOL A new generation of Nork propagandists! Gone are the Maoist dayglo posters of rosy cheeked girl revolutionaries and bubblegum trading card atrocities - now we have gamers, 'shoppers, SW pirates, and YT clip producers... Beloved Boy Wonder is a geek!

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    Too bad that meteor that hit Russia didn't aim bit more accurately below China to fix a rather idiotic Korean country. Seriously its more of a laugh that someone had enough time on the planet Nork to make a vid and post it on youtube.

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