North Korea denies punishment of 'insincere mourners'

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    Whatever the case, they were tears of joy. The new leader does look like 人造人間19号(Android 19 of Dragon Ball).

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    I think the fat new boy leader is cute. I sent him a love letter.

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    North Koreans who did not participate in organized public mourning, failed to cry, or did not appear genuine, have been sentenced to at least six months in labor camps...............................................

    That's not a punishment. They are sent to the camp for remedial course on proper moaning.

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    Elbuda Mexicano

    Ok so J gal likes fatboys?? It would be nice to get some food to those starving in North Korea too!!

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    Bloke on the top right definitely faking it. Bloke in the middle is stoned...

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    Who knows if this really happened or not....

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    Its just not true. All North Koreans knew better than not to cry. None were so foolish not to.

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    The least NK could have done was do some better photoshop work. I've yet to see a sincere mourner in all the ridiculous photos that have been released outside NK. Lil' Kim is gone and nobody misses him except maybe close family members?

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    Do the NK's have "dry eye syndrome?" Even NK actors can produce tears on demand in those dramas.

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