Pistorius challenges bail conditions

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    Kimokekahuna Hawaii

    Where would he need to travel abroad especially at a time like this and knowing what the public opinion would be.. he has no deal with Nike.. can you spell flight risk? He wants to go back to the house now? Is he nuts.. best thing was for him to stay low.. be happy he is not jail.. and morn the loss of his supposed soul mate..

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    The double-amputee admits shooting Steenkamp repeatedly through a locked bathroom door, but says he mistook her for an intruder.

    Now this is the part, of course, that poses problems and a couple of questions. Even if Pistorius really thought there was an intruder, why would he have to fire repeatedly in the absence of any threat by the perceived intruder? Wasn't he able to remember the woman was in the house? Was he on some controlled substance? Does he have a history of sudden uncontrolled violence? Just wondering.

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    Elbuda Mexicano

    Do hope and pray this arrogant bastard ROTS in jail then burns, and burns in hell for all of eternity!!

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    If they allow him out of the country while on bail it would be an insult to justice. How many non-famous people would be allowed to do so? How many non-famous people would even get bail on a murder charge? Anyway, didn't his lawyer argue in the bail hearing that he would surrender his passport? - he's trying to go back on that so cancel his bail.

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    High degree of arrogance here. Lucky not to be in custody at this time and now wants just about all restrictions lifted. He managed to sob his way to bail but enough is enough.

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    No way Pistorius!!

    1) How come she was found dead lying on the bathroom floor and holding a cell phone in her hand? I bet she was trying to get a help for safety. I speculate that she was running into the bathroom in fear that he was trying to kill her.

    2)He had a chance to put his artificial legs and yet he did not realize she was not sleeping right next to him?

    Come on, This guy is guilty and he should be banned for foreign travel.

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