Rice continues push to win over Congress skeptics

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    NO WAY - she is a liar and more concerned about Obama's political fortunes than the country. A kool-aid drinking stooge doesn't measure up to the job.

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    She is representative of the extreme duplicitousness and Machiavellian underbelly of American politics.

    Those are obviously not qualities desirable in a diplomat, let alone a Secretary of State.

    It is ludicrous that Obama would consider nominating her.

    I would imagine that if he does, his legacy will begin to unravel from that point forward.

    She would be an even worse choice for that position than that tool Petraeus was to head the CIA.


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    "NO WAY - she is a liar and more concerned about Obama's political fortunes than the country. A kool-aid drinking stooge doesn't measure up to the job."

    Wolfie, I haven't seen you this enraged since you were demanding Bush and his minions be held accountable for the lies that took you to Iraq.

    Kpep up the fight!

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    Herve Nmn L'Eisa

    Rice may even do a better job of promoting peace and democracy than the venerable Hillary. (cough, cough)

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    Perhaps we agree that the Empire is trying to put a feminine cast on its iron fist foreign policy. The ugly Americans are trying to run the show assuming an evermore unabashed manner these days, becoming more brazen and oblivious to the demeanor they project.

    It's not cloak and dagger, it's more like unveil and, and, what rhymes with swagger but sounds feminine?

    NEver MiNd.

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    On the other hand, maybe she's not all that "feminine". No offense, Ma'am, I mean Sir. Er.

    Maybe this is just about appeasing some faction of feminists?

    Then there's her family's connection to Madeline Albright?

    Maybe it's a Washington establishment kind o' thang, vis-a-vis Chicago.

    Straight up!

    I don't really know, but she's a dreadful prospect for Secretary of State, and if Obama can't to any better, then he is going to have me to answer to in the blogosphere.

    Shapiro accomplished next to nothing at the SEC.

    Petraeus sucked at the CIA.

    Two strikes, President Obama.

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    Here's an article that includes comments from a number of diplomats regarding this individual.


    Susan Rice battles critics as abrasive style takes toll

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