S Korea swears in first female president

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    Congratulation. Who is next? Japan, USA, China? Good luck and peace to SK.

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    Congratulations to all the people of SK who voted for a woman leader.

    Who is next? Japan, USA, China?

    Noriyosan, the people of Japan need to elect their own politicians who are not falling asleep during the diet sessions first. They all seem to be in chronic sleep deprivation to me.

    Hope Hillary will be.

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    I wish Geun Hye Park all the best - - Hopefully with her & Abe in leadership the South Korean - Japanese relationship can move towards deeper collegiality.

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    Steve Christian

    Zero tolerance eh? The question is, given that she is her father's daughter, who is going to be on the receiving end of her zero tolerance.

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    Park parents have been assassinated when she was younger. Her life was full of tragedy. Hope selecting first female president will become turning point for unpleasant memory of South Korea past. Unlike Pakistan, Korea politics have matured and flourished with modernization.

    Chaebols such as Samsung and Hyundai were the original drivers of the nation’s industrialization and economic growth, but have been criticized as corporate bullies----

    It is true. Smaller firms need to have a fair go. If not there will be no new and fresh talents like Firefox or Oracle.

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    Elbuda Mexicano

    Zepun, I also hope Korea, both of them can live in peace and harmony!! Good luck to Ms. Park!!

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    Peter Payne

    Congratulations and good luck! Let's see some common sense between Japan and South Korea on both sides. This is a great day for South Korea.

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    Trust me that NK will be testing her immediately and they probably already have assassins wanting to take her out.

    Her real hard-line seems to be anti-globalist and more for the people and small business. This is really the heart of innovation and hopefully can raise the spirits of the people to go for it.

    Samsung, Hyundai, KIA, Korean media all seem to be doing very well and the unemployment rate is fairly good. South Korea sort of has it easy because when things aren't doing well many move to family in the US.

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    Whether you like her or not, you can't deny that she is a master politician. She's been groomed for the job all her life since childhood even through the tragedies. Frankly she brings more leadership and talent to the office of presidency in Korea than any of her predecessors.

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    Oh gosh. not another child fighting their father's war.

    I wonder if South Korea will cool it on anti-Japanese rhetoric since her father was an officer during the war in a notorious Korean division in China?

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    proxy, to give you a better ideal of the real situation, she didn't even mention Japan not once in her speech.

    The main focus in South Korea is the economy, and maybe, just maybe, North Korea's nuclear weapon in a distant ranking.

    Japan doesn't even register.

    Most of the focus in South Korea is the military/trade relations with United States, and the trading relations with China. Japan is now just an annoying minor bit player in South Korea's foreign relations for the South Korean administration.

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    Japan doesn't even register.

    Here's to hoping that Ms. Takagi keeps it that way but I doubt it based on Korean presidents' tendency to always bring up trivial historical issues when their domestic policies almost always fail.

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    Well, while the SK president was swearing in I'm sure the norks were swearing at. I expect some nasty comments from the north any hour now.

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