Second stealth jet puts China on path to top regional power

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    Built with components Made In China? Lets see how long that thing keeps flying

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    Quote: China needs both the heavier J-20 and more nimble J-31 to defend its air space, Bai said.

    Against whom? The only power expanding in the region at the moment is China.

    Everyone else is on hold or in retreat.

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    There were nothing known as 'secrets' or 'security' in that JSF program!

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    Great point! Thumbs up for that one!

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    One can be used to deliver spare parts for the other.

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    Graham DeShazo

    And Japan STILL flies a few of the old F-4 Phantoms. They are thinking about buying a few F-35s, maybe 4 to 6. They need to add a zero at the minnimum. The day the J series comes on line, the F-15 (a very good plane with an excellent combat record) becomes a flying coffin and Japan's air defence becomes non-existent.

    Somebody might want to point out to the govt. that defense costs money. If you are going to p.o. the Chinese, you have to pay for what you have said one way or the other. Which is it going to be? Pay more for defence, or begin to pay with sovereignty.

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    I was looking at this on Google... it's almost a twin engine copy of the single engine F35... there are photos comparing the two and it's clear the Chinese either nicked the design or stole the tech from somewhere. Probably fall apart within a few months anyway.... remember their failed bullet train copy?

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    I doubt they will stay airborne long

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    Feed the 200 to 400 million people who are living below the poverty line first, China!

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    Jim N Helen Hill

    @Graham, That is because the old Phantoms can still ice anyone else in the sky :)

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    Very worrying for China's other eastern neighbors.

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    Everyone might sleep tight if these 'neighbours' never undermine Chinese interest! China is NO GERMANY post WW1, there never exist a treaty to limit her size and capability of the her armed forces! Sure the PRC has all her rights to do everything required to do to protect her security!

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    Forget Stealth Fighter's, The art of modern warfare now lies within Predator Drone's...and un-maned combat.

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    just-a-bigguyNov. 02, 2012 - 11:06PM JST What China need to do now is a total gera up for World war three, America is provoking China with her so >called:'Returing Asia' policy! America is an 'obstacle' that is both a threat and an insults maker to the Chinese >people and the national dignity!

    All of Asia doesn't feel like becomming part of the Chinese dictatorship. And yes, America is an obstacle to China's plans for dominance and expansion. Stop taling about "World war III" before China finds itself really at war with the rest of the world.

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    just-a-bigguyNov. 02, 2012 - 11:20PM JST Everyone might sleep tight if these 'neighbours' never undermine Chinese interest! China is NO GERMANY post >WW1, there never exist a treaty to limit her size and capability of the her armed forces! Sure the PRC has all her >rights to do everything required to do to protect her security!

    Nope. China is exactly like Germany and Japan before they started a war with the world. A totalitarian dictatorship with a long running inferiority complex, resentment, a "we are victims" attutude while acting aggressively toward other nations, using propaganda in the media and foprced education in the schools to mobilize the masses, using hatred against specific ethnic groups, conducting a massive military and territorial expansion program while lying thriough the teeth to the world about a "Peaceful Rise". All you need now is some of these vocal PLA leaders to gain control of the CCP government and you'll have the World War III that you seem to long for.

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    Against whom?

    Isn't it obvious? The US!

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    The US isn't claiming other people's territories as part of "the ancient american empire". China on the other hand is bullying their neighbors and trying to claim areas that don't belong to them. We already know the Philippines, Taiwan, Vietnam, and some others that aren't popping up to mind right now are a bit on edge. The US doesn't suffer from expansionist policies. China on the other hand...

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    Germany used to practice tank warfare with plywood models post WW1..............go ahead, think China's latest effort cannot fly all you want at your own peril.

    I am glad none of you armchair stretagists are actually in the military.

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    Am not at all impressed, more Russian garbage. Just because the Chinese press reports it does not mean it is true.

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    I've seen prideful assumptions play out in the past. Some examples:

    Prior to WW-II, there was a claim about Japan's fighter pilots having vision problems. American fighter pilots paid the price for that bit of hubris. On the Japanese side, there was a similar claim about jungle fighting that didn't quite follow the official cinema version.

    After Dr. Deming, the term "Japanese Junk" left the lexicon, never to return. Well, there is a new kid on the block that currently calls itself the Peoples Republic of China (PRC). It's getting harder and harder to not buy things from that place and I'm seeing a lot of first class quality with things such as dimensional tolerencing being spot on the mark.

    So, I would take that claim about their aircraft "falling out of the sky" with a huge grain of salt. Now, I would like to see if their 107mm and 130mm rockets have improved. Back when I was in Vietnam, they were clearly inferior to the Soviet 122.4mm Katusha rocket which could send a piece of shrapnel through four wooden boards and then "cookie cutter" a steel beam. I saw that one in Nha Trang Airport and was really happy about not being there when it landed. That has to do with chemistry and materials which relates to their engine issues. By the way, China is the current source of a lot of "rare earth" minerals which are critical to modern technology, so they may solve their engine problems.

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    Let's pull the American military out of japan! ( facetiousness )

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    " I was looking at this on Google... it's almost a twin engine copy of the single engine F35. "

    Well, since the F35 is such an over-budget, under-performing turkey, I guess we should be glad about that.

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