Strauss-Kahn settles with New York hotel maid

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    Ah. As always, the ricj and powerful can buy their way out of real trouble.

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    Might want to add a "suit" at the end of the title. The current title sounds like it means to calm (settle) the person down.

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    Or the poor just get run over by the rich and powerful. It also causes the next maid (or woman) to think twice about reporting a crime by someone like this creep. So, I hope they settlement and evidence is made public so people can make their own mind, rather than relying on this creep and his PR department, about what happened.

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    I bet she isn't a maid anymore.

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    He is a really good example of just how remote and untouchable the global elite think tthat they are. The revelations of what he routinely got up to in France are also pretty tasteless. And still his wife stands by him. guess I could just be too straightlaced and not morally as liberated as these people.

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    If she wasn't the room service that he had ordered, it sounds as if he was caught with his pants down.

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    AKBfan but it did affect him as he did not become the President of France. He lost his job, he was investigated within France not sure if he was ever cleared. No the bigger they come the harder they fall.

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    his wife stands by him.

    No, she dumped him. She announced it with a delay after the scandal.

    He lost his job,

    No, one or two of his many well paid jobs and he has retirement age so he gets the pensions for his past prestigious positions. Don't worry, he is still making more in a year than most workers in their whole life.

    he was investigated within France not sure if he was ever cleared.

    Not cleared, but yes he's found loopholes, prescriptions and ways to get away with nearly all his affairs. As expected. They are cats, they always kind of fall back on their paws, even when they fall from trains...

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    Interesting comments here... seems many people were in that room and saw what actually went on. "I may not know what actually went on, but I have an opinion"..... is that it?

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