Swiss seize suitcase full of smuggled spiders

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    I am glad that I don't work for customs. I would have screamed so loud that all the windows in the airport would have shattered.

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    Elbuda Mexicano

    This is why I just love Foxie and her comments! Screaming so loud and breaking all of the windows?? Maybe that would also scare these fools trafficking illegal animals etc..

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    Hard to believe there are people who say to themselves "I just gots to get me one of those Mexican red-kneed tarantulas no matter if they are illegal!"

    I don't know, maybe if you made it illegal to store human crap in a shoe box, some people would do it just feel above the law??

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    I think the giant flesh-eating centipedes sound creepier than the spiders. Who in the world wants to buy such things?

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