Syrian rebels capture air base near Damascus

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    Rebels appear to be trying to take over air bases and destroy aircraft in order to prevent the regime from using them in attacks against opposition forces around the country

    Or the suburbs they are so fond of bombing.

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    It should be obvious at this point that the only thing Assad is good for is giving his country away to Al Queda. It's time for someone else to take over who can regain control and bring stability to the country. We can probably all agree on that.

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    Without going into detail or spelling it out, I am not liking the idea of anyone learning how to overrun bases that could also be stores for chemical or nuclear weapons. If we are not careful, Syria could become a place to practice just this. Some of these people have their own agenda which shows no respect for either life or the planet.

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    Syrian rebels capture air base near Damascus ..............................................................

    Al-Shami said the rebels withdrew from the base after they captured some ammunition.

    Run for your life....

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    State TV said troops clashed with al-Qaida militants in Daraya, killing some of them and confiscating a mortar that they were using in their attacks.

    The station said that troops killed an al-Qaida affiliated Palestinian militant known as Abu Suhaib in the Damascus suburb of Hajira. It said his group was behind several bombings in Syria that killed and wounded dozens of people.

    All hail the heroic Al Qaeda rebels, fighting to "free" Syria by bombing their neighborhoods and killing as many random civilians as possible.

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    Well I know if State TV says it, I'm on board.

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    All hail the heroic Al Qaeda rebels

    Ironically, you are the only one hailing rebels that bomb and kill civilians.

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    What I think is funny is that Americans believe anything their government tells them when it comes to these rebellions. A year and a half ago nobody in America could name the leader of Syria. Now, everyone is certain that Assad is some type of ultimate evil and has to go. People who can't think for themselves are pathetic.

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