U.S. commandos boost numbers to train Mexican forces

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    Elbuda Mexicano

    This sounds really cool, good material for a new book or movie but the reality is, the USA has to do way more than this not only helping Mexico, but the USA has to also come down hard on all the drug dealers, drug users, gangs, corrupt prison officials, corrupt AMERICAN police, etc...in the USA, this is not just a Mexico problem, right??

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    While the media has us squarely focused on Syria and Iran the greatest threat to the lives of average Americans is just across the southern boarder. Most estimates state that roughly 60,000 have been killed in Syria while just as many, if not more, have died in Mexico's war with the cartels. Sealing the boarder is all but a lost cause and I'd love to see a broader military alliance between NAFTA nations. Increase legal cross boarder traffic, increase investment potential in Mexico, streamline economic channels, and prioritize the drug cartels as a primary threat to US national security.

    The only reason the violence in the US isn't worse than it is results from a conscious decision by the cartels to avoid direct conflict with the US. Instead they've focused their effort on crippling Mexico's ability to respond by corrupting government and law enforcement at every level. That won't last forever, especially if Mexico becomes a fully fledged failed state.

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    Herve Nmn L'Eisa

    Legalize the drugs, and the cartels lose their power as the US did by ending alcohol Prohibition.

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    Saul Schimek


    Then we will see various 'narcotrafficantes' suing for 'restraint of trade' actions. and I wish I could make that one up

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    Elbuda Mexicano

    Herve, actually the past few Mexican presidents and most Latin American presidents have also suggested legalizing ALL drugs! Why?? Because who is getting killed night and day fighting the narco terrorists?? Mexican, Colombian, Peruvian etc..cops, soldiers, reporters etc..not American cops, not white dudes reporting for CNN, Fox etc..so the idea of just legalizing all drugs in Latin America and taxing them just like tabacco, alcohol is not a new idea. When the USA stops wasting its time and many in backwards places like Iraq, Afghanistan and send in US troops to Mexico,Colombia etc..and to all the drug centers inside the USA then we can start to take the USA seriously but now this so called "war on drugs" is all talk and no real action, IMHO

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