U.S. concerns grow over hacking attacks

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    A new strategy document released by the White House did not explicitly name China,

    American Internet security firm Mandiant said that a Chinese military cyberspy unit is targeting US and other foreign firms and organizations with hacking attacks.

    Why don't they just name China? They've also been doing this to Japan.

    Why is the US and so many countries so gutless when it comes to China?

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    In cyberwar they should let their programmers and hackers do the talking.

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    Speed, I would hazard to guess that the threat is not limited to China, although they seem to be a state abuser. The U.S. can't just focus on China. But I agree, the U.S. should state flatly what the Chinese government is sponsoring.

    In another lame attempt to defend itself, China also disputed the definition of hacking.

    "sustained and coordinated diplomatic pressure" has gotten no where. How easy is it to buy counterfeit goods in China? They even brazenly had fake Apple stores. I read where one was closed, but others stayed open (?).

    China will do what it wants. So, we should isolate them as much as possible.

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    Elbuda Mexicano

    CHINA?? no!! no!! I can believe it!! (If I can not believe that means, I am only believing all the propaganda from Beijing and Pyongyang) HAHAHA!!

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    Economics espionage at all fronts including internet hacking and stealing are tools for China to catch up and even take advantage of other nations without shame by hiding behind the semantic words, denial, and playing the victim's tactic. Hackers against China, one might find out * the state supreme super secret* of "gun powder" and "ABC of noodles".!! Communist China leaders will lose the bet in counting that the rest of the world believe in their words as Chinese peoples under the banner of nationalism do. I encounter same scenario in dealing with Chinese business transactions.

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    Americans are the world number one hacker in the world.managed by the defence ministry . Now crying for help, it is really funny and ridiculous. HA HA HA HA !

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