Iran president offers to broker Syria talks; open to meeting Obama

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    Get Real

    Rowhani would seem to have the revolutionary pedigree, political/diplomatic credentials and religious authority to pull off a rapprochement with (those who claim themselves to be) the West.

    We might not see a photo op with Netanyahu - the later would hardly countenance it, but all should welcome Hassan Rowhani's tweets to the Jewish community.

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    One can not overemphasize the irony of this: The Iranian mullah regime, which is determined to dominate the Middle East and wipe Israel off the map, is not only being let off the hook by the Obama administration, it is now free to play the role of "peace" broker in the Syrian crisis.

    It is truly bizarre.

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    Get Real

    The Iranian mullah regime, which is determined to dominate the Middle East

    In stark contrast to the non-interventionist US?

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    Well willi, I'm guessing those of us non-extremists see any sort of sensible noises from either side as tentative progress. A moderate in the White House and a moderate in the Iran leadership could lead to a thaw in the 35 year old ice and it wouldn't be a day soon enough. I can see how rapprochement is a threat to you personally, what with being denied your "sharia winter" and all, but I for one would welcome talking rather than screaming...

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    "dialogue between the Syrian government and the opposition"

    Opposition: Surrender now, and we'll kill you quickly.

    Assad: Pffft! I've got that Russkie Putin on my side, what have you got?

    Opposition: We have a promise of help from Obama.

    Assad: I win.

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    A positive sign. Let's hope this can be a new beginning.

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    There's no reason to not search for a thawing of the ice when a new leader comes into play.

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