Complaints about World Cup ball continue

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    Sorry, but so many passes have been long that it makes the game boring. The players definitely seem to be having problems getting used to the Jabulani. Do we need this?

    This ball is supposed to make The World Cup (the soccer one, BTW) more exciting, but for me it's had the opposite effect.

    I have no axe to grind as I don't particularly support any team or sporting goods company, but I do enjoy watching good football. If no-one feels able to complain, then Adidas and FIFA are unhealthily close, IMHO.

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    I'm for any ball that goes in the net more than the old ones.

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    Isn't every team using the same ball? What's the problem?

    No team has an advantage over any other team because of the ball. The players still have to win the match.

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