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    I was once, long ago asked a simple question that opened my eyes:

    "So, you're straight right? When did you choose to be straight?"

    So, assuming you are, when did you choose to be straight? Was it ever a conscious decision where you sat down and weighed the options?

    Nobody does: I like girls because I do, so do lesbian women. There's nothing more to it, and it certainly wasn't something I had to decide on.

    It's the same for gay people..they've just always been the way they are.

    One is born heterosexual as the default position. This is due to the selfish gene pool. Our genes only care about self-preservation and propagating itself. Choosing to be gay how ever is a choice only done firstly against the default position. You do realize that if gay people were "born gay" then by default their parents had to be gay? but that would contradict the life style choice. Assuming that one is born gay then ultimately it would have to be looked at under rational basis as some sort of bio-disorder as unpolitically correct that may sound since the life style choice negates the continuation of life.

    Posted in: Tokyo ward 1st in Japan to recognize same sex marriage

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    Israel is an authoritarian apartheid state.

    Posted in: The Republican road to the White House runs through Israel

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    Must be one fat Tuna by now. Survival of the fittest in full display. Reminds me of Battle Royal.

    Posted in: Tokyo aquarium still baffled by mystery fish deaths

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    Japan was just defending itself against a force that had placed an unnecessary embargo on it. All embargo's instigate major wars. They were also appalled at the treatment of U.S ethnic Japanese nationals whom were placed in internment camps.

    Posted in: Abe's advisers split over how to describe Japan's WWII actions

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    The ones that lack vision within U.S boards and elsewhere are those that are looking for specific genders to lead a board. A board would look for the most qualified person as a credential, not that fact that they have a birth canal.

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    I don't find her attractive.

    Posted in: 'Haafu' to represent Japan at Miss Universe 2015

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    The Libertarian party and Independent party already have an impossible time to establish themselves as a third party. While I would like to see the TP become a viable option over the 2 ruling parties, it wont happen. Its perhaps best as an anti-tax, anti-war, anti big govt movement of which it stands for.

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    If it has a growing fan base, which it does then that means females like the products that males are churning out? In that case why the need of diversity? Just because their is fan based diversity does not mean that video game developer rooms need to somehow "reflect" that. What if this diversity ruins the quality of the product which it most certainly will? I'd day if it is profitable and growing despite what ever lack of diversity then keep it that way.

    I also agree with scipantheist, Diablo 3 was a total downer. Diablo2 was amazing.

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    It's mainly a talent thing. As in very little.

    I think not. It's certainly a language and marketing thing. I live in the U.S and refuse to listen to anything mainstream because well... it's all mostly garbage. Rap? it's poisonous to the human mind, Beyonce, Kanye west? hip-hop? not even.

    I mainly listen to Visual key (j-rock) such as the Gazette, Alice nine and Nightcore music. Some western bands like Breaking Benjamin is also good. Miku Hatsunes vocaloids are also good. Some traditional Russian music is also very catchy.

    Posted in: Why do Asian pop stars have a hard time succeeding in the U.S. market? Is it mainly a language thing?

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    @ Nichikolohe

    Except that this is Russian roulette in reverse. Countries are competing on whom can trash their own currencies the most. The winner of this competition dies first. The others follow.

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    Mr Kyle was a great man.

    Posted in: Texas governor to declare 'Chris Kyle Day' in honor of sniper

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    No one should provide "aid" to these countries in the middle east. Let alone anywhere else. Aid should be strictly limited to domestic issues. This "aid" money comes from the tax payer and is funneled by force. The tax payer does not work and pay tax for the benefit of some needy person in a far off country, but for someone within his/her country.

    Posted in: In view of the hostage crisis, what do you think of Japan's decision to provide $200 million in non-military humanitarian aid for those displaced by conflict in the Middle East?

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    The Smiling Titan that ate Erens mom.

    Posted in: Cool Japan at USJ

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    We have a long way to go, and we are getting there.

    And that is multi-culturalism, or pluralism, in action.

    The U.S Seal says "E. Plurubus Unum, Out of many one"

    The U.S was never meant to be this Multicultural mish-mash, it was actually rejected during it's foundation. Only recently during the last century was it embraced. Multiculturalism simply does not work. Also, what do you mean that "we have a long way to go"?

    > But that is not the point. Of course, we have serious racial strife in the US. That is because we have many different kinds of people in the US.

    Because of Multiculturalism? So more diversity will result in some kind of peaceful co-existence? nope history and recent events prove otherwise.

    Posted in: Le Pen urges Japan to avoid making same mistakes as France

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    The so called "prophet" of the religion of peace was a very violent man that led many raids and military expeditions. It's no wonder his followers commit such acts of violence when the moral example is itself violent and unacceptable in the modern world. Of course you can't say the same for say Jesus and David as well as various others. What matters most in faith are not the swathes of followers but the moral example that the founder paved.

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    Reunification between both Koreas is inevitable. And it is a must. The old enthusiasm for communism is dead, all that's left is a need for regime survival. Ultimately something has to be done upon reunification to better integrate the north Koreans into a modern standard of living and education similar to its south. Additionally electing local politicians from the local batch of the populace poses a unique problem. That and abolishing the Norths capital in favor of Seoul or an agreed upon new national capital is a must.

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    No one wants to see a female Sumo wrestler going head-to-head against a male let alone another female Sumo wrestler.

    Posted in: 4 things women are banned from doing in Japan

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    Good ruling. Anti-whalers do not have the right to disrupt commerce nor do they have the right to place others in danger just because they don't like the idea of whaling.

    Why are these folk killing whales?

    Have they no humanity?

    You folk are making yourselves more and more isolated from the world, and Abe is speeding it along.

    They are killing whales for food? Do you have no humanity? Do you not eat living organisms yourself? eg plants and animals.

    Posted in: Anti-whaling activists found in contempt of court in U.S.

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    And have you paused to consider the staggering hypocrisy and arrogance of the UN espousing a doctrine of democracy to these third world countries while maintaining an autocratic structure? You really need a refresher course in leadership.

    Now, you need a refresher in leadership. While I don't like the U.N structure, I'd rather have 1st world countries pressure 3rd world countries as opposed to 3rd world countries pressure 1st world countries under the guise of majority rule democracy. Which is what people like you most likely want. Really the arrogance is on your part, there is a reason such poor countries are a failure.

    Posted in: 5 problems facing U.N. as it nears 70th anniversary

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