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    Much as I applaud the anti-Abe sentiment, I cannot help but notice that there are only two placards that people in the demonstration are holding. One is a laminated A3 photoshop of Abe with Nazi cap and Hitler moustache and the other is a larger printed item.

    Something a bit odd here.

    It wouldn't be a set up to try to show that anti-Abe people are nutjobs, would it?

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    A rift!

    Thank heaven for that.

    So there are people in high places who haven't swallowed the Abe KoolAid and who can see reason.

    I hope more people stand up to this dangerous idiot and he gets booted out before he does any more harm.

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    I don't know about comparing Abe to Adolf. Personally, I don't think Abe has the charisma. He does have the history, however.

    Abe idolises his grandfather, Nobusuke Kishi, who was a Class-A war criminal, serving in a key position in the cabinet of Hideki Tojo. Imprisoned at the end of World War II, he managed to worm his way out of a conviction and was released in 1948.

    Kishi returned to politics and became prime minister of Japan in 1957. Like his grandson, he was also addicted to the Yasukuni Shrine. Kishi is regarded as a ghost of Japan's past militarism and prewar political system. Abe's childhood was spent at Kishi's side.

    "Since my childhood, in my eyes, my grandfather was a sincere statesman who only thought about the future of this country," Abe wrote in his book titled Toward a Beautiful Country. Kishi is Abe's primary role model as a politician. Abe proudly declared: "I am the son of Shintaro Abe but have inherited my DNA from Nobusuke Kishi."

    Abe tried to defend Class-A war criminals such as his grandfather by claiming they are not criminals under the laws of Japan. HIs only defence is stout denial. Unfortunately there are many people who know the reality of the situation.

    People are beginning to get fed up with his attempts to whitewash history and turn back the clock.

    What we need at the helm is not someone stuck in past "glories," who is trying to relive the days of Japan's military "greatness" but someone who can listen as well as speak, who communicates with the neighbours and works toward peace.

    Japan had been going in this direction since WWII with a pacifist constitution.

    There is no need to change direction.

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    "Fighting for peace is like folking (misspelling) for virginity."

    It's an old one, but true. War doesn't produce peace. Abe and his right wing kooks are proof of that. Losing the war in 1945 put it on the back burner, but Abe and crew would love to start it over again.

    You want peace, do peace creating things and you'll get it. If the same money the US threw away in Vietnam, Iraq etc. had been spent on boosting infrastructure in those areas, activities that fostered understanding would have created links instead of breaking them.

    We have one planet. There is no other place to go. With the population increasing year by year, don't you think we need to work out ways we can live together and have a reasonably good time while doing it?

    Or is it better to become more and more suspicious of each other and wage covert wars, i.e. wars that say they are for one thing, but that are in reality to grab someone else's oil or stall another country's economic expansion.

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    Tourism will bring $$$ and local employment increases.

    Yes, exactly.

    Whereas a new superbase in Henoko would just turn Okinawa into a bigger target.

    For God's sake, military bases are so dark and gloomy.

    I'd much rather see people having fun and enjoying themselves than heavily guarded enclosures, ammunition dumps and several thousand people waiting for the order to "make the world safe for Democracy!"

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    Tourism is the biggest source of income in Okinawa. Amusement parks like Universal Studios would increase the already rapidly rising income from tourism dramatically.

    The US bases have been around since the end of WWII and they haven't brought prosperity. Okinawa is still the poorest prefecture.

    However, if the US bases were returned, Okinawa could easily become one of the richest:

    The returned lands in Kuwae and Kitamae area in Chatan have created 108 times more direct economic effect and those in the Shintoshin area in Naha have produced 32 times more.

    Read the whole article:

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    Perhaps a few of the US bases could pack up and go home to leave space for more ventures like this in Okinawa. It would be a much better use of space and provide jobs for Okinawans.

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    Since there only appear to be four people in this "demonstration" I wonder why JT feels it has to publicise it.

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    The way it's "taught," I don't blame students for disliking studying English.

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    A couple of posters have raised the issue of children.

    Whereas I can understand their misgivings, there are situations where one or both of the same sex partners has children from a previous heterosexual marriage.

    I wonder how people feel about this.

    Should the same sex partners be forced to give up their children and place them in a foster home?

    Or should this whole issue be left up to individuals to decide for themselves and governments, the legal profession and religion kept out of it?

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    "Fruit" = The sweet and fleshy product of a tree or other plant that contains seed and can be eaten as food.

    "Fruits" = Male homosexuals.

    I wonder why they don't check the name and copy of Japanese products when they use English?

    Still, it does provide amusement!

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    Great! Now the wheels have been set in motion.

    Committees will be formed to decide what further committees are needed who the members are, what their roles are and their sphere of operation. Reports will be made, written up and sent from committee to committee. Studies will be conducted and committees formed to discuss the results of those studies. Reports on these discussions will be discussed at top level. This will lead to new committees to discuss what further discussions are needed and what further studies need to be carried out.

    Shouldn't take more than 10 years.

    Of course, it might be said that the enormous expense in paper and committee member salaries might have been better spent actually helping the victims of the disaster, but if that had happened, several thousand civil servants would have gone without a job!

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    War hurts.

    War is tragedy and pain, on a vast scale.

    There is no glory.

    No one wins.

    It may be of economic benefit from those who sit safely in offices counting their profits, but for everybody else, it's a horror show to end all horror shows.

    We don't need it.

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    Abe is preparing to issue a statement to mark the 70th anniversary of Japan’s defeat in World War Two

    A statement prepared, over several weeks by a 16 member panel.

    Paid for, like Abe's massive reelection campaign with taxpayer's money.

    Yours and mine.

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    "the middle get middler"

    Is that good, bad, or it doesn't matter?

    What I meant was that the middle class get thinner - fewer in number. The higher income bracket makes its money from investments and skimming a little cash off a large number of people. Morally or not, it creates its own income. The lower income bracket has little in the bank and creates its income with day to day toil. The middle class, on the other hand, relies heavily on what it has in the bank, lives in mortgaged housing and is paying of loans. It has a fixed income and is the most vulnerable to inflation, companies suddenly going bust and so on.

    Abenomics is making more money for corporate businesses by skimming even more off the middle class. Not by creating more income. The middle class is therefore thinning out and slowly dropping off into the lower income bracket.

    As to whether that is good, bad or indifferent, I leave that to you to decide.

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    Ah. This is Abenomics at work.

    The rich get richer, the poor get poorer and the middle get middler.

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    It won't be long before we will all be expected to make this salute to Benuto Abelini, when he appears on TV, when we see a photograph of him and at the statues of him that will be placed at major intersections and outside Pachinko parlours in the larger cities (except Naha).

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    I agree that the Japanese pacifist constitution is a good one.

    I don't think that Japanese boys dying in some US started war will make them get off their collective bottoms and stop it. I wish it were this way. Unfortunately, Japanese people will believe whatever the TV says - especially the Abe-owned NHK.

    I wish they would get off their bottoms and switch OFF the TV and just take a look at what is going on rather than some "expert's" opinion.

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    What an excellent idea. Japan could use some advice on creating a sustainable energy supply.

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