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    The US does have its own territory. Might we suggest that they use their own for their military stations?



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    From where we live in Naha, there are unspoiled beaches 10 minutes away and it still has the advantages of a city. Shopping, great places to eat/drink, movies, live music, easy to make friends.

    By the way, I had a good laugh at what you thought my background was.

    You couldn't be more wrong. I'm not even American!

    And, as for my personality, generally speaking, I'm quite gruntled (or grunteled, if you prefer).

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    Why should we all have to wear the same clothing?

    I think people should get used to the different styles of clothing and learn to tolerate differences in race, religion and so on.

    If there is one thing that's increasing lacking in the world today, it is tolerance.

    Posted in: In some countries, there is a ban on adults and children wearing religious clothing and symbols such as burqas, veils, head scarves, skullcaps, turbans and crucifixes in public places like schools, recreational facilities and so on. What’s your stance?

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    Inoki is doing something about it.

    He is getting out there and communicating with people.

    He is not stuck in an office.

    He is actually BEING a politician as opposed to being a do-less office clerk. Which the majority of Japanese politicians seem to be.

    Good on him!

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    Setting up a panel eh?

    Wow! That's what we need strong, decisive ACTION.

    Just think of all the activity this is going to create.

    Reports flying to and fro. Extra meetings. Symposiums. Forums. And lectures to increase public understanding.

    Wow! Is all I can find to say.

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    I've just wasted several minutes poring through this interminable article.

    With all this verbiage, it says more or less nothing.

    If Abe can't see the difference between "economy" and "security," it's no wonder the economy is in a mess.

    His economic "reforms" and tax hike mean that prices are high in comparison with income and so people are spending less. And his attempts at "security" are only serving to really piss off the neighbours and create a potentially very dangerous situation. And his handling of the Fukushima crisis was and still is abysmal.

    I think it's time for a change. Not just of PM, but of the ultra right wing so called "Liberal Democratic Party."

    It's neither Liberal nor Democratic and the only ones who are having a party are those rich enough to afford one!

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    Naha is my choice.

    Good size of city. Still relatively cheap to live in. Good food, good drink, wonderful nature and great people.

    The only negative thing about Okinawa is that it's infested with military bases.

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    Justice in the US of A depends on how much money you have.

    Got bucks?

    You can get away with anything.

    Posted in: Justice system finds little trust among African-Americans

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    Thanks, Abe!

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    What on Earth was the US doing in Iraq in the first place?

    Posted in: Did America's policy on ransom contribute to James Foley's killing?

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    Eat local produce.

    Go to the local farmer's market for fruit and vegetables and only buy meat from somewhere you trust.

    Fish is generally safer.

    Don't buy mince meat (ground meat), sausages, hamburgers.

    And avoid fast food!

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    Mayra is AMAZING!

    A uniquely talented singer.

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    Death is never pretty. Foley's tragic death is the death of ONE person.

    THOUSANDS of tragic deaths are occurring due to US drones and mass killings.

    It's just that they don't get the publicity that Foley did and people are not including them in the equation.

    This is what is being protested here.

    It would have been prevented if the US hadn't invaded Iraq and slaughtered hundreds of thousands, many of them innocent non-combatants. For every suspected terrorist killed by a drone, there are 10 or 20 people who just happened to be in the area who die grisly deaths like Foley's.

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    We don't need casinos.

    We have pachinko.

    But we don't need that either,

    Posted in: We have operational capacity, experience know-how, and I don’t think we would be stretched to participate in more than one casino resort.

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    No wonder things are in a mess with this kind of flawed "logic."

    The economy is screwed. Goods in shops are more expensive because of the last tax hike and salaries have stayed the same. That's the message that's going out.

    Yet another tax hike would only create a wider gap between those who have money and those who don't.

    And in any case, it is not needed. There are plenty of ways the government could save the amount the tax hike would provide.

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    I disagree. I'd agree with you about the tourist traps in Kamakura and Kyoto, but if you get into the mountains in Niigata or even the backwoods areas of Kamakura (NOT the Daibutsu), there are some really beautiful sites.

    Drive around the back roads and explore. You'd be amazed at what you find.

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    Let's not forget where Hammurabi, whose famous line is "An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth," came from.

    As soon as you get into "retaliation mode," you've lost.

    All you do is reduce yourself down to that level.

    The US needs to "chill," step back and realistically calculate whether a long, drawn-out war with Islam is going to benefit them or not.

    There has never been a terrorist attack on American soil, but the way the US is acting, it's very likely to happen.

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    That this man died horribly is a tragedy.

    There is no question about that.

    But why people are up in arms about it is that the slaughter was VISIBLE.

    The US, in the name of "freedom," "democracy," and the "War against Terrorism," has killed countless thousands of non-combatants, women, children, and the elderly who just happened to be in the line of fire. Drones kill not only the target, who is a "suspected terrorist," as opposed to a convicted one.

    Each death is as horrible as Foley's. It's just not as VISIBLE.

    The old Hammurabi line, "An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth," is not going to solve this problem. It's only going to make it worse.

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    Agreed gaijininfo.

    It's no wonder that psychologists have such a pitifully poor success rate.

    Their thinking is fundamentally flawed.

    To begin with Japanese are not stingy.

    I've lived in Tokyo (15 years), Sapporo (15 years) and Okinawa (9 years). It has not been my experience that Japanese people are stingy. They are very happy to share.

    This article tells us more about the person who wrote it, than the people it is supposed to describe.

    "Saving the tastiest morsel till last," isn't stingy.

    A stingy person would eat it first so that no one else would get it!

    Posted in: Anxiety makes Japanese stingy, says psychologist

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    More killing will not solve this issue.

    Massive US attacks only serve to drive the fighting underground. It's been that way at least since the ancient Greeks, 3,000 years ago. The slaughter of non-combatants just adds fuel to the fire.

    Doesn't the US have any other way of solving a problem?

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