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    It crosses my mind that Abe's reason for stirring up this issue is to protect the nuclear industry.

    For over fifty years the fraud of "Atoms for Peace" claimed that nuclear power plants could not be used to make weapons. Now that the industry is on the run, due to Fukushima and other examples of neglect, the real purpose of the nuclear plants becomes exposed.

    Perhaps the Prime Minister wants to develop a weapons program, and he needs an enemy to justify the tactic.

    What makes it worse is the fact that the powers behind such a tactic are not Chinese or Japanese, but corrupt weapons merchants. Protecting profoundly serious polluters with a malicious foreign policy tactic is something fitting an opera.

    Let's keep this strategy a cautionary tale or a myth, rather than a reality.

    Posted in: Abe wants to replace landmark 1995 war apology

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