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    People please, there is NO gun debate.

    The gun folk won the debate years ago, the price America has to pay is the occasional massacre.

    Posted in: Connecticut school shooting revives gun debate

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    No it would not, the radio station publicly humiliated somebody resulting in their death.

    No, what she did when she got home resulted in her death. Anyone who believes otherwise is a coward. And a moron.

    The hospital should have given her a week off with full pay allowing this to blow over, assured her that her job was not in jeopardy and that measures would be taken in the future so that she is not exposed to this sort of thing again.

    How about issues like public humiliation, job insecurity.

    There are hundreds upon thousands of examples where people have publicly come off second best and start again tomorrow like nothing ever happened. Shit blows over in a day or two. That's life baby, what are you gonna do? Imagine sacking this woman for what happened, you can guarantee that you are going to be up against both a lawsuit and the public.

    Bottom line: Had she not killed herself, nobody would be talking about this and it would just be another trashy headline from last week.

    Posted in: Australian radio station to give $500,000 to nurse's family

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    I've always been told that it was impossible to strangle oneself. Exception to every rule I guess.

    Posted in: Woman linked to several deaths in extended family found dead in cell

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    I'm sorry but, the only person to blame is the woman who killed herself.

    How dare you tell the truth in these days of double-talk and lack of personal responsibility.

    She was totally selfsh and took her own life!

    What? You too? Since when was it acceptable not to blame someone else for your situation?

    Posted in: Australian radio station to give $500,000 to nurse's family

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    Why kid should believe something that doesn't exist? You just make your kid dumber.

    Actually, the exact opposite is true.

    Humans have the unique ability to imagine what is not or has never been. That cognisance is responsible for our own self-awareness. Another uniquely human trait.

    And besides, do we only believe in what we poke with a stick? Is love real? Of course it is. But it doesnt have an atomic weight.

    Western culture is slowly being stripped bare of all its mythology and legends due to sophist crybabies who get their kicks out of pissing in others' corn flakes.

    Posted in: Do you, or did you, encourage your young children to believe in Santa Claus?

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    Same-sex divorce to start about a week later.

    Posted in: Same-sex weddings in Washington state to begin on Sunday

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    In Australia, the licensed premises that served him alcohol beyond inebbriation would be charged with this crime.

    That would be setting quite the precedent considering it has never happened before. And besides, it wasnt a crime.

    No barriers please. I prefer that people hold themselves responsible for their own actions. That's what is wrong with society today - people's problems are always someone else's fault. It was the bar's fault for serving him alcohol, it is the railways fault there wasn't a barrier, it was the taxi's fault for being too expensive...

    Posted in: Man dies after being hit by train in Tokyo

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    It is due to incurable and unaffordable diseases such as cancer and diabetes.

    Therefore the suicide rate for the elderly is pretty much what one would expect.

    How dare you come onto this site and start making so much sense!

    Posted in: Of the 33,000 cases of suicides per year, those aged 60 and over account for some 12,000 — or more than one-third of the total. Particularly because of an increasing number of divorces between couples in their later years, there’s a trend toward even greater social alienation.

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    Companies are only guilty if they handle this kind of thing badly.

    "He tried to kiss me boo hoo, hoo.."

    "Well, actually she offered to do me if I gave her the job. I said no way and she threw herself at me! I shoved her away and the she said she would take it to the police. I was literally crapping my pants...."

    Whose word do you take?

    Posted in: Company manager arrested for trying to kiss job applicant during interview

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    People, can we save the moral preening please?

    Trash radio stations are supposed to do this kind of thing. They have to entertain morons and create publicity. Seriously, station managers around Australia, the US and the UK are kicking themselves that their station isnt in the papers today.

    Did the station force this woman to commit suicide? Absolutely not. In fact, if this nurse had have been Australian, she would have become a bit of a celebrity herself.

    Posted in: Royal hoax radio presenters off air after nurse found dead

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    Stand by to see Seattle become the new Mecca for hippies and pot heads from all over America.

    Ummmm I take it you have never been to Washington State before? Hippies and Rednecks everywhere, god bless 'um.

    Posted in: Marijuana goes legal in Washington state

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    It's not true. It's a load of garbage

    Wah wah wah - well done genius

    One thing that definitely will end for me is my 2012 working year.

    Will be heading to a few of my local greasy bars for a few bottles and hitting on girls that are totally out of my league.

    I hope the Mayan gods are smiling down on me....

    Posted in: According to the Mayan calendar, the end of the world will occur on Dec 21, 2012. In case it is true, how are you planning to spend the day?

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    Who was this article written for? Overweight, white, retired baby boomers in warm climates I think.

    Seriously, mulled wine? Mantlepieces? Baileys? Trivial Pursuit?

    Christmas isnt really a problem for those who live healthily, have a normal level of self discipline and would rather enjoy the moment rather than pick the bones out of it.

    My advice is to drink up (Jack Daniels or gin), give and get a bunch of presents, smoke up and unless Aunty Mary is going to leave you a large inheritance - tell her to shut her ol' yap before she ends up the lonely old lady getting leftover mince pies donated to her.

    Posted in: Top 10 tips for a healthier Christmas

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    Apple please, fix up the bloody Apple TV and the shoddy alarm clock on the iPhone which has probably cost people their jobs.

    Posted in: Apple's downward spiral accelerates

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    was nearly sick when he realized he was the only man eating lunch where we were

    He needs to take a day off more than every ten years or so. Nothing new there.

    Posted in: Japan in 2030: A country from which families have disappeared

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    or have personal problems like (Tiger Woods) you will not go anywhere.

    Ummm... Tiger Woods is one of the most successful and famous sportsmen of all time.

    Posted in: Golfer's alleged crime casts harsh light on conditions for pro wannabes

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    Very few of them make over Y10 million a year.

    I take it we are talking about Nippon League? MLB minimum salary is very, very high.

    Posted in: Golfer's alleged crime casts harsh light on conditions for pro wannabes

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    And some are reportedly working part time as waitresses in restaurants.

    Heaven forbid!

    Posted in: Golfer's alleged crime casts harsh light on conditions for pro wannabes

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    is a self-indulgent living joke

    And so, so, so rich.

    Posted in: Kim Kardashian tops list of Bing searches

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    Private tutors you can get for maybe 3000 yen an hour

    At your own pad maybe. No private classrooms can afford to charge that.

    There is no school that does a consistently good job.

    I do.

    I wouldn't employ a teacher like me.

    I love you. Hahahaha :-)

    Posted in: Which English-language school would you recommend to your Japanese friends wishing to learn English?

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