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    We are primed and ready for this. Fast and Furious had us focus on aero-parts, paint jobs and wheels. Of course, we love that.

    The Road Warrior takes us back to what matters. How's your engine going to hold up in all that heat? Which vehicle can survive that desert run? I don't expect to see a Toyota Prius in Fury Road.

    The best thing about the Road Warrior movies was probably the ingenuity when resources are scarce. I'm sure you all remember that oil tanker that was converted with makeshift turrets across the top. What a Battle!!! In the desert sun as well.

    How ironic isn't it? A movie that is dependent on cars is trying to recapture that "spark" that made the original so great!!

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    The world is a safer place. I hate to imagine what the world would have been like if Japan had won. All the beauty the world has today would have been lost in the furnace that was Japan:s hatred towards other races. The rest of the world was labelled inferior. We were referred to as demons that had to be Emperor's words: "Cleansed from this planet".

    Americans are compassionate and honorable in victory.

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    As an American I salute this fine aviator. You served your country well. Hopefully the President will pay his respects to Tom VanKirk and the rest of the Enola Gay crew as he laid to rest in Yasukuni......opps......I mean Arlington....like all other war heroes. War heroes, not criminals.

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    In the words of Ken Watanabe: "Let them fight".

    This has got to come to an end. So lets get this over with.

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    Hallelujah!!!! Thank the Lord, Thank you Jesus!!! Healthcare!!!!!

    Finally an effort to end the genocide!!!

    No more kids dying in hospital emergency rooms. Lets end the heart ache and pain of watching those closest die in pain because someone else wants to line his pockets.

    Call it whatever you want!! I'm voting for anybody who upholds it.

    You mad? How dare they use our hospitals!!

    Show your raw racist nature some more plz so we can avoid you.

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    Maybe France will feel differently after one of their planes is blown out of the sky!!!

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    But a tranche of the political right, including Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, continue to cast doubt, claiming the brothels were staffed by professional prostitutes

    Wow Abe!?! Pimp of the Year!!

    Those were Pro Pros!!

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    I loved this version of Godzilla. This time around was very different than all the other times I watched Godzilla as a kid.

    Rewind the clocks about 30 years for me. I was just a kid in the U.S. I think it the broadcaster was KTLA in the Los Angeles area. Sunday during the day after the morning cartoons was "Monster Day". This was before Elvira took over HORROR flicks.

    Anyway, I remember watching the old Dai-Kaiju flicks in black and white!! All I can remember now is destruction and some school kid running around in those tight elementary shorts. Godzilla really is the King of Monsters.

    The feeling I had yesterday was surreal but very much a reality. I watched my first Godzilla movie in Japan, that was mixed with an international cast with bits and pieces in both languages with Japanese people all around me. WOW. I'm so close to the epicenter of these monster battles that I can almost feel the tremors in the theater.

    I desperately wanted to listen to other Japanese fans banter while walking out of the theater. Did they like it? Did they find as just as ridiculously cool and funny as I did? I'm still wondering. Or do they feel Godzilla is a member of their family? Anyway I hope they loved it.

    I always get this question from Japanese "Why did you come to Japan?" My fellow Japanese readers, "Godzilla" is a big answer to that question. Not sure what sparked your interest to learn English or travel overseas but for me Godzilla definitely sparked my interest in Japan. Gundam should be shaking Godzilla's claw with appreciation. Godzilla did all the work. It would be an ugly monument in Odaiba but Godzilla deserves the space alot more than any other icon Japan has to offer.

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    100 Billion yen bailout?

    You have a 100 Billion yen to bail someone out?

    Most of us used to play Monopoly. I always owned Boardwalk with Hotels. I'd let someone stay in the game if they landed on it once. "Okay mortgage a few properties, downsize or give me all your railroads" Okay you can stay in the game.

    You owe me 100 Billion yen?!?!? Game over!!! Put yourself in that "wheelbarrow" and get off my property!!

    Game over!!

    Posted in: Residents within 5 km of Kyushu nuclear plant given iodine tablets

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    It's a beautiful ship. Be proud China!!!

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    The justice system in any country isn't perfect. However my hat is off to China to this matter. Lock em up quick, get to the bottom of this.

    No need to delay.

    Posted in: More Japanese firms withdraw Husi-supplied products; 5 detained in China

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    Great decision by the Hotel and obviously South Korean's government supported the decision.

    Safety is a right to for the public sector. Japan's Embassy is an excellent place to hold their party / ceremony.

    I for one would consider it pretty rude and insulting if my enemy was allowed to come into my house, hold a party and leave things in a mess.

    Not all money is good money.

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    Of course it looks nice on the website. They keep the zombies in B ward barricaded inside. They're the ones who suffered from food poisoning and unsanitary conditions.

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    Hmmm It sounds like this guy was TROLLED hard which might be a more appropriate title for this article. There's nothing like an expert Troll to take you out of your normal mindset.

    I wonder if that poster sent him the troll face after he got what he needed to embarrass this politician.

    Posted in: Tokyo assemblyman quits after tweeting 'Drop dead'

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    @Jeff. Okay with ONE post you fully convinced me that this obscenity law is unfair. Furthermore I suspect gender discrimination.


    The links you posted are not the only place where I've seen open male genitalia.

    There's a chinese restaurant called 8 Cafe near Roppongi Hills that has a FULL size golden penis in the middle of the restaurant.

    It's time to stop such discrimination. Allow women to express themselves artistically and sexually. WE need to make a stand for this woman.

    They are going to suffocate her!! Women readers if you don't respond to this you shouldn't complain it's a man's world later on.

    With all the disturbing comments in Japan's parliament and politicians belittling women this arrest is just the byproduct of their chauvinism. If you allow this to happen women will always be under the foot of Japanese men.


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    Higashi Kanagawa Saiseikai? If it's the one in Higashi-Kanagawa I've stayed in this place. It's a hell hole from the start. Very poor sanitation. No WINDOWS in some rooms. This report doesn't surprise me at all.

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    Asked about who was behind the cyber attacks, Taniwaki said, citing an announcement earlier this year by Tokyo’s Metropolitan Police Department,** that attacks by Chinese people or people who understood Chinese were on the rise**.

    Come at me Bro!! I like the Chinese. I buy their products. If I open my mouth and practice Freedom of Speech I might agree with the Chinese sometimes. Depends on the issue.

    Come squash me for showing any form of dissent!! I own a PC. Must be a hacker. I'm eating fried rice too. You think I'm behind these attacks?

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    kimuzukashiiiiiJUL. 08, 2014 - 07:28AM JST It not that I have no regards for the rights of fathers - they do have some rights.

    There it is READERS. The fatal flaw revealed!!!

    Notice how this individual has chosen the word "some right". He's honest in his response and this is great!! Because of this response we can now clearly see that the word "SOME" must be changed to "EQUAL rights".

    Father's should have EQUAL rights.....not some.

    I'm not bashing you Kimuszukashii. No, not at all. In fact, the sole purpose of this post is so that you can see the flaw in your logic.

    Have a good day!!

    Posted in: I have received many e-mails from Japanese women living in other countries. Those women, who wish to divorce their husbands and return to Japan with their children, asked whether their cases are subject to the convention.

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    Japan should admit it's mistakes. There's nothing wrong with this so-called map.

    It is what it is. People should know WHERE things happened.

    If Japan's PM continue to visit Yasukuni then it's alright for China to visit the past.

    The only difference between the places is that one is a place war criminals and the others are places where WMDs were used to end the war and bring Victory to the Allies.

    It's just history. Nothing to get upset over.

    Japan lost WWII.....it's a fact. Just like the World Cup!! That's all it is. Nobody hates you for it. Heinous things happen in war. Just admit it.

    Posted in: Chinese newspaper posts map of A-bombed Japan

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    Does anybody know where the video is?

    I have to visually profile these kinds of people.

    Someone please provide a link!!

    Posted in: Man posts live video of him drowning cat in Nagano river

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