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    gokaiwomanekuOct. 24, 2014 - 08:48AM JST The real issue is the visa violation, not the diapers. They were engaging in commerce on a chef visa. They should have been making fried rice somewhere, not trading diapers for profit. Well, the law is the law.

    Maybe they had jobs? I have a small kid so I keep a mental map of where I can get diapers, and I have 5 stores on my route into work where I can get diapers (3 Genkis, and 2 Aokis). It would probably take me an extra hour to stop by each of them on my way into work and buy 2 packs of diapers at each. Repeat that on the way home and that's 20 packs a day with only a 2 hour deviation from my routine.

    My point is that buying diapers and working are not mutually exclusive.

    ... How much money did they make in Japan? You see that's the real issue here. If they made over 200 000yen (and the Japanese authorities can prove this) then they have a case, but if these guys were just buying diapers and sending them back to China for friends and family... well then there is no case.

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    sfjp330Oct. 24, 2014 - 08:25AM JST But Japanese women are not staying away from work because they can’t get ahead; only one in 10 working women want to be promoted to management because it would be hard to juggle housework with the long working hours associated with management.

    Bull. They don't want to be promoted to management because the working culture is insane. Junior and middle managers are expected to be last out of the door every night. Even fathers hate this idea. They'd love to get home at a sane hour so they can play with their kids for an hour or two.

    Go and watch Emma Watson's speech to the UN and maybe you'll begin to understand that breaking down these sort of abusive working practices is in everyone's best interests, not just women's.

    Mothers in U.S. work because they need the money. That is not the case in Japan.

    ... clearly you have no idea how hard Abe's increased taxes have hit a lot of families. 3% might not sound like a lot, but it has resulted in a knock-on effect that has resulted in much higher costs. The 3% is applies when the goods are sold from the wholesaler to the retailer, then again on the gas used to transport the goods, then again when the consumer buys them... all in all the ripple has turned into a wave, and if Abe keeps this up it'll turn into a tsunami.

    And as a final note, the idea that all mothers only work because they need money, and not because they want to work and contribute their skills and expertise to society in a way that they find rewarding - like men - is frankly one of the most sexist things I have read in a long time. Some mothers may be content to stay at home, but many people (including, shock! women!!) enjoy working.

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    combinibentoOct. 24, 2014 - 06:52AM JST

    women being tied up with ropes and male patrons whipping them

    "This is not what I meant by 'womenomics," said Abe.

    Actually I rather think it is. Women being pressured into working full-time jobs, regardless of whether they want to because it is their "duty to Japan", while also being pressured to have more babies because it is their "duty to Japan"...

    Some LDP members just took Abe's message of bullying women a little more literally than others.

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    Honestly this article is applicable to the recruiting strategies of almost every military in the world. Speak to a dozen marines about why they joined up and you'll get the standard lines about "Serving their country" and "The duty of service"... but after a few drinks they'll confess that their primary motivation when they joined up as 18 year olds was a sincere desire to get out of their parents house, travel the world, get some (insert vulgar navy slang) and kick some buttock.

    Sex and violence.

    And don't even bother denying it. This is so well-know that you'd be trying to deny that the sky is blue.

    Now ISIS are despicable, but no more so than the crop of brothels that mysteriously appears around every military base in a third world country. Rape is rape, no matter which side's soldiers are doing it.

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    noypikantokuOct. 23, 2014 - 10:06AM JST Frungy: know the basics of first aid!

    I do. In fact I'm a medical professional. This is why I understand just how little most people know about medicine in general and how ignorance abounds on a very, very wide range of topics.

    As for the driver of the car, I'll volunteer to give him a big slap on his face maybe that will wake him up from the sleepy world of stupidity.

    There is a difference between ignorance and stupidity. The driver was ignorant, but not necessarily stupid. This is a distinction that most people here do not seem to be making.

    In a perfect world everyone would receive training in at least the basics of first aid, but in reality that simply isn't an achievable goal.

    Given that reality I'd rather have people phoning the police and making an ignorant complaint that the police investigate and dismiss than a world where an ill-informed citizen feels that they cannot inform the police about their suspicions because they fear the sort of backlash we're seeing here.

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    Hang on a second here.

    The motorist saw what was a potentially suspicious situation. An unconscious woman was having her clothes removed. The person providing assistance wasn't wearing a uniform, and the AED kits are pretty small and it may not have been visible.

    The motorist stepped over the line calling the guy a pervert, but did the right thing by calling the cops to alert them to a potentially suspicious situation.

    The cops then correctly asked a few questions, got a satisfactory answer and dropped the matter.

    Yes, the motorist was ignorant, but most people are about medical matters.

    There's a principle here, the simple issue of whether passers-by should call the cops if they see something that looks suspicious. If we say that anyone who is ignorant shouldn't do that then you're effectively discouraging everyone who isn't sure from calling the cops.

    While the motorist was a bit of a jerk he was also being a responsible citizen in calling the cops. Not everything is black and white.

    P.S. Good on the guy who saved the woman's life. He didn't deserve to be called a pervert, but that's life when dealing with the largely ignorant general public.

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    sangetsu03Oct. 22, 2014 - 05:58PM JST But Japan is the only problem.

    Bull. Every single nation is currently negotiating the TPP.

    Let's remember who invited Japan to be a part of TPP.

    Did you even look up what the TPP stands for before sounding off? I doubt it. Japan is a Pacific nation. It doesn't need an "invitation".

    Japan decided to change the treaty to suit itself, right? Give me one reason why the other parties should negotiate with Japan?

    Because every single nation looking at joining the TPP is negotiating. You know what they call someone who just signs the first thing put in front of them? A sucker.

    Japan has no right whatsover to try to negotiate any points in TPP, beggars can't be choosers.

    Wow, so the 3rd biggest economy in the world is a "beggar" in your opinion? The nation that could bankrupt the US and crash its entire economy is a "beggar". You clearly have an warped view of world economics.

    If Japan didn't like the way the treaty the way it was, they should have stayed out. Japan knows where the door is, it can leave anytime.

    Clearly you don't know how negotiations work or you wouldn't be spewing this nonsense. Sounds like sour grapes to me. Are you all upset because you're beginning to realise that the US isn't all-powerful? Better get used to it, because the US is on a downhill slide.

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    Bear27840Oct. 22, 2014 - 03:43PM JST If a girl makes multiple videos with different guys what does that make her then?

    A playgirl, naturally.

    StrangerlandOct. 22, 2014 - 07:04PM JST What a ridiculous comment. That's like claiming that any guy a girl refuses to have sex with may go ahead and rape her without consent. Sure, on a purely factual level it's true, but the huge majority of guys would never even consider doing such a thing.

    What a ridiculous comment. You admit it is true on a "factual level". .... what else is there other than the "factual level"? The "fantasy level"? Posting sexual videos online is a type of rape and is already happening. Your trying to deny that it happens or that it could happen is clearly operating on the "fantasy level".

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    EthanWilberOct. 22, 2014 - 10:11AM JST In the case of TPP, Japan does not have luxurious options available when it comes to negotiate with the US. It’s an either-or scenario. Cut the tariffs significantly or be left behind.

    The TPP isn't an all or nothing thing. It isn't even standardised from country to country. That was the original intent, but compromise and negotiations have left only small portions of the TPP that are standard, and most of it has been watered down or altered to the point where the original intent of the TPP - a standard agreement amongst Pacific nations for trade - is no longer even remotely true.

    As for Japan being left behind... don't make me laugh. There's nothing stopping Japan from concluding individual trade agreements... which is fundamentally what the TPP has become, individualised.

    If Japan is ditched from TPP table, the benefiter could be Japan’s nemesis, that would be an irony.

    If Japan had any common sense it would hand the TPP to whoever it hated most. The thing is pure economic poison.

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    StrangerlandOct. 22, 2014 - 09:20AM JST I've made videos with girls a number of times in the past.

    Multiple girls, multiple videos... playboy. My advice stands. I'll be telling my daughter (when she's old enough to have this conversation) to dump any guy that even suggests making videos. And that's not an over-reaction. A guy who suggests it and is rejected might decide to go ahead and record anyway without consent.

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    JTDanManOct. 22, 2014 - 09:12AM JST North Koreans, of course, were shocked: "We have nightclubs?!"

    I must admit this was my reaction too. It doesn't exactly fit with the popular image of North Korea promoted by the Western Media, does it?

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    What a steaming pile this article is. It mentions the issues Japan is reluctant to compromise on, but makes no mention of the issues the US hasn't compromised on, creating the impression that Japan is the only problem.

    And most importantly I still see no mention of the insane copyright clauses in the TPP. These would ban the export of anything copyrighted/patent/etc. in the receiving country. Not so bad I hear you thinking? Think again.

    Japan's copyright rules are pretty strict, so only relatively major innovations are patentable/copyrightable. The same for most of Europe.

    The U.S.'s definitions of what constitutes a "new" invention are much more lax, which is a big part of why the U.S. has so many "new" inventions every year, many are just minor improvements on existing ideas.

    What this means in practical terms is that the copyright clauses in the TPP would ban a lot of Japanese products from going to the U.S. because the goods or components in the goods would be considered patented/copyrighted in the U.S. as even minor changes in design are new intellectual property in the U.S.

    However Japan could do nothing about incoming U.S. goods that didn't exactly correspond to their stricter intellectual property laws where only major innovations constitute a new copyright.

    It would also mean that any product tried up in patent litigation in the U.S. couldn't be exported anywhere else in the world, which would effectively allow any U.S. company to use malicious litigation to block or delay the release of competitors' products. This has been a problem in the U.S., but now it would become an international problem, and given the US courts' track record of favouring U.S. companies it doesn't take a genius to see how the TPP's copyright clauses could be abused systematically.

    Not to mention of course that the TPP also attempts to enshrine the idea of "eternal intellectual property", where copyright and patents can be extended until the sun dies and grows cold, which is possibly the most dangerous idea to competition and innovation in the history of the planet.

    All in all, accepting the TPP as it stands would be economic suicide.

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    ... Perhaps it is just my generation, but If someone wanted to make a video of us having sex I'd hear alarm bells going off in a big way.

    If they weren't going senile then I'd seriously question why they need video evidence. The entire idea of video taping sex is pretty darned suspicious to begin with. It smacks of carving notches on bedposts and showing them to buddies to prove "conquests".

    Unless you're in a committed relationship (like married - where there's a risk that one day you WILL go senile and limp and need reminders of the good times) any guy asking to videotape sex... yeah, red flags. Dump him and find someone else who doesn't want to treat you like an unpaid porn actress.

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    ... in other news, drivers crash as phantom cars appear on the road.

    Its a cool invention, but I think it will probably have to be carefully restricted because it has tremendous potential for chaos in the wrong hands. I can already think of about a dozen illegal uses.

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    PandabelleOct. 21, 2014 - 09:37AM JST Hah, I drive more than most, usually 12-15k km a year, a large portion of that in urban areas.

    12 to 15km a YEAR? That's averaging about 3 to 4 meters a day. Yeah, at those distances you could afford to drive at 2km/hr and still get where you're going... or you could just walk, it would be faster.

    I know how pedestrians act as well as bicyclists. They are unpredictable, and a driver must always be aware and prepared when driving.

    Then please, all knowing pedestrian, how would you prepare for someone jumping out in front of your car? There's no physical way to avoid the accident even if you drive half the speed limit.

    But hey, I take responsibility for my actions, I am not complaining that the laws are unfair and biased against me! I choose to drive, it's a privilege, and I am perfectly willing to do what it takes to be a safe driver on the road so that others can be safe. Apparently not everyone feels the same way.

    And I take responsibility for my actions. I do not take responsibility for the suicidal actions of others. There's a difference that you cannot seem to appreciate.

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    So stock brokers should be taxed only when they make a profit, but can't offset gains against losses? Because stockbrokers are the biggest gamblers in the world and only make money by playing the odds.

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    A justice minister who stretches the law to suit herself? No, we're all better off without her.

    However I do agree that the systematic targeting of the female ministers stinks of bullying and harassment. The same standards should be applied to the men, and I think the remaining female ministers should be bringing up the same issues about their male colleagues.. then maybe Japanese politics will get a little less corrupt.

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    zichiOct. 20, 2014 - 10:56PM JST Yes that right, whenever a driver of a vehicle hits and kills someone, they are always guilty and in Japan if found will be sent to prison for at least five years.

    I've been in a situation where I could have hit someone and it was only through sheer luck (good and bad) that my car spun and I ended up describing a neat circle around the pedestrian. It could very easily have been otherwise. Was I guilty? Guilt would require some sort of negligence or criminal intent on my behalf.

    I couldn't see the guy until he stepped out into the road, there was a tree blocking my view. He stepped out about 2 meters in front of my car, and there's no way a car going at about 30~35km/hr (UNDER the legal speed limit) can stop in 2 meters. The braking distance (excluding any reaction time) is about 6 meters.

    How would I have been "guilty" if I hit that guy? As it was I just lucked out. I slammed on brakes and counter steered, missing the guy by centimeters. My aquaplaning was the best thing that could have happened in the situation, because without that it would have been impossible to miss the guy.

    If anyone was "guilty" in that situation it was the pedestrian who knowingly walked up to the street, failed to look, decided to jaywalk and caused a situation that wrecked my car and cost me a ton in repair and medical bills. But the legal system in Japan places absolutely zero responsibility on the pedestrian.

    The reasons for hit and runs are usually because the driver had been drinking alcohol and over the limit.

    Bull. A bigger reason for hit and runs in Japan is that the driver is automatically assumed to be guilty and is facing a 10 year sentence, regardless of who actually caused the accident and whether it was even physically possible to avoid the accident.

    When your life is already ruined then why not run? This is the problem I'm trying to point out with the current system, but you seem intent on ignoring it. If the legal system was prepared to contemplate the fact that the pedestrian could be at fault then you'd see more drivers sticking around in the hope that they could prove that the pedestrian created a set of circumstances where the accident was inevitable.

    The current system gives them no reason to do stick around.

    Additional prison time will be given for leaving the crime scene and not reporting it to the police. Guess you don't live or drive here then otherwise you would be aware of the laws? The fleeing driver has committed many serious offenses.

    I'm aware of the laws. I'm pointing out that they're stupid laws that encourage fleeing the scene. These laws have doubtless killed many people as prompt medical attention COULD have save lives, but instead the driver knows that their only hope at avoiding prison time is to flee the scene. If the law allowed for the possibility that the pedestrian was at fault (such a small change that just seems like common sense) then you'd see more drivers sticking around and less lives lost.

    I sincerely hope you're never in the situation of hitting someone with a car, because maybe then you'll see that the current legal system is idiotic. I still relive that situation in nightmares, the moment of recognition, my foot slamming on the brake as I desperately spun the car and the crash into the pole... and the dumb look on that pedestrian's face and then his cowardly decision to run off rather than check if I was injured.

    No. Pedestrians need to take responsibility too or the law is a joke.

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    zichiOct. 20, 2014 - 09:48PM JST yes, blame the victim!

    So, because he's dead he's automatically guiltless? ... that is the least logical thing I've ever seen. I've just figured out how to commit the perfect crime in Japan. All the criminal needs to do is get hit by a car and whatever they're doing automatically becomes 100% legal and they're absolved of all guilt. Apparently most JT readers would support this idea.

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    ebisenOct. 20, 2014 - 06:25PM JST That's certainly not true, the recalls are done by the automotive manufacturers, not the supplier, and the manufacturer has usually safety first in mind. As the part is obviously not made to the given and contacted specification, the supplier will bear the costs...

    You're mistaken. There's a formula that is applied and it is calculated on the expected number of civil suits.

    If the number is below the cost of the recall then the manufacturer just issues instructions to all authorised dealers to replace the malfunctioning part when the cars are next in for a service. This lowers the cost as it spreads it across years as people bring their cars in for servicing. The odds are calculated on how many people will have an accident between servicings, the damage for each claim, the percentage of cars not serviced at authorised dealers, etc.

    I know this because I have worked with Toyota, Volkswagen, Mercedes Benz and BMW, and all of them use a similar formula.

    Recalls are tremendous expensive and damaging to companies' reputations, and are avoided if at all possible.

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