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    These people in Iwaki complaining are perfect examples of what lurks just below the surface in Japan nationwide, a bunch cold, petty people, just looking for any excuse to rant & rave.

    Its unbelievable that evacuee's are GAIJIN in their own country, doesn't get colder than that!

    The shear lunacy we are all witnessing wrt to the Fukushima nukes whether its evacuee's, contaminated soil etc, the plants themselves, "plans" for the future......................NOTHING seems to be headed in the right direction.

    The disaster(s) continue with no end in sight & many smaller local disasters will continue to sprout, how sad!

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    Sorry MarkG common sense says you DONT give an uzi to a kid!! The instructor & range are a bunch of idiots plain & simple! Add in the parents as well, I hope the kid recovers everyone seems to have forgotten what she has to live with the rest of her life due to a bunch of stupid adults!

    Oh pls don't start of ANYBODY with 3 rounds in gun, IF your teaching about guns you start with ZERO BULLETS!!

    I am not against guns although I see no need for hand guns & weapons designed for war! My ole man taught my brother & I on a single shot bolt action .22 rifle, something sensible.

    The US is nuts for guns & this is one of the MANY tragedies & we will see many more yet sadly

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    HKG is toast, I bet most HKGer's wish the Brits were still in charge..............

    Whats happening in HKG is just more evidence that China's commies are off their rockers & DEAD SCARED of its own people....................

    It aint going to end well!

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    Folks, the McDonaldization of so many jobs/industry controlled by bean counters for the 1%er's is driving a lot whats happening in todays world, its going to get scarier as time goes by!

    Just think if there are no jobs for pilots a decade or two down the line...............just imagine how many others will be out of work, there will be some seriously scary crap coming down the pipes by those who constantly look at how they can SCREW those further down the food chain so they can ""earn"" their salaries.

    I think its high time to make some robots to replace CEO's & the 1%er's NOW so there is some hope for the rest of humanity!

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    Japan really needs to get its crap together wrt WWII! I don't think anyone on this site thinks Japanese today are personally responsible, patently obvious, I think most sensible people here just want a Japan who simply acknowledges its past(doesn't have to self flagellate itself). I wish people in Japan would stand up and tell the right wingers to smarten the hell up!.

    I want to live in a Japan that says, YES in the past we did......yada yada, BUT that was then WE aren't that Japan anymore! POINT BLANK!

    Then Japan could tell China & the Korea's to SHOVE IT!..................... but alas the Japan of today is no where near able to do that sadly..........

    This year my Japan News(formerly the Daily Yomiuri) has published a lot of UTTER CRAP regarding China & Korea, the propaganda has been hitting the pages fast & furious............. its SO BAD its embarrassing to even read.

    Of late the above rag of a "newspaper" has been on bigtime about amending the Kono Statement regarding the sex slaves................ it has been truly painful reading, the gross utter ignorance is astounding. They have been ragging on about how the Asahi Newspaper "broke" the sex slave issue years back(ahhh NO!!) & all based on one Japanese guys testimony about being involved in the forcing of women to provide sex to J-troops, which has ""supposedly"" been discredited.............but in all the BS I read I didn't see anything discrediting the!

    If these moronic newspapers like ""Japan News"" push for sex slave denial it will cause a LOT of damage to this country.

    One of the reasons I subscribe to the Japan News(Daily Yomiuri) is so I can read the BS the right wing media spews but this year its been absolutely brutal reading truly awful stuff. Japan is mortgaging its future in so many ways, I feel SO SAD for the young people of Japan, their elders are failing them miserably

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    I watched the video, ........... they shouldn't call what she did air guitar haha, maybe a better title would be Fake Rockin or something LOL!!

    Looks like she had fun & she did better faking the sword action than guitar

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    Now there is no longer any argument, abe clearly LOVES his war criminals & he sadly is not alone, a great many here in Japan only regret that Japan lost WWII, they are SO DAFT they cannot to this day see that the prosperity they have enjoyed is PRECISELY because Japan lost WWII, NOT because of what the war dead did, Japan has prospered DESPITE what Japan did in the 1930-40s.

    And as many have been saying Japans supposed "apologies" about WWII are insincere............well if the rest of you still cant see the blatantly obvious insincerity wrt to WWII there is likely no hope you ever will.

    Japan continues to reap what she sows!

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    I find it all rather silly, but I think one of the reasons the ole blood type thing comes up is people here do their best to HIDE whatever personality they may have, so people are left with blood types to make silly generalizations............

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    Do you have any idea what lead to Arab spring............hint GWB, ALL the crap going down goes DIRECTLY back to GWB & the stooges from his inner circle. Obama hasn't been perfect but he IS still dealing with the garbage left by GWB, the 10s of thousands killed, wounded, un-rooted............& for bloody what!

    You would have thunk the US would have learned from Vietnam but NO the same mistakes are being repeated, REPEATEDLY!

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    Forget women only cars the ultimate solution is to GET OFF the insanely crowded commute trains period, glad I did, never again will I endure the inhumanity of those god awful over packed sardine cans!

    No bloody thanks!

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    Folks, news flash ALL the crap happening in Iraq & Afghanistan is DIRECTLY related to the moronic policies of GWB!

    Afghanistan the yanks should have ONLY concentrated on getting bin ladin, NOTHING else! Get then get the hell outs dodge!

    Iraq............WTF..............SHOULD NEVER HAVE HAPPENED PERIOD! Iraq is a screw up of massive proportions! I was NEVER a fan of saddam Hussein but he clearly had better control over Iraq than the US ever did! And now.......its a total frigging nightmare that's going to get massively worse in all likelihood!

    Again thanks GWB & his side kick rummy & the dick!

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    sanrio are clearly delusional!

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    sighclops thank you for a voice of reason!

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    CLEARLY something is very wrong with what this guy has done, maybe not technically a crime(tbd) but still very seriously messed up at the very least!

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    I stopped eating tuna well over 5yrs ago, while this move is better late than never IT IS pretty frickin late!

    Japan needs a serious schooling in conservation of so many marine resources!

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    His oldest son left his job after co-workers harassed him, accusing him of using his mother’s death for personal gain.

    I have often pointed out Japanese can be damned COLD to their own, the above is a perfect example! Bullying in this country is off the friggin charts!

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    Haha I thought a fight was breaking out, Date has her dukes up ready to go!

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    This has been going on since the 80s one of the reasons Japan has been treading water at best for over 20yrs.

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    Kinda sad that most surveyed simply want to live near a supermarket & a train station!

    Seems most Japanese are simply keen to survive/exist...................they don't seem very apt at LIVING!

    The above survey is why the birth rate is droping most people live in places that aren't that hot for having & raising & BEING a family.

    While some on this list are ok to me it seems Japanese need to work to figure out what living is really all about!

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    The US has done a piss poor job in dealing with the after math of slavery, yeah sure its getter better for black people over time, BUT at a damned slow pace, this should have been over & done with ages ago.

    Whenever I visit the states I can almost immediately feel the tension on the air, the US is a great place but its done a terrible job wrt to black people, the US can & should do better, PERIOD!

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