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    So should the rest of the world start boycotting Japan???

    Just imagine the PAIN that would cause in Japan, something to think about..............or not!

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    NEWS FLASH!!!!!

    Hiroshima & Nagasaki bombings prove to be a hoax! There is no evidence, I didn't see it, so it didn't happen!

    THIS is what these fools are trying to do, clearly they have no shame what so ever, if this keeps up Japan is going to be looking bloody awful in the eyes of the world, these people have no shame.

    Caution COMMON SENSE point we go.

    Ok where on earth would conquered countries women LINE UP TO BE PROSTITUES or invading armies!....................and the answer is

    NO WHERE! That's bloody where

    The whole idea that these women were free & choose to be prostitutes is NUTS!

    I await Japanese to tell these morons to get stuffed, ............hoping I don't hear the usual silence!

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    Boy oh BOY! I have been saying 2015 was going to likely be embarrassing for Japan BUT I never expected such gross utter stupidity from supposed prof & similar.................WTF!

    Clearly Japans whitewashed history has been absorbed by the masses. Another VERY embarrassing day to be living in Japan.

    And this is starting to look pretty scary! I have always said that just below the surface is a Japan that could turn on a dime & go straight back to blind allegiance.............damn this is scary.

    Will be interesting to see what the courts do with this non-sense.

    Time to dust of or for those that haven't already, best get your exit plans in order, this could get a LOT worse!

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    The US would be wise not to accept Japans BRIBE to by more USA rice on the cheap to maintain the status quo(which ISNT good)!

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    Only 10% less & your complaining!!! I would say your damned LUCKY!

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    I've said it before will say it again, the lives of most salaymen & housewives ( I hate both terms actually LOL!) are pretty dismal & depressing at BEST!

    The whole work/life thing in Japan has been severely screwed up for almost 40yrs now & its all really coming home to roost.

    The only way I survived here was for the mrs & I to ditch the BS lousy typical life of most married couples, its so utterlu soul destroying......

    I am not surprised women who stay at home are steadily going bonkers, I fully expect it!

    But as I have also said, I DONT CARE, because so many here don't give a damn about their own lives why should I worry about them!

    I think its a shame, sad, totally avoidable, BUT the men & women of Japan have got to WANT a better life, most don't, gaman & shoganai have won big time, but the country is losing more & more as time passes!

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    This is joke !

    If any of us went into a combini & nicked a beer & otsumani we would be in MUCH bigger trouble

    Japan for SHAME!

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    Havent seen the flick but will when I get a chance. I expect it will have its propaganda type bits, hopefully it does provoke thought on the Iraq War second time round.

    I think what the US desperately needs to do is admit the entire idea & execution of the 2nd Iraq War was to absolute mistake, pretty much the entire world saw it, rightfully as such, it was so painfully obvious!

    So clearly The Bush administration are the ones that need to answer for this colossal mistake. I mean Rumsfeld & Cheney & their crew.............................The people of the US should be clamouring for their heads(figuratively speaking)! It was they who cooked up this mess & STUPID idea that getting Sadam(I didn't like him at all, but clearly in hind sight he was better than the current Iraq! Best of the worst perhaps) out would bring about this wonderful NEW IRAQ was sheer lunacy.

    And the results........... how many American men & women have died, families suffered, torn apart TOTALLY in vain! And when you add the death & destruction of Iraq that continues to play out should be obvious who was wrong, it seems the US can never the lessons that SHOULD have been learnt in Vietnam, but alas.

    Hopefully this flick will help Americans realize just what was wrong with Iraq round two..............wishful thinking likely!

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    Way to go Japan, now we have tepco using the same defense as that being applied to the sex slave issue, we cant find the "magic documents"........


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    Abe should offer to make an apology on the condition that Seoul and Beijing will not ask for a further one. Otherwise we will get to the ridiculous inevitability of Korean/Chinese leaders who are not yet born demanding apologies from Japanese who are not yet born, if one further apology can prevent this Abe should bite the bullet.

    Your joking right! In case you hadn't noticed Japan has uttered many UN-Official "apologies" yes, but most are so vague no one can tell what they mean, does Japan regret brutalizing the far east, SE Asia, South Pacific, or does it simply regret losing WWII................certainly next to nothing in regards to sincerity, & its gone on fro decades like this!

    And then we the hordes of public figures over decades who constantly deny Japan did much if any wrong or almost never get called on it!!

    So while I am hardly a fan of China & Korea wrt to all this I can understand why they continue to have problems with Japans utter lack of sincerity with regards to WWII etc!

    I have posted many time that Japan SHOULD have taken the high road decades ago, admitted it did wrong, killed many millions, forced women to be sex slaves etc etc.

    Japan could also point out they have behaved VERY well since 1945, so if China or Korea was stupid enough to bring up WWII Japan could simply say YES we did that, Yes we regret what we did, Japan is no longer THAT kind of country, NOW would Chine/Korea please SHUT THE HELL UP & BUGGER OFF!!!!

    But alas Japan CANT say the above because well.......................70yrs and counting & Japan still cant even admit what it did SO it cant tell China/Korea to SHUT UP(even though both China/Korea often act stupid!).

    And here we are 2015 & Japan is in a tight spot entirely of its own making!

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    Like I have been saying, 2015, is going to be a tough one for Japan especially with abe "leading" ......

    The whole world KNOWS that abe & friends believe that the only Japan did wrong was lose WWII.......... so abe is possibly the worst person to be PM in the year of the 70th anniversary of WWII, to say the least its going to be hard for Japan to look good & even harder to believe whats said! And there is also the possibility of a severely embarrassing meltdown by the govt

    A different generation at a different time under different circumstances, but the people of today bear the burden and must take the berating ?

    Well that's what 70years of NOT dealing with ones nasty history will do for you! While obviously Japanese today weren't there, its also obvious they should learn from what did happen, but unfortunately Japan cant even agree on what happened from say the 1930's to 1945 let alone atone for it. Japan hoped staying largely silent & paying some blood money would do the trick, Japan is finding out the hard way that its failed miserably.

    At the least 2015 will be interesting, just not likely in a good way, would LOVE to proven massively wrong but I doubt it!

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    Sad story brownie, what a waste!

    It pains me but here we see yet another thing about Japan that is so obviously in need of dire fixing/improvement but alas Japans most vulnerable not thrown under the bus but left there!

    This whole blood this is truly primitive & often despicable.............................

    More reasons why I am glad I didn't grow up here & have no kids, Japan could so easily to SO much better but continues to take the low/stupid roads on so many aspects of life, again what a waste!

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    Not sure I like this idea either...........while owls tend not to soar much I know most like to SLEEP during the day because they are active after the sun sets.

    And unless one can take a bird outside to let it fly some & not in Tokyo, its just wrong to coop them up & subject them to the "café" life.

    And a Great Horned Owl is a very large bird likely about 2ft tall or around 60cm.

    Cat or rabbit café...........well ok I guess, owls............not a good idea imo!

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    Curbing free speech is often a difficult road to travel, as one astute poster above mentioned rather than focus on the nasty venom idiots spew, focus on the NOISE POLLUTION, ban that, take away their megaphones impound their stupid black vans etc etc.......

    Let them spew using the OWN vocal chords without excessive amplification, then their BS non sense will soon die out as their voices grow horse!

    Having said that it would be nice to see some locals shout down these morons............

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    Officials from Zaitokukai, which boats more than 10,000 members

    Haha too bad these didn't get in the BOATS & sail away, far away!!

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    I don't recall many if any predicting hyperinflation, it was more along the lines of IF hyperinflation ever kicked in it would be killer on Japan

    That said all the printing of $$$$ isn't doing much of anything except for the rich building up their Ponzi dollar$ in the markets.

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    Japan as many have correctly commented is in dire straights of its own making.

    The labour market is too rigid, the mid career hiring is just not there for the most part & this is a huge problem.

    The DeadWood........another massive problem, but it needs dealt with, in the meantime EVERYONE suffers, people cant get raises, companies cant fire poor employees, both spiral downwards.

    Companies doing well have been raking the $$$ in bigtime most of the last 3 decades BUT they always say ""we are waiting for better/more stable times blah blah......"" until they will share any profits, point blank its BS of the highest order. Companies doing always spout this rank & the "taxes are to high"(to get corporate welfare!!!), meanwhile they rack it in, upper management get huge bonuses, the rest are told to wait for "better times" the masses have been sold down the river big time for over 30yrs

    Japan is in for sever pain no matter what it does but we are all witnesses to the current do little or nothing & the country is rotting at a high rate.

    The future is dim here for sure

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    What I find interesting is that many posting here think all the actors & actresses are from the USA..............

    XXX-American, YYY-American ZZZ-American yada yada yada ................LOL!

    HELLO!!!!! not all actors/actresses are from the US of A!!

    Just sayin!

    Carry on!

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    As many have pointed out Japan can be both cheap & expensive, some thoughts.

    Until only fairly recently Japanese just didn't care about gaijin customers, SOME now do but it is a fairly recent change & its only SOME, lots still don't want the "hassle" of gaijin customs.

    And remember people thinking of coming to Japan are not likely to be comparing Japan to the UK US or Europe, but to China, Korea SE Asia. Now compared to the later Japan IS till expensive & cant compete on value for $$$ it just cant.

    And once the decision is made to come to Japan you have to do some pretty good checking to find deals, yeah its better than the 80s 90s but still hard for a family to cut costs on travel & accommodation unless they all want to be back packers.

    In the past Japan made the mistake of tourists = US UK & Europe, they totally ignored their closest neighbours! That has/is changing because some have FINALLY realized that's where the $$$ is, they don't care so much about the typical tourist sites but love to SHOP, thankfully more retail outlets are finally getting this.

    Japan still has lots to do so it should get better, easier for foreign tourists which is a good thing but Japan has TONS of work to catch up to its neighbours who have been decades ahead of Japan serving foreign tourists!

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    Thank goodness I didn't grow up if such a daft education system, too zombie/machine like, seems like a colossal waste of time & resources & then lots of people that should go on to Uni & do well get screened out by a bunch of stupid tests.

    Testing is only part of whats needed, I knew people who aced high school but BOMBED in Uni & a friend who I helped with calculus ( I was mediocre at math LOL!) & my friend went on & was awesome at Uni, he always worked at things & really exceled, he became a doctor, led student societies, worked part time through out to reduce his debt.

    In Japan he would have been SCREWED!

    Again thank goodness I didn't grow up here!

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