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    Seb Coe is a great appointment. He won't stand for any nonsense and he is passionate about clean athletics, so the cheats will be more worried today than they were yesterday.

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    The fact that no worried parents / families have come forward suggests the following 4 possibilities (in my order of most to least likely):

    1) The parents are people who would rather not come forward, but take matters into their own hands (i.e. Gang related).

    2) As 'The Principle' suggests, the girl was held captive for a number of years - long enough for her size & appearance to be different from when she initially went missing.

    3) The parents are also dead / being held somewhere.

    4) The parents are responsible.

    I say 'gang related' as the most likely for the simple reason that whoever dumped the body seemingly wanted it to be found - and the grisly details of the death/abuse to be made public - quickly. The body wasn't hidden, wasn't burned, wasn't left in a remote location etc. Usually in such cases, the body - or body parts - would be 'delivered' back to the family. Yakuza, logistics, trucks?? Hmmm. That's where I'd be starting my investigations.

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    A Japanese website recently published a list of four commonly occurring behaviors at work which are actually considered to be crimes by Japanese law.

    For balance, here's 3 more 'crimes' committed by the employer:

    1) Some companies expect workers to work more than the 40 hours per week "statutory working hours" without paying them overtime.

    2) Not all employers grant employees the required "statutory days off" (at least one day off per week, or four days off in any four-week period).

    3) Not all employers allow their employees to take their accrued paid holidays.

    If any of these 'crimes' are committed in one's workplace, I say plug your phone charger in and tell the boss to swivel.

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    I blame the media for not being tough enough on politicians in general.

    I know a lot of them are under the thumb of the government, but there are others who aren't, and they don't ask enough difficult questions / criticize enough in my opinion.

    This kind of links to one of yesterday's topics on JT about hierarchical structures in Japan - if no one is willing to stand up and speak out critically about Abe / the actions of politicians - then the whole problem starts there really.

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    It can be changed with more immigration, and more overseas business collaboration - both of which would bring an alternative approach to doing things, and people who wouldn't necessarily put up with hierarchical structure.

    I do some work with a large Japanese company that joined forces with a very large European company about 5 years ago. Part of the deal was that the Japanese company would change to the structure and procedures of the European company. Also, the most senior manager at each site in Japan is now French. At first the majority of Japanese staff hated the changes, as they thought their way of doing things had been more efficient and more suitable for Japanese workers. However now, they love the fact that they are able to discuss and debate things with their superiors, they like the fact that their French senior managers want to know their opinions, and they also like the fact that the French managers insist that they MUST take their full allocation of holidays every year.

    So I have seen first hand that it can be changed, but I can only see it coming from outside sources.

    Posted in: Long-established Japanese companies such as Toshiba tend to have a highly hierarchical structure, making it difficult for employees to challenge top-down decrees over cover-ups to "save face" for the company. Do you think this corporate culture can be changed?

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    If the task force is set up under direct leadership of our Abe, then wouldn't the head of the task force be Abe himself?

    Is Masuzoe just talking complete nonsense, or is he purposely trying to troll Abe?

    Posted in: A task force for constructing the new stadium needs to be set up under the direct leadership of Prime Minister Abe, and the head of the task force needs to hold a press conference every month to explain progress in the project to the public.

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    @ Kobe

    That won't work because both of them claim ownership of the islands. For both of them to agree to leave them alone would mean both of them accepting that they don't own them.

    That scenario is about as likely as me finding out that I'm actually the rightful owner.

    Posted in: Japan's defense paper slams China's maritime claims

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    Erm...Japan has 4 seasons - I've been told a million times.

    Posted in: Book by Tokyo patissier uses Japanese sweets to represent all of the country’s 72 seasons

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    37,000 are you kidding me?

    Most, if not all, tablets have 'business card' apps - along with all the extra functions of a tablet.

    I can even get an app that does all this on my smartphone - and use it alongside all the extra functions of a smartphone.

    What next, a digital address book for 30,000?!

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    I don't mind this so much - as a few people have already said, this is nothing but publicity. The Nikko hotel in Kanazawa has bought a chunk of 'unique' national advertising, across all media platforms, for just 1m yen - a relative bargain.

    The outrageous prices of a lot of fruit in the supermarkets is a completely different issue.

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    @Tokiyo I'd have thought it's in their interests to stop people killing themselves on their property.

    If their drains were overflowing every day, stinking the place out, and causing a health hazard etc., and they were failing to address the problem, would you argue "Hey, they're a train company, not plumbers"?

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    Typical committee response.

    One freak incident doesn't warrant such a reaction. This isn't a solution to anything.

    Why doesn't JR show this level of over reaction to the people killing themselves on its property week-in-week-out?

    Most 'solutions' in Japan are impersonal - barriers, cameras, signs etc. This really needs to change. If JR has so much money sitting in its coffers that they can suddenly decide to install 2 cameras in every car on every shinkansen, then why aren't they currently employing a few social workers to 'patrol' the most notorious platforms?

    I know the answer. I wonder how much the self immolater's family was billed for the inconvenience he caused. JR, like most corporate entities will just put finances first. The government should really be stepping up to the plate with practical and personal solutions to what is a huge societal problem in Japan.

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    I don't understand how a 'bystander' can have died due to smoke inhalation. Did nobody help the poor lady get out? Was she left alone inside the first car - asleep maybe - until it was too late? Whatever happened, it sounds like the lady wasn't in any way a target, and that is a tragedy for Japan.

    Posted in: Man dead after setting himself on fire in bullet train; woman passenger also dies

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    What?? So let me check I've understood this:

    Marriott are providing internet connected TVs, which guests can use to sign in to their own personal existing Netflix subscription?

    What's so special about that? I'm sure their guests have had access to Netflix for years via their tablet / laptop etc.

    If they were providing access to a Marriott specific Netflix subscription then I'd understand the publicity.

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    She probably didn't notice because she was glued to her phone.

    Posted in: Woman arrested for pocketing change given to her by mistake

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    Just another example of Japan not really knowing how to handle mental illness.

    Posted in: Nagoya 'rubbish house' resident may boast mother of all messes

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    These campaigns are largely pointless. Rather than have a dozen old people in hi-vis jackets standing around intersections holding signs requesting that drivers slow down and passengers wear seatbelts etc, for a few days in May, may I suggest that they place hard hitting 'commercials' on TV, sandwiched between the most popular programs each night.

    I saw a woman flying through an orange/red light in a huge people carrier this afternoon with 2 - yes 2 - young children standing up on the passenger seat and leaning forward on the dashboard.

    This woman needs to see what will happen if her luck runs out.

    Old people holding signs won't change this woman's behaviour. There's no excuse for not having some hard hitting, graphic, traffic safety announcements on TV.

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    Confusing the accelerator for the brake is not the main cause of these accidents. The main cause is the car is in drive and not reverse.

    My theory on this is that Japanese people are overly conditioned to reverse parking - yet park nose first almost exclusively at convenience stores.

    When it comes to leaving, people are not used to putting the car into reverse and just automatically select drive.

    Looking backwards the driver doesn't notice motion in the way s/he expects and so gives it more gas and/or panics.

    One solution is for people to mix up how they park in other places ie nose first and reverse parking - which will ensure they have to think more when leaving.

    Another solution is to remove back monitors from the dashboard, as many people no longer physically turn round and look through the back window when reversing - which would be another part of a learned process of putting the car into reverse and not drive.

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    "A huge number of over 65s who are in positions of management, governance, and amakudari are nothing more than poison to the intelligence, personality and creativity of youngsters." - Hollis Brown 4/10/15

    Posted in: Smartphones are nothing more than poison to intelligence, personality and creativity.

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    I live in a small 'city' of just under 30,000, and the city office has 3 official characters. I'd say it beggars belief but considering the other ridiculous wastes of tax money, and ill thought out projects and schemes I've seen in the last 15 years, it really doesn't.

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