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    Microwave or Conventional Oven?

    I've seen anecdotal evidence that when the EU switched to lead free solder in 2006 as part of their RoHS directive, it took a while for a number of manufacturers to adapt to the new solder compositions in use (ie high Tin). The net result was that a number of devices were produced with brittle solder points and high premature failure rates.

    One homebake repair method which gained some popularity among the Xbox 360 geeks was stripping the console down to the motherboard and baking (completely flat) in a conventional oven at above 230-240C. This had the effect of reflowing the solderpoints and often repairing the failed connections.

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    They have fallen after being called upon by their country to try and assist others. Lest We Forget.

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    Those specs look pretty underwhelming. Judging by the wallpaper this isn't a 4.0, or even a 3.1 device, probablly more like a Gingerbread, as it doesn't look like any of the OS's optimed for tablets. Processor type and whether it is a single or dual core is'nt mentioned either.

    It better be cheap, and I mean VERY CHEAP, considering the Kindle Fire is USD$200.

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    The real money is in the maps for these things.

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