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    Keith Tarrier

    It needs to be served at Tepco HQ and the government offices. Let them eat it to set an example if they want the public to eat it.

    Fisherman need to earn a living but public safety corms first. Tough situation for those fisherman.

    Posted in: Iwaki fishermen resume operations off Fukushima for first time since disaster

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    Keith Tarrier


    As well as all the reasons originally put forward for Japan not to build reactors close to the ocean or in low areas, I was informed the original documents on the proposal to build GE reactors was a recommendation for Fukushima NOT to build it in the present location.

    Tepco wanted the site, which was originally be on a bluff 20 meters above sea level. Tepco deemed it too expensive to build on the bluff, so they leveled the site... Leading to the situation they were explicitly warned about. Flooding due to a tsunami.

    When Japan originally asked for nuclear power the US deemed all of Japan not suitable due the regular occupancy of quakes. The standards were lowered by the government and the nuke plants were built, with the general population getting assurance they met Government Standards.


    Indeed liquidat Tepco and this idea was raised soon after the accident when it was evident this was going to be a major problem. Selling off everything of Tepco as an ongoing business would raise billions.

    It would however have to be done by giving very little back to the current shareholders. Basically some kind of bankruptcy sale. When you buy shares in a company this is a risk you take. Taxpayers should not be bailing out the rich or companies too big to fail.

    Tepco and it's distribution network would sell for top dollar as it is a monopoly in one of the largest modern urban areas in the world.

    Posted in: LDP to make proposals on TEPCO; breakup an option

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    Keith Tarrier

    I was told a few years ago fish are labelled from the port where they are landed. China fisherman from the east coast do fish off the coast of Fukishima.

    As someone above said, with no fishin for two years fish stock may have replenished somewhat... A tempting target for other fisherman.

    I think I give up eating fish... Too bad. I like grilled Sanma.

    Posted in: Fishing operations resume off coast of Fukushima

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    Keith Tarrier

    So many products that use to be made in Japan by Japanese companies are now made overseas. Loss of exports and loss of local full time jobs over the past 15 years will be hard to counter with simple Abenomics.

    They certainly need to get the local economy back on track but this may be hard to do with so the ageing population.

    Posted in: Japan faces record-long trade deficit with few signs it can reverse trend

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    Keith Tarrier

    I wonder how my TV shows have asked her to be a guest already?

    Very cool!

    Posted in: Female station attendant subdues violent passenger with judo throw

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    Keith Tarrier


    This idea was out forward 2 months or so after the "accident". Selling off Tepco would raise a huge amount of cash to pay for compensation and cleanup. However Tepco had too many friends in all parts of the government.

    The replacement entity or entities would be much leaner in terms of over bloated management etc. Key staff would need be retained, as in the maintenance workers and such as they should be skilled at their jobs. Power line construction workers etc. Middle to upper management would need a big clean out and no golden handshakes.

    There are plenty of companies in Japan and abroad who would love to snap up Tepco's power generation and distribution network. The assets such as land and holiday resorts or what not they own to be sold to whoever.

    The averge person who owns shares in Tepco... Sorry, that is the gamble you took buying shares. ( I know a couple who have shares).

    The ¥¥¥ Tepco has spread amongst the government goes deep, so I doubt this will happen.

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    Keith Tarrier

    @jay To get tickets you need to go into a lottery, I heard about 7x as many people apply as tickets available to the public. I went in 2010, it was awesome.

    If you are nearby,you can often see the helicopters and planes flying around. I went to Fuji Safari park once and when leaving got to see two Apache Gunships practicing to hide behind hills and pop up etc.

    Posted in: Japan puts troops on display; says SDF role to grow

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    Keith Tarrier

    Hope they bring Australian prices, $5 - $7 a pizza! Serioulsy, their combinesdbulk pirchasing power will hopefully lower prices in Japan.

    Downside is the quality in Australia is lower than Japan. The Domlno's Australia I had in April was terrible!!

    At in English or Japanese you can add or remove toppings from almost all pizzas. I usually use the 'make your own pizza' option to get a pizza just how I like it.

    Posted in: Australia's Domino's Pizza bites into Japan market

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    Keith Tarrier



    Posted in: Japan to reject international shark trade regulations

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    Keith Tarrier

    Just as read this while waiting to cross the road, two trucks sped up ( at the very least 60 - 70 kph) to race through a red light as the other way turned green. Crazy truck drivers are everywhere!!!

    Posted in: Woman, 3-month-old daughter killed in Kagawa traffic accident

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    Keith Tarrier


    The idea makes sense but there are times when a car will need a burst of power and/or acceleration to avoid an accident. Hence a limit about 20% more may be suitable.

    But then again, you are allowed to race your own car on private race tracks. Something many of these owners do.

    Education is the key... But we know nothing will change in that regards.

    Posted in: 10 drivers to be charged over 2011 pileup involving 8 Ferraris and a Lamborghini

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    Keith Tarrier

    I agree with sillygirl. Any parent walking their kids to school would see this. Cars go racing past many schools and daycare centers etc as drivers hurry to run red lights, talk on phones, watch TV on the navi.

    They really need school zones at set times.

    It is 2013, this should have been done 30 years ago.

    Posted in: 74,483 danger spots found on roads around public elementary schools

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    Keith Tarrier

    Can the government gurantee no big quakes, tsunami or other natural disasters?


    But the govt will gurantee more bribes, shoddy inspections and nuclear waste that has nowhere to go.

    Posted in: 54% of cities hosting nuclear plants OK restart: survey

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    Keith Tarrier

    Considering the recent people on death row who were found innocent due to new DNA tests there needs to be some review of the system.

    Posted in: Death row inmates want prior warning instead of being told on day of execution

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    Keith Tarrier

    Abe is a hawk. Here is an idea for him.

    Fly the unArmed drones first. Get China use to them. Slip in some armed drones to pattern, launch a few AGM-114 Hellfires, range 8km. Predator deone can hold up to 14 of them. They only cost $25,000 each. Sink one Chinese ship, deny it all, call their bluff.

    Posted in: Japan considers using U.S. spy drones for marine surveillance


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