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    Knox Harrington

    For Yamashita, who was blinded by his condition, burning the candle at both ends to meet the demands of a high-pressure job was hardly worth the reward.

    Of course it wasn't. They all feel like that when what happened to tens of thousands before them, suddenly happens to themselves. As if it comes as some sort of surprise...

    Japan's work culture is a pretentious one. Working long hours probably felt great when people re-built their contry and things went up, up, up, but those days are gone. The big problem here is that Japan. Cannot. Change.

    No matter how many small steps they take and how many superficial reforms they propose, the mentality feels extremely old fashioned to me. Working like an idiot (ie long hours, not efficiently) is still something that is looked up to. I have talked to young people, who explained their dads come home around midnight from work, and these yong people tell this with some sort of awe and respect in their voices. As if it would be something to be proud of.

    The inertia in this place is what's worst of all.

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    Knox Harrington

    How about providing them with action plan for reforestation and environmental rehabilitation.

    While I think that approach is good, the Japanese have already shown that they don't understand reforestation when planting all those sugi trees, resulting in epidemic hayfever problems of this nation.

    I, too concur with Burning Bush's assertion that this is a way for Japan to make themselves look good on the international stage, while certainly taking care of the big corporations. The electronic firms, and the construction industry will benefit from this.

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    Knox Harrington

    Already in place are sections of the platform illuminated by blue lighting.

    The platform also plays music in an attempt to calm potential jumpers. This strategy has been in place since at least 2011.

    ...large video screens have been installed at the station...

    Japan in a nutshell. Do not deal with the root cause of the problem, instead try to use technology (ie employ domestic companies who benefit from this financially) to make people stop jumping in front of trains.

    Japan is one cold and unforgiving place. I am sure some human touch and somewhere for people to express their feelings and fears would go a long way to reducing these suicides and attempted ones. Not posters, blue lighting and big-ass tv screens with scenes of nature on it.

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    Knox Harrington

    Should have know things were fishy when the guy wrote the woman hugged him. Not in a million years would that happen here.

    Correct. No Japanese people hug. Ever.

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    Knox Harrington

    Murayama, with his statement, has the air of a leader. I'm sure the man loves his country as much as the next guy, but that he also understands the value of speaking honestly and acknowledging that Japan did many wrongs in history. If Japan had more such leaders, I'm sure this wouldn't be such an issue now.

    It is pathetic to see how defensive the Japanese are. It reeks of insecurity and minority complex when the government (and people in general, including commenters here, no less) try to re-write history, and dupe their fellow man into believing in a history that is not accurate. Japan of today is not honest and forthcoming about history and that is why China and Korea pounce on this issue. It is too easy.

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    Knox Harrington

    ...about his attitude toward life.

    Guess they were on to something, huh?

    Japan has some serious issues, let me tell you. People here don't seem to fare all that well, despite the fake smiles and frequent Disneyland visits. In fact, living here as a local seems pretty tough, with all the expectations of conformity and adaptation. As Disillusioned said above, many people, not only kids, snap easily, probaly due to enormous stress.

    This boy obviously had some issues with mental health, and it would have been good if they were dealt with before this tradgedy occured. I witness crappy parenting on a daily basis, and can't say I'm all that surprised that some kids grow up to become mentally ill. Many kids are completely ignored, with both parents, hovering over their ridiculous keitai games instead of communicating. In general, open communication and interaction amongst people here is a damn joke. Only scolding each other leads nowhere...

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    Knox Harrington


    Why cannot some people agree to disagree?

    It's about decency. I used to think the treehuggers and their ilk were ridiculous. As I grew older, I realized it is unfair and unsustainable keeping captives, wheter they are animals or humans. It is simply not the right thing to do. An animal that is used to roam free ought not be confined to a tiny (by compasison) concrete bunker.

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    Knox Harrington

    Also, aquariums, in Japan or elsewhere feel kinda antiquated.

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    Knox Harrington

    Of course they do. Japan is 50 years behind the times, so who is surprised by this?

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    Knox Harrington

    This whole debacle is quite easy: if there are laws in place against this practice of exploiting workers, enforce them. I think one warning would MORE than suffice and these companies should be named as soon as possible. They should have all to lose from being exploitative companies.

    If this so-called government really had any intention of punishing companies that constantly break the law, they would have come down on them like a sumo wrestler, without any warning.

    But they don't.

    Japan is one hell of a corrupt nation with most of ehat is being done merely lip service. Add to that the mentality that corporations are above individuals and you have a nice mix of non-action.

    I find the whole place pathetic and can't wait to leave.

    As the man said: "Good night, and good luck."

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    Knox Harrington

    Reading this kind of news hurts. I just can't believe how the thinking goes when committing such an act of... Evil? There seems to be something here about family that is disturbing to me. If one goes, all should go, if one is guilty, all is guilty etc, all very old- fashioned feeling.

    ...nothing is ever that bad to end it all and kill others.

    Except in Japan, where people kill themselves in droves. I feel the Japanese have a slightly fatalistic, resignated attitude to many things in life, that many times expresses itself in the overuse of shoganai instead of a "can-do" attitude. Quite tragic.

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    Knox Harrington

    What a tasteless, butt-ugly piece of time showing this was. Leave it to a "real estate entrepreneur" to have the money but no taste whatsoever. Wonder if he and his "friend" have the same matching track suits, gold rings and the branded man-bags as well...

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    Knox Harrington

    Fantasy vs. reality. Do Japanese men have any grasp of what's what?

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    Knox Harrington

    I have to say I find the Japanese to be unimaginative, if not rude when being customers. Many people, especially the oyaji, believe they are like a mini-tenno when shopping even the smallest, cheapest thing. That generation is from the "bubble" ages when customers really were king. Some examples of unfriendly (and downright boring gestures) might include: not holding out you hand enough when receiving goods/change, somehow expecting staff to bend over (literally) to give your stuff to you. Not saying hello. Not saying thank you. Going into a tantrum when things are not done the way they'd like.

    I, too used to subscribe to the idea that Japnese customer service was good, buy I'd take the grumpiness/genuine friendliness at home any day over these constant displays of fakeness. A customer who acted like this in any other country would soon be set straight, something I hope the islanders quickly realize when they take the plunge and step outside into thebig, scary world around them.

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    Knox Harrington


    There seem to be an abundance of these sociopaths around here. Only a mentally ill person would even THINK it would be a good idea to hit a baby. This screams educational failure to me, boyh from parents and teachers. Unfortunately, I believe there are a lot of these people in Japan - people who don't really have a grasp of what's right or wrong. I also bet the writing was on the wall in this case, but, considering there are no social services whatsoever operating in Japan, no one gave a hoot. Now they do.

    I feel sick.

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    Knox Harrington

    Does Sony has any clue what it's doing?

    Seems to me they rely too heavily on the old guard (Japan style since the beginning of time). Perhaps it would be a good idea to engage some of the younger, fresher Sony people to get some fresh perspective?

    The days when the bosses at Sony decided what would sell are probably over, since I'm sure, in good, Japanese fashion, there are about a million risk-averse yes-men around, and that mentality is death.

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    Knox Harrington


    Are you saying that, since "any school system" won't tell the absolute truth, we should all just give up and let obvious attempts of history falsification slip through our fingers? Great attitude. Always the same argument with you guys - "The others do it, so we do it."


    Wait no more. As expected, NHK follows what the dear leader has mandated ,and reported nothing about any pesky protests.

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    Knox Harrington

    Japanese people do things together.


    Does nobody resist this? Or are they all so overworked they can't muster the power to say no to this mass hysteria? Me, if I could, I'd take some week off when nobody's around, save some cash and save my sanity. Seeing all these people together makes me want to run away...

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    Knox Harrington

    Just one of Japan's many disturbed, self-entitled old oyaji. This one with a short Fuse as well, it seems, haha...

    Nothing new to see here. Move along.

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    Knox Harrington


    A perfect display of Japanese mentality. O-MO-TE-NA-SHI...

    If the Le Guide had any balls whatsoever, this place would lose its stars immediately. This kind of BS should not be tolerated. Hell, I think I'll write the Guide Michelin and promote this idea.

    Disgusting, archaic, not to mention racist practices like this does not belong anywhere in 2015.

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