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    Kobuta Chan

    Japanese society has changed and crime has been increasing steadily. Japanese Government needs to find the answer. Absolutely, moral education is needed in school and entertainment industries need to stop producing Manga, animation and film which are violence and immoral.

    Now High School girls are more likely prefer to prostitution than working as part time for money for designer bag. Boys are more likely behave anti-social behavior and bad manner than 15 or 20 years ago. We can't blame everything on country bad economy. The children borne from bad parents will be more likely worst than their parent. Forget about civil right and human right for children, Japanese School needs to go back to old school teaching methods and also mental health education should be establish in every School.

    Mental Health in Japan is unchecked and ignorance. Mental health is important for well being for peoples especially for employees at work who are too much stress in work. What kind of son will kill his parent without reason? He must be mentally ill and do not understand he needs to seek professional help from Psychologist or Psychiatrist. Such as tragedy can be prevent if everybody is understand about mental health problem and easy to access to Mental health professional.

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    Kobuta Chan

    Karma comes a little late for British. British had divided and given away other countries' land when they colonized country. Now Scots are about to break away from them. It's called Karma.

    British Government should remember how native Buddhist Jumma peoples of Chittagong Hill Tracts felt about when their land was given away to create new Islamic State East Pakistan (Bangladesh) by British Colony Government. Also I hope British Government will understand how native peoples of Assam and Manipur felt about when British rewarded their land to India as it loyal service to British Colony.

    I’ll support Scottish peoples independent if they wanted.

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    Kobuta Chan

    Tony Abbott was only Federal Politician who stay and volunteer work at remote Aborigine Community every year since he becoming Federal Politician. This is not for show. He went there for to listen Aborigine peoples as he promised.

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    Kobuta Chan

    I hope this time he will not announce he supports ISIS.

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    Kobuta Chan

    Australia, Brazil, Israel, Mexico and New Zealand also signed the protest letter which the EU’s executive Commission said was delivered to the government of Iceland.

    Icelanders can hunt Whales for consumption if they were given permission to hunt Whales by IWC. Now most of Whales are not endangered species.

    I'm anti-abortion and neutral for Whaling. However I do not against abortion of Pregnancy as a result of rape but it should do in early stage of pregnancy.

    Killing unborn child is sin than killing and eating Whale. In those Anti-Whaling Countries, killing unborn child is legal and they don't value child life as much as Whales. If they value their unborn children like they value Whales and then it will save thousands of lives per year.

    Who are the barbaric and who are the civilized? Answer me?

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    Kobuta Chan

    You never should invest where Government is campaigning against nationality instead of protecting property of investors.

    Japan only should invest in Communist China when country becoming true democratic nation.

    With Communist Government, the more you invest the more you get attack from Communist Government. Don't invest your money in unfriendly country. If you see the carrot and then you must also see stick as well.

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    Kobuta Chan

    Murad Gaidarov of Belarus should be banned from competition for life.

    Posted in: Wrestler feared he would go bald after hot water attack

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    Kobuta Chan

    Yahoo should provide users' information to US Government. It's important to tracking down illegal activity of terrorists and drug cartel. We need safer world for peoples. I don't mind if the Yahoo transfers my a/c information to any legitimate Government for security of society.

    Yahoo and others services providers are listening to minority group like civil right but they are ignoring to majority peoples. Civil right, Human right and Green groups are taken less responsible or taken no responsible when the disaster was striking to society.

    Yahoo should provide information what US Government wanted. Prevention is better than cure. Religion extremism terrorists can strike anytime anywhere. If Government knew in advance and then the Law enforcement organization can prevent attack on innocent peace loving peoples.

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    Kobuta Chan

    Some of lawyers in S. Africa think eventually Oscar Pistorius will get away with fully suspended jail sentence or minimum jail sentence for Culpable Homicide. They disagreed with Judge Masipa verdict on Common Law murder charge and they said Oscar Pistorius was definitely guilty for Common Law charge against him.

    The Judge Masipa has totally ignorance family victim suffering and seriousness of crime committed by Oscar Pistorius. The Judge Masipa knew at Oscar Pistorius was guilty for Common Law Murder charge against him. Most surprisingly she believed everything Oscar Pistorius lied to her and court.

    She should be suspended from her duty for this trail and it should be retrial with new Judge.

    Judge Masipa I hope you will retire from Judge duty for sake of future victims of crime.

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    Kobuta Chan

    Japan should be revoked invitation to Vladimir Putin. Putin visiting to Tokyo will be look like Hitler visitng to Japan. Hitler reincarnated with Putin body. If you don't stop Putin now and then the world will regret it later. He initiated with Ukraine and then whole Europe later its Asia neighbors. Putin is only Russia leader who threatening with nuclear weapon to civilized world after cold war era.

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    Kobuta Chan

    I was thinking S. African is 21st century Wild West when I heard Judge Thokozile Masipa read out not guilty verdict for Oscar Pistorius firing gun from his car sunroof in July 2014. Definitely it's guilty for discharging gun in public place. She should be sending back to school. Most regarded Judge in S. Africa was sold out her soul to evil and her name in mud from now.

    He has shot 4 times through the door which someone was behind the door at good point, good range and good position. No one can avoid the bullets which are coming through door and the bullets are spraying across the door. The victim has no where to go inside toilet. Judge Thoozile Masipa knew the accuser was intention to kill someone behind the door. However, Judge Thoozile Masipa has closed her eyes and ears ignore solid evidence of accuser's intention of killing someone behind the door and read out not guilty verdict with conscious mind.

    On the other hand, I can't find any remorse sign in Oscar Pistorius apart from crying, throwing out and choking inside courtroom acting like good actor. Once he was outside the courtroom, he was drinking, dancing, flirting and gun totting at night club. He enjoy full of life even though he killed his girlfriend with gun. Also he does not hesitate to use his gun.

    I don't know whether this kind of guy will go to suicide because of he killed his girlfriend. Oscare Pistorius must be big fan of George Costanza from Jerry Seinfeld show and he is acting exactly like George.

    Obviously, Judge Masipa has made purposefully mistake about not guilty verdict for Common law murder charge against Oscar Pistorius. Judge Masipa will live with that rest of her life. Judge Thokozile Masipa has proved today money can buy freedom in S. Africa. She has ignored and let down justice for Ms. Reeva Steenkamp and all the women who are victims of domestic violent.

    I hope Prosecutor will appeal to Supreme Court for Common Law murder verdict.
    Justice needs to be done for victim and her family.

    Posted in: Legal experts express shock at Pistorius ruling

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    Kobuta Chan

    “Clearly he did not objectively foresee this as a possibility, that he would kill the person behind the door,” Judge Thokozile Masipa said as she later dismissed the lesser charge of common murder.

    Obviously, Oscar Pistorius he had definitely intention of killing person behind the door regardless of Ms. Reeva Steenkamp or whoever. That’s why he fired 4 shots instead of one warning shoot. He should be guilty of at least Common Murder charge even thought he has escaped from guilty of Premeditated Murder charge.

    It's another S. Africa version OJ Simpson murder trail.

    Obviously Ms Reeva Steenkamp went to toilet with her mobile phones because she intends to call closest friend and to open up about argument with Oscar Pistorius. After argument with Oscar Pistorius, Ms. Steenkamp wants to get away from out of control Oscar Pistorius and go to toilet. It irritates him. So he follows her for clear up air but Ms. Steenkamp went into toilet and closed door. It makes him more irritated and shot toilet door when she didn't open the door.

    According to gun shot marks on toilet door, the first shot must be hit on Ms. Steenkamp’s hip in standing position and Oscar Pistorius definitely heard her scream for help after first shot. And then he nervous and finish her off with another 3 bullets in her sitting or kneeling position.

    I believe Oscar Pistorius open fired Ms. Steenkamp just after she closed the door. So Ms. Steenkamp does not have time to use her mobile phone. Otherwise one of her phone will be found with text or calling numbers on screen. I don't think someone will go to toilet with 3 mobile phones when he or she wake-up early in the morning for piss.

    This trial is unjust and unfair to victim and victim’s family. I couldn’t believe my ears when I heard Judge Thokozile Masipa rejected all evidences from Prosecutor’s witnesses (Oscar Pistorius' neighbors) but she accepted and believes what defendant explained to the Court. Look like Judge Thokozile Masipa was fair and unbiased when she read out the verdicts but in reality she was too kind to Oscar Pistorius and biased with defendant. I don’t know the verdicts were base on whether she pity on Oscar Pistorius’ disability or recognized him as S. African’s sport hero.

    Whatever reasons the justice has not been done for victim Ms. Reeva Steenkamp. I’m sorry for Ms. Reeva Steenkamp’s family.

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    Kobuta Chan

    Good for Kei-chan. I hope we have more Tadashi Yanai - san like businessman in Japan.

    I'm very happy for Kei-chan even though he lost in final to better player. I hope he will win major title in 2015.

    Also I hope one of Japanese Companies which doing business with international will sponsor our talented F1 driver Kobayashi Kamui - san. Kamui will win driver championship if he get fast and consistent car. Honda should help Kamui.

    Japanese sportsmen and sportswomen are physically smaller than their rival Europeans and American competitors but their mentality is tough. Kei-chan has proved Japanese are tough opponent for their rival. I hope more Japanese sportsmen and sportswomen will win and success in their field.

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    Kobuta Chan

    As well as saving thousands of lives of children and adults drowning at sea.

    Look at Europe, how many children and adults drown at Mediterranean Sea? Who took responsible for dead of peoples at sea?

    UN and Human Right organizations are responsible death of peoples at sea because they encourage peoples to risk their life.

    If UN and Human Right Organization do not pressure European nations accept all Asylum seekers from Africa and Middle East and then Governments will turn back boats and deport asylum seekers who are not refugees. Peoples won't be risking their life and waste their money if they know they will be deported to their own country as soon as they foot in Europe.

    UN and Human Right organizations are to blame for death of innocent children and adult at sea. Also local host peoples are victims too. They have their civil right and human rights were broken by forcing them to accept non refugee’s strangers in their society.

    UN Refugee Convention charter is out of date and UN Human Right and UNCHR Commissioners must let host country to exercise its own law for Asylum seekers' problems

    Posted in: Australia hails success halting boatpeople

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    Kobuta Chan

    Good for blind peoples. They can go anywhere they like in future. I hope the Company will use up to date correct GPS maps.

    Posted in: Tesla chief says self-driving cars just around corner

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    Kobuta Chan

    Labor opposition leader Bill Shorten said allowing the subs to be built elsewhere could “irresponsibly put our national security at risk as a maritime nation”.

    Bill Shorten is still acting like Union boss. I want to know about why National security risk if Submarine was builds in overseas from Bill Shorten. Australia has just bought second war ship from UK not too long ago. Australia had bought its all fighter jets and Helicopters from US and Europe. Please, explain us Mr. Bill Shorten. I want to hear the reason of national security risks from future Labor PM.

    Japanese build Submarine will only cost half of Australian build under water Orchestra Collin class Submarine. Australia Sub Marine industries do not have technology to build world class Sub Marine. Every time they build Sub Marine or Ship, the Government needs to spend billions of dollars to fix technology and strategy problem in Sub Marine and War ship.

    Collin class Submarine has poor performance history and other ships and Submarine knew their location. So they were called as under water Orchestra and joke about Collin class Submarine.

    Japanese build Soryu Class Submarine has advance technology, quiet and more capability than Collin Class Submarine in combat or reconnaissance duty.

    Every Labor Government projects were budget blown out and cost more than double than first cost analyzed. So buying Soryu class Submarine will save Australian tax payers' money tens of billions dollar and Navy will get better Submarine than building Collin Submarine in Australia.

    I'll say Soryu Class Submarine cost only 1/3 of Collin Class Submarine which builds in Australia because Collin Class Submarine needs to fix technology for strategy and capability problems in Collin Class Submarine.

    If Australia Government bought Soryu Class Submarine and then Government does not need to spend on technology faulty. The Japanese Company will fix at its cost.

    I don't see any national security risk for Australia from overseas build Submarine. Labor is champion of wasting tax payers' money.

    Posted in: Concern growing in Australia over plan to buy Japanese submarines

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    Kobuta Chan

    This S. Korean Government action on the Sankei Shimbun and its bureau chief Cato has proved S. Korea is not democratic nation and no media freedom in its country.

    Posted in: Sankei’s Seoul bureau chief faces charge of libeling Park

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    Kobuta Chan

    Japanese manufacturing industry needs more investing in Japan country side rather than overseas for cheap labors. Our Shima is 5 hrs ferry journey to Sasebo but there's not much manufactures in Sasebo area and so young peoples have to move to Kansai or Kanto for job after they have graduated from High School. So they can't visit often to their parent or their villages. Once our Shima has had population of 5 or 600 but now only left with about 50. The 3 story School building was filling with only 10 or 15 pupils in difference grades. Our last visit to Shima was 12 years ago and found most of homes are empty and some are irreparable stage because no one has living there and even no one has coming back annually and sleep for one night in the house.

    I believe the country folks will happy to take 2/3 wages of their city folks earn in Tokyo and Osaka in their home town rather than moving to city for more money. If they have job in nearest city and then they come back and visit home every weekend. Government needs to create more job opportunity for country folks.

    Also Japanese Company should know about Made in Japan products are more popular than Made in somewhere else or their foreign rival Company's products in developed and developing countries. Japanese Company must do more for country folks and improve quality in their products rather than quantity and profit margin.

    Posted in: Demographic crisis empties out Japan's rural areas

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    Kobuta Chan

    Sometime you need to prepare behind the secure door rather than displaying Hanabi. I don't like confrontation with neighbors and both parties must respect each other.

    There's no doubt about increasing chance of possible full scale war in Asia, East Europe, Middle East and West Africa. Japan or China or S. Korea need to well prepare and develop defensive and offensive war strategy against unforeseen enemy.

    Current Russia leader Putin's madness, reckless and threatening nature will lead to full scale war in East Europe. Putin lead Russia is more threatening to Japan than China.

    American will need Japan its side when full scale war broken out East Europe because US is only power in NATO force. Now US is involving in fighting with ISIS and Taliban in Afghanistan. In Asia- Pacific region, US needs stronger Japanese military to balance Chinese threatening to its small and weak neighbors' territory.

    21st century Japanese Military is for peace and defend peace and stability in Asia-Pacific region rather than threatening and intimidating against its neighbors.

    War mongers will not pity and let Japan because Japanese peoples love peace when war broken out. Japanese Government has responsible for to defend nation and safety of lives of Japanese peoples. Let Government to do what Government has to do with its job.

    Posted in: Japan, U.S. discussing offensive military capability for Tokyo

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    Kobuta Chan

    Whatever Greenhouse gas levels is high or low but we have very nice weather in Melbourne.

    Posted in: Greenhouse gas levels hit new high, says U.N.

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