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    Don't most males grow out of this at 8-9 years old?

    You're being a bit harsh. I don't know any 8 or 9 olds who grope, grab, or otherwise exhibit sexual desire for another person. There's a reason that age group is called "prepubescent."

    The kind of behavior this principal showed is more in line with those of a ham-fisted teenager unable to cope with his emotions. The difference between this principal and most guys is that we eventually learn how to interact with the opposite sex in a mature, respectful manner, knowing full well that not all is meant to be.

    Clearly, Mr. Principal either didn't learn that lesson or suffered a humiliating backslide.

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    but flip flopping isn't a unique phenomenon to conservatives only.

    I never said it was. I'm talking about Trump.

    Re: Trump flip-flopping like a fish out of water gasping for lifegiving air

    Obama said, [sic] his healthcare. . . . yada yada yada . . .

    How do you expect people to have a rational conversation with you if you can't even stay on topic? Obama never said, "Hey, let's give all Americans better access to healthcare," then came back a few months later and said, "Never mind."

    But that's precisely what Trump is doing now. Now, yes, in the world we live in, all politicians have flip-flopped at one time or another in their careers, even Hillary.

    But Trump's wavering on wall is The Wall™ is borderline fraud. The Wall™ is FOUNDATION of his candidacy. He used The Wall™ shamelessly to elicit the kind of pigheaded, xenophobic hootin' and hollerin' that one might expect from an uneducated, white male demographic.

    And he used The Wall™ again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again to "fire up" his base and give him enough populist feel-good momentum in the primaries to overwhelm more moderate GOP candidates.

    All of that came crasing to a halt when it became abundantly clear that his message only resonated with a minority of voters made up largely of pigheaded, xenophobic, hootin' and hollerin', uneducated, white males.

    He flipped his stance on The Wall™ to try an win over moderate GOP voters. Then when his base cried foul, he flopped back to his original assertion. When people called him on it, he said, "I'm thinking about it. Let me get back to you later this week."

    THAT'S flip-flopping and you know it. It's also an obnoxious manipulation of his base.

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    Re: The Wall™ (apologies to Roger Waters)

    but it isn't just a case of political flip flopping for the purpose of pandering or pinning down a contingency for momentary gain.

    Isn't it though?

    From Donald Trump in 2015, when he announced to roars of approval:

    “I will build a great wall — and nobody builds walls better than me, believe me — and I’ll build them very inexpensively. I will build a great, great wall on our southern border, and I will make Mexico pay for that wall. Mark my words.”

    Trump's own website, as of three minutes ago, with very specific terms for compelling Mexico to pay for The Wall™ is unequivocal in his commitment to The Wall.™ It's hasn't been adjusted. It hasn't been amended. T's still there.

    So, is he serious about "rethinking" The Wall™? Or is he just saying it staunch the blood flow from his wounded campaign?

    I'm a firm believer that actions carry greater weight than words, and seeing how he still hasn't laid out a single concrete plan or policy paper to back up his blatant attempt to kiss the heinie's of black American voters, I'm inclined to believe this flip-flop on The Wall™ is just as disingenuous.

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    Sorry, Superlib. That last post from me seemed directed at you. It wasn't. It was for Bass4Funk.

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    Can you share with us a few websites that you know of which meet your requirements?

    I'd be interested as well to see what websites meet your criteria for fairness.

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    Is Japan Today in the pants of Clinton. Only posting negative articles about Trump when shes the thug.

    Yes, because the Clinton campaign reached out to every single ex-pat news website in the world to spread their message, "Clinton good. Trump bad." {rolls eyes in disbelief at how gullible people can be}

    No. Trump's campaign is in the dumper because of Trump. Not because of mass media. Not because the GOP has essentially abandoned him. Not because of anything Clinton has said or done. Trump is struggling because of who he is qualitatively as a person.


    Meanwhile, back in the land of the rational, I beg to differ regarding some posters' efforts to characterize flip-flopping as being the same as changing one's mind. I believe the two are markedly different things.

    Changing one's mind implies that one has put thought into the decision by weighing the pros and cons and coming to an educated conclusion. Also, changing one's mind usually is supported with a defense of that change, an explanation, if you will, of why one made the change in the first place, supported by facts and evidence and a logical presentation of how the facts and evidence factored into the change of heart.

    Conversely, flip-flopping involves an obvious lack of deeper consideration in favor of immediate gains. You know you're dealing with a flip-flopper when that aforementioned explanation coupled with facts and evidence is nonexistent, or, if there at all, is minimalist and vague.

    E.g., Trump's flip-flopping on gun control and abortion.

    Clinton and Obama changed their minds on the wall near San Diego because they processed the arguments made against it and agreed that there were better solutions.

    Trump, on the other hand, is currently flip-flopping on the "Build That Wall"™ cornerstone of his entire campaign, not because he recognized the overwhelming economic, cultural, and diplomatic costs of such a inane project, but rather because he's losing this race, and he's losing "bigly." The deepest consideration Trump has applied to The Wall is what the political fallout will undoubtedly be if he sticks with it. In short, he flip-flopped for political survival.

    And he may yet flip again! That's the problem with flip-floppers: It's never a one-off. It's an unending back-and-forth that reflects precisely the lack of forethought and deep consideration that differentiates it from simply changing one's mind. This week might make an interesting drinking game; everyone takes a sip every time Trump flips on his "Build That Wall"™ crown jewel.

    It's quite the pickle he's put himself into, isn't it? The very populist position he used to force other GOP candidates off the field will be the very same one that forces him to either A) stick to his guns and in all likelihood lose the election, to B) reveal to his supporters that he was a conniving liar throughout the primaries and in all likelihood lose the election.

    I cannot wait for the debates! They're going to be epic!

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    How can you be glad to be a Hillary supporter after watching these latest Youtube segments by H.A. Goodman:

    Because H.A. Goodman is a tabloid journalist of the worst kind.

    I don't tend to put a lot of credence into the opinion of someone who brazen employs click-bait tactics when they put titles on their "articles" that scream "So-and-so Called HIllary a LIAR!!!" Then after you hop into that tantalizing promise of facts, proof, and evidence based journalism, are treated with Mr. Goldman admitting at the the start of his video, "Okay, well, no one actually used the words 'liar,' but they may as well have! Now listen to me rant for the next 15 minutes!"

    That's not journalism. That first-tier hackery.

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    It looks like it'll be President Hillary Clinton. Thanks a lot, Democrats.

    You're more than welcome. Glad to do my part.

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    Pence replied: “Well, what you heard him describe there, in his usual plainspoken, American way, was a mechanism, not a policy.”

    And the bull-puckey meter just went off the chart.

    This isn't flip-flopping. This is the Trump campaign in crisis mode and desperately trying to find a way to put a positive spin on the reality that they have a candidate who simply does not know how or when to shut up.

    Trump is right though. The campaign should just stop and let Trump be Trump. He's wanted that all along, after all.

    Let everyone see Trump Unleashed so the electorate can finally experience the full horror of this uniquely ignorant, bigoted, unqualified train wreck of a candidate.

    Here's what I think will happen before all is said and done. Trump will implode convincingly and comprehensively, Mike Pence will become the new GOP presidential nominee, and Chris Christie will slide into the newly vacated VP spot. Then the GOP will lose for a third consecutive, but final time in the general election, subsequently exploding in an angry red mist, before slowly disipating to the winds of historical "What the hell were they thinking courting racists?" irrelevance.

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    This the most heartbreaking thing I can imagine. The poor parents must be devastated.

    Posted in: Body of child found in river confirmed as that of missing 7-year-old girl

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    If illegals were taking jobs from lawyers and newscasters, they would be screaming the loudest to deport illegals...

    It's a good thing there are plenty of Americans who actually what to do those jobs, isn't it? What an infantile comparision.

    Meanwhile, I don't imagine you'd personally be rushing out to pick fruits and vegetables in the fields and fruit orchards of California as your primary source of income. Guess what? Most Americans don't want to do that kind of labor. And there's the rub. There are two inconvenient truths you and others hopping on the anti-illegal immigration bandwagon consistently ignore:

    1) Very few Americans care to do these physically demanding, but insanely critical jobs that put food in the belly of America.

    2) American agriculture still needs someone to pick the fields. The fruits and veggies certainly aren't going to pick themselves. Since Americans are too proud, arrogant, or conceited to stoop to doing manual (menial?) labor, the argicultual industry has to find workers somewhere.

    Enter the illegal immigrant.

    Conservatives like to gibber like monkeys about how fiscally prudent and aware they are, singing the praises of "Market Forces" as the perfect panacea against the evil Red Menace. Guess what? Illegal immigration is market forces in action. If Americans aren't willing to do the jobs -- which they aren't -- then market forces are going force the industry to seek out labor elsewhere, legal or otherwse.

    Enter the illegal immigrant.

    Nothing astonishes me more than when you folks froth at the mouth over illegal immigation while stuffing your hypocritical faces with the very bounty these folks work their asses of in hot fields for day in and day out.

    Your hypocrisy is as blatant as your "concern" about immigration is a sad, populist ploy to appear as if you give a crap about this country. You don't. You only care about your tiny little corner of it and want to beat, bully, and cattle prod the rest of population into accepting your decidedly fair-skinned vision "Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness."

    Sorry, but America's on to your scam.

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    another reason for a lot of tension between Blacks and illegals.

    And there's yet another bulls#it claim from the GOP, this supposed "tension" between black Americans and illegal immigrants. It doesn't exist.

    But more to the point, it takes enormous cajones for you or anyone to suggest in any seriousness that farm jobs and domestic servant jobs are the exclusive purview of African-Americans.

    Why don't you stop being coy and just say, "Hey, let's get those plantations back open so we can really put them back to work"?

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    Every time an African-American citizen, or any citizen, loses their job to an illegal immigrant, the rights of that American citizen have been violated,”

    Sooooo.... The immediate go-to demographic for filling the predominantly service industry and farm labor jobs that would be vacated if Trump rounds up all the illegal immigrants is . . . African Americans.

    My god. I knew things were grim with the GOP, but I had no idea they were this powerless to get their candidate to shut his poisonous trap.

    Ah, that's because they've given up in this train-wreck of a fool.

    Link: http://www.bbc.com/news/election-us-2016-37191984

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    So what does that say then to a large portion of the Black community that live in high crime areas plagued with crime? 70% come from single family homes, have some of the highest school drop out rate, can't read or write above the 8th grade level and these people vote for the same politicians again and again, so what does that make them?

    What does that make black Americans, you ask? Well, it makes them smart. They're backing the right horse and the facts bear this out.

    In 1940, 60 percent of employed black women worked as domestic servants. Today, that number is down to 2.2 percent, while 60 percent hold white-collar jobs.

    More than 40 percent of black Americans now consider themselves members of the middle class.

    Forty-two percent own their own homes, a figure that rises to 75 percent if we look just at black married couples.

    Black two-parent families earn only 13 percent less than those who are white.

    Almost a third of the black population lives in suburbia.

    In 1963, the median income for black Americans in 2011 dollars was $22,226. In 2013, it was $40,495.

    In 2014, home ownership for black Americans was 42.99%.

    In 1970, black men lived 8.8 years less than white men. In 2013, that gap,was narrowed to 4.8 years.

    In 1965, the infant mortality rate for black Americans was 41.7 per 1000 live births versus 21.5 for whites. By 2013, that rate had dropped to 11.22 for blacks versus 5.07 for whites.

    In 1970, the number of black Americans age 25~29 who had graduated high school was 58.4%. In 2013, that number had improved to 90.3%

    In 1967, the number of blacks age 18~24 attending a degree granting university was only 13%. By 2013, it was 36.4%.

    From 1970 to 2013, black college graduates jumped from 10% to 20.5%.

    From 1965 to 2015, the number of black members of Congress rose from 6 to 48.

    There's even more data to show life has improved qualitatively and quantitatively for black Americans, largely due to the efforts of their elected representatives on the liberal side of the aisle.

    No, America isn't done yet making certain the American dream is possible for everyone, regardless of gender, race, sexual orientation, religion, or political affiliation. We've got a long way to go, but we'll get there, no matter how many wrenches the GOP tries to toss into the works in the form of capricious voter ID laws, Picasso-inspired gerrymandering, and, as we are seeing all too well with this election cycle, unabashed lying through their teeth.

    Trump thinks that words of reconciliation will make everything better between black America and the GOP. But as in most things, it's actions that count. And the GOP has acted like trolls for the better part of 40 years. No one buys this B.S. Is selling. NO one.

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    A glance at a simple map might be the boiled-down infographic you need to be able to wrap your brain around what people have been trying to get you to understand -- for years.

    Let's go with something simple. Find a map of the US during the Civil War. Paint all the states that were in favor of slavery -- i.e., the Confederacy -- in the color red. Then paint all the states that were against slavery (the Union) in blue.

    Now take a typical Red State/Blue State political map of today. Overlay it on top of the Civil War map. The Confederate states largely match up with today's so-call GOP "Red States."

    Political leanings don't lie in the name of the party, but rather in the people. More to the point, political leanings also tend to be very closely related to geography.

    Your continued assertion that today's Democratic Party is the same one that governed the Confederacy relies on the utterly imbecilic presumption that after the war, all those racist Democrats who made up Deep South resistance to desegregation literally packed up their things and moved en mass to the Blue States of the north, but kept their name.

    And THEN -- because this exercise in lunacy isn't yet finished -- those liberal and progressive Republicans who made up the anti-slavery Union, living in places like Vermont, Deleware, New York, New Jersey, all packed up their things and literally relocated to the Deep South -- Georgia, the Carolinas, Texas, Tennessee, Kentucky -- but kept the party name.

    Southern racists move to New York to carry on their work and northern liberals moved to the south where they champion civil liberties to this day.

    That's what you're saying.

    Now, the JT usage policy states very clearly that insulting or disparaging other users is unacceptable. But when users here continue to peddle something so patently absurd as what you're proposing, it's really very, very, very difficult to not call out abject stupidity when it's staring me in the face.

    The Deep South has always been the Deep South, Bass. Racist Americans have always lived in the Deep South. Sure they may have called themselves Democrats once upon a time. But now they call themselves Republicans. The only thing that changed was the name.

    Now, the modern-day GOP is like an Internet domain squatter, trying to squeeze mileage out of what was once a respected name but is now more closely associated with anger, greed, and mean-spirited exceptionalism. Oh, yeah. And racism.

    Are all Republican racist? Not by a long shot. But has the GOP actively courted voters whose lifeblood appears to be undermining civil rights in this country? Absolutely, A brief glance at pushback in affirmative action, laws calling for equal pay, unnecessary voter ID laws, shameless gerrymandering, and a host of other tactics the GOP regularly engages in to suppress the political voices of minority in America are but the tip of the iceberg of the myriad ways the GOP works to make certain non-white males stay in their place.

    It's absolutely no accident at all that Trump's most ardent supporters are uneducated white males. They've got the most to lose if Trump doesn't propel them back to the top of the cultural, social, and economic heap.

    My god! Dare I say it, they might even have to go out and work harder to raise themselves up out of poverty and missed opportunity.

    Oh, shoot. Sorry. That's the line the GOP currently feeds to minorities in America when they dare to complain about institutionalized racism and unfairness. My bad.

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    . . . but the Dems have a longer, deeper history going back before the civil war and that they would try to distort the historical facts is just astounding

    I won't even dignify this silliness with a response.

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    The Democratic party has been a consistent champion in some form or other of civil rights issues since the late 1960s when Republicans led by Richard Nixon tossed traditional GOP supporters of civil rights under the bus in favor of simply winning at all costs. It's widely regarded as the Southern Strategy and one that modern Republicans all but forget when they try to pretend they are in any way, shape, or form the original Party of Lincoln.

    Nixon and the GOP desperately wanted a White House that had been dominated by the Democratic Party since 1933. He and his advisors saw the block of states in the South -- former Confederacy states -- as ripe for enticement into the GOP while Democratic leaders moved further away from decidedly non-inclusive, segregationist policies that were being embraced by the GOP and closer to civil rights reforms that progressives in both parties supported.

    Anyone want to take a guess at what policy platforms Nixon used to appeal to these folks? "states' rights" and "law and order," long-standing staples of Deep South resistance to civil rights.

    So, who, pray tell, might currently be using these very same rallying cries to "fire up" his support base?

    No, the Confederate battle flags outside of Trump rallies are no accident.

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    Hey, I lost count. Are we still going to "build that wall?" and make Mexico pay for it? I'm not sure if that's still on the table.

    Anyone know? Anyone?

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    "[T]he campaign is working on substantive policy to help the undocumented that are here, including some type of status so they would not be deported."

    He shifts his position at a moment's notice and with only one thing in mind: to garner votes. He lies to get votes. My god, how can his supporters stomach this crap?


    [Flip flop. Pivot. Sarcasm] --* "[S]o what else is new? Welcome to the world of politics.....both sides do it, both sides play to their base."*

    Umm... Typically, politicians don't flip-flop so frequently over the course of a single campaign, or, as is the case with Trump, in the course of a single week (or days, even).

    Trump has been fairly consistent in his message, "Immigrants must go!" since the start of his campaign and his message has not wavered a bit.

    Until this week.

    Roughly around the same time he decided he should start caring about black Americans.

    Forty miles away from the nearest predominantly black community.

    Not only is he a pandering, opportunistic liar, but it would appear he's also a coward.

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    Trump has gone bankrupt six times. His voters have no idea about this. He was just fired from the hit show the Apprentice for being a racist. His voters do not know this either. He has bragged about cheating on his wife in his books, his voters do not know this.

    The far more terrifying likelihood is that Trump supporters do know these things and simply do not care.

    Posted in: Trump meets National Hispanic Advisory Council in New York


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