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    I get along with almost everyone, but I have never worked with a more miserable son of a bitch in my life,” Boehner said.

    Wow. That's a pretty damning assessment of Cruz and one that can be entirely believed. Cruz really is a detestable sort of man. But then again, Trump is no slouch in the asshat department, being a bombastic imbecile who believes, among many other jaw-droppingly insane things, that a woman's role in society is to shut up and look pretty.

    I really wish Kasich had gained more traction. He's the only decent human being out of the three still running on the GOP side, by far. A contest between him and either Clinton or Sanders could have potentially been a civil affair. Instead, what's coming up in November is going to be horrific.

    Regardless of who wins the GOP nomination, the Republican Pary is effectively finished after this election cycle. After spending the last 40 years pandering to and cultivating hatred, racism, religious tolerance, and just plain selfish meanness from its constituency, while trying to project this image of a hands-off, "fiscal conservatism" and "small government" (except when championing Christian doctrine, it would seem) political force, it has no one to blame but itself for its impending demise.

    You can't be all things to all people -- particularly when many of those people you're trying to please are jerks to begin with. Those types of folks will inevitably come knocking on your door with an invoice, demanding immediate payment on 40 years of implied promises to normalize hate, racism, and religious intolerance.

    Enter Donald "I'll Be Whatever You Want Me To Be" Trump.

    Good luck, conservative America. You're in for a bumpy ride.

    Posted in: Trump attacks Clinton on gender, risking backlash from women

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    Future serial killer in the making. This guy is ten different kinds of broken. It's truly unfortunate that Japan's mental healthcare system isn't even remotely equipped to to deal with him.

    Posted in: Man arrested on suspicion of killing 10 stray cats

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    Article was written from an anti-Trump perspective.

    Because it's extremely difficult jot to be critical of a supposed presidential contender who speaks in sound bites aimed squarely at an ill-informed, easily swayed subset of voters who couldn't put together an original thought between them.

    Benghazi! Clinton slept! (Truth be damned)

    The economy’s in shambles! (Reality be damned)

    Nuke 'em all! (Consequences be damned)

    Trump is scarcely more articulate or clued in than the homecoming king giving a speech the night before the big game. He's an umbilical who has brilliantly tapped into the mind-staggeringly willful ignorance of a large chunk of the American public. These are the very same people who thought Sarah Palin was a great idea for a VP.

    Yes, I'll just say it: Morons, the lot of them. Which is precisely why the primary delegate system is so important. It's why the electoral college is so important. These structures protect us from the tyranny of the stupid.

    Posted in: Trump struggles to explain his 'America first' foreign policy

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    Mr. Noidall,

    So basically this campaign is telling locals to shut up and keep smiling and keep doing the hula so the money will keep on coming in and going out to outside interests. Very very bad if you ask me.

    With all due respect to the real issues Hawaii faces with tourism, "rich, self-centered mainlanders arrogantly coming over to rent or buy property" isn't a tourism issue. It's a real estate and property issue. And before you rev your "evil outsiders take advantage of poor locals" engine even further, do ask yourself the question who rented or sold that property to The Arrogant Mainlander in the first place? The answer is obvious: it was extremely likely to be a Hawaiian.

    As for the tipping issue, it's not just Japanese tourists who don't tip. South Korea, Singapore, China, Malaysia -- none of these countries have a tipping culture. Or perhaps you think tipping is something more civilized, decidedly Caucasian cultures are better attuned to? Well, clearly that's not the case, since neither Australia, New Zealand, Belgium, Denmark, Sweden, Switzerland, nor Spain -- just to name a few -- engage in a custom I like to call, "Aristocrat for a Day." Tipping is an obnoxious American custom that needs to die a horrible, painful death. But to put the blame for failure to tip on tourists rather than where the blame squarely belongs -- American culture -- is absurd.

    Posted in: Agency to Hawaii residents: Don't hate tourists

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    Yeah, pretty scary drop footage. That section completely obliterated the top sections of the concrete pillars that were supposed to support it. I can't even fathom what it would be like to see 1,350 tons of steel falling down on me.

    Link: CCTV footage of section falling

    Posted in: 2 killed as bridge beam falls at construction site in western Japan

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    I guarantee you it's the exact same person or persons doing all of these killings. Find them and end them and this will stop.

    Posted in: University professor hacked to death in Bangladesh

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    Harriet Tubman is definitely not the first woman on currency in 100 years.

    The last woman on paper currency was Martha Washington who was depicted on a $1 silver certificate from 1891 to 1896. So, one, there hasn't been a woman depicted on paper currency in 120 years, not 100. Also, I think the author is mistaken assuming the word "currency" means the paper variety exclusively, which it doesn't.

    In any case, it's pretty cool when US currency is allowed to live and breathe, just like our body of laws, to provide an ever-changing tribute to those who have contributed to making American a better place for everyone, not just wealthy, white slave owners who, while instrumental in helping build the foundations of America, were not and are not the last word on progress and change for this country.

    Bravo to the Treasury for a long overdue nod of acknowledgment to both women and African-Americans who have done more and given more towards making this country great than certain Southwest farmers can ever hope to achieve.

    I don't see 100 years having to pass before someone like Caitlyn Jenner earns a spot on US currency as well.

    Posted in: Historic makeover: Harriet Tubman to be face on U.S. $20 bill

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    some of his political adversaries and some World War II veterans could take it as tantamount to an apology for the attack.

    Which would make those political adversaries and those WWII vets infantile, whining children. A visit does not constitute an apology, and to suggest refusing to visit Japan is tantamount to folding ones arms and pouting in a corner. Not to mention making it look an awful lot like one is wrestling with a guilty conscience.

    Do I believe Obama or any US president for that matter should apologies for the atomic bombings? Not even remotely. The revisionist historical perspective of Imperial Japan being a grossly overwhelmed and outclassed adversary on the verge of collapse within months of he actual bombings is fanciful at best when placed against the backdrop of how determined Japan actually was to fight to the last man, woman, and child, if need be, in defense of the home islands from invasion or unconditional surrender.

    Do I believe Obama or any US president could make a powerful and mean full contribution to efforts towards denuclearization by going to Hiroshima and saying, "Yeah, nuclear weapons are horrible. Let's not do this again. And while we're at it, let's not use war as a way to solve our disagreements." Absolutely.

    He should go and pay his respects to those killed. But anyone expecting or waiting for an apology of any sort is delusional.

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    "Diligent looking" = Kids smaller than themselves.

    I hate bullies.

    Posted in: 2 boys arrested for alleged extortion of high school students

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    This "Don't blame the victim" mentality is moronic...

    Teaching people to not only fear precisely one half of the general population, but also to effectively run away in fear is what's moronic in a society based on law and order, which is what Japan is.

    Exhorting women to hide from men and avoid being alone with them when in public places like an elevator or train delivers a broader message that society has essentially given up and admits sexual assault is an unavoidable norm.

    It's not.

    Telling would-be assailants that society has simply accepted that they are a natural part of life in public spaces.

    They aren't.

    Implicitly stating that any women traveling in a public space unescorted is effectively inviting sexual assault.

    She's not.

    be more aware of their surroundings ,or what have you. Being cautious not to become a victim is the best course of action.

    Yes, this is a great piece of advice. But it's an absurdly far cry from, "Don't share an elevator with men."

    The Osaka Police tweet is the effective equivalent of, "Look at your gender. You're asking for it."

    That's not any part of a solution. It's part of the problem.

    Posted in: Backlash as Japanese police tweet warns women to not ride elevators alone with men

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    This suggestion from the Osaka PD is typical for establishment thinking in Japan: Don't address the specific unwanted behavior, but rather adopt a scorched-earth approach wherein the innocent are caught up in the ensuing destruction.

    Gropers on the train? Create separate "Women Only" cars, effectively announcing open season on any woman who chooses not to ride in one.

    Accident on escalators? Nobody should walk up or down escalators any more.

    Sexually assaulted on an elevator? Don't take the elevators anymore if a potential attacker (i.e., "anyone." really) is also riding the elevators with you.

    How about addressing the actual behavior? How about galvanizing society behind the entirely reasonable idea that it's not okay to sexually assault women anywhere? Or how about getting society behind the entirely reasonable idea that rape and assault are not valid forms of entertainment in games, books, and film?

    Posted in: Backlash as Japanese police tweet warns women to not ride elevators alone with men

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    Another irresponsible, and inaccurate, piece of reporting regarding the Democratic contest.

    Clearly not, since Clinton took 58.4% of the vote to win in New York. But with 68% of precincts reporting, we've apparently learned that the 755,705 New Yorkers who voted for Clinton also have side jobs with media companies.

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    The mean comments, here, are the ones that say how people who are complaining wouldn't deserve any supplies. This is cruel.

    No, what's cruel is to hold humanitarian aid hostage to your and others' obvious political bias against the Osprey and the U.S. Military in general. From your home in Italy. That's cruel.

    The public's presumed "fear" of the Osprey is a direct result of biased, deliberately slanted media -- I can't say news, because it isn't news when it's so obviously political in nature -- media reports that grossly exaggerated the so-called unsafe nature of the Osprey in direct contradiction with the facts.

    Blind, stupid fear is still blind and stupid.

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    You made a comment that, "Dem is not interested by Socialists or Communist voters," implying that Sanders was a Socialist or Communist candidate. He's not.

    You also seem to think his supporters can be characterized as "Socialist" and "Communists." They aren't. They're traditionally Democratic voters, along with a large representation of Independents and quite a few Republicans as well.

    It's not about you or I liking Sanders or not. It's about you and others mistakenly claiming anyone is a Socialist or Communist.

    Posted in: Clinton, Trump seek to quieten critics in New York primaries

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    man has only been around for the last few thousand years.

    More like 50,000 to 100,000 years, but why quibble?

    Posted in: U.N. says record 155 countries to sign climate agreement

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    I wonder how long it took to get this answer, from just how many leading questions.

    Honestly, some of the mass media coverage of the quake from reporters on the ground has been shameless and tacky, to say the least.

    I've seen examples of idiocy from reporters standing with a collapsed buildings as a backdrop and zooming instead on a simple toppled scooter as evidence of the "power and violence of the quake."

    Or having the camera follow an empty cardboard box blowing along the street and declaring ominously, "Look!! It's a box of XYZ Brand spinach just blowing in the wind! This quake spared no one and nothing!"

    These camera crews are chasing down people at the shelters asking them asinine questions like, "How are you? Is it tough living in a shelter?"

    Of course it's tough, you morons.

    On one channel, some ass of a reporter jammed a mic and camera into the face of an unsuspecting young mother resting calmly on a concrete bench outside of a shelter, trying to keep her 3-year-old child warm and comfortable, and he harangued and harassed her with leading questions about how hard losing their home must be for her daughter until the mom eventually broke down in tears. Then the reporter pressed, "Ah, I can see this is very hard for you. What will you do? How will you and your child cope? What *will you do?!"* He then kept it up until the the mother was openly weeping and had to turn away from the camera out of embarrassment.

    Then the tool turns back to the camera to report on the "distress people must be experiencing," when he was, in fact, the present cause of this young mother's distress.

    Like I said, shameless and tacky.

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    Some critics believe the Ospreys are being used in the relief operations to demonstrate the close alliance between Japan and the United States, and allay safety concerns about the aircraft.

    Yes, of course they are. And what of it? What better way to demonstrate the benefit of an alliance between Japan and the United States than to actual see the fruits of such an alliance?

    It's almost as if critics of the US/Japan security alliance are depressed that the US is there to help. After all, what are a few preventable deaths when a political message needs to be delivered, right?

    You can be damned certain that if the US hadn't offered to help, these same critics would have been shrieking like banshees about how useless the alliance is if an ally doesn't help when times are darkest.

    Infantile, myopic asses, many of these "critics."

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    I'm in all likelihood going to vote for Clinton, but I also have nothing but respect and admiration for Bernie Sanders.

    He's not a Communist. Not even a little bit. That's a childish and intentional distortion of his ideas about not screwing the middle class that conservative opponents have seized upon to demise him. Sadly, just enough Americans are ignorant enough of what true communism is that they believe the propaganda from the American political right. In fact, it's that ignorance the the Right counts upon in order the erode support for Sanders and his platform.

    As far as being a Socialist is concerned, Sanders doesn't really fit the common perception (or misperception, to be more accurate) either. He's a Democratic Socialist who has never really advocated a flat redistribution of wealth in America. Rather, he has always championed fairness in how Americans are able to pursue the American dream. He advocates a revision of the tax code that effectively prevents the wealthy from hiding their wealth via loopholes from legal -- and fair -- taxation that will benefit the very social structure that allowed them to amass their wealth in the first place.

    Sanders is a good man and has some wonderful ideas and it is not fair or accurate to demonize him as some sort of Communist in the vein of Stalin or Socialist in the vein of Mussolini. He is neither.

    Posted in: Clinton, Trump seek to quieten critics in New York primaries

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    It may not have been considered a particularly high risk area by some, but they have been proven wrong.

    No, it was considered a relatively low-risk area by most, including the Japanese Meteorological Agency.

    Dude, just stop. You wanted to be snarky about people hit by a tragedy, and it's been pointed out -- nicely -- that you're mistaken in several ways. I'm not sure what compels you to want to kick the people of Kumamoto when they're already down, but it's pretty weak.

    Posted in: U.S. military to help rescue quake victims as landslide threat grows

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    My bugout bag has a 3-day supply of food and drinking water for a family of 3, a first aid kit with antibiotic ointments, pain/fever relievers, anti-nausea meds, and assorted bandages, thermal blankets, toilet basics, assorted tools, water purification tabs, cooking tools (including a mini-butane stove and two gas canisters, batteries, a wind-up radio, a flashlight and a small lantern, and a travel edition of Othello.

    It weights in at a grunt-inducing 13kg, but it's got wheels in addition to backpack capability. Hope I never need it.

    Posted in: Do you have an emergency survival kit for use in the event of an earthquake or some other natural disaster? If so, what is in it?


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