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    The GOP convention has turned into a modern day version of a Hitler youth rally. The GOP has sold its soul to lunatics and fear-addled children masquerading as grown-ups.

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    We should refrain from the pc and point our fingers @ religion.


    No, we shouldn't point our fingers at religion. And that's not because I'm being PC. It's because I don't view the world as if I were a myopic 7-year-old child.

    This bigoted, ignorant "radical Islam" drumbeat of your isn't going to catch on, champ, no matter how long you pound it. You give ISIS far more credit than it deserves. That bunch of maladjusted sociopaths does not represent Islam in any appreciable degree, any more than the Ku Klux Klan, Army of God, or Robert Lewis Dear represent the whole of Christianity.

    The a-holes who make up ISIS are anarchists, at best. Their violent, barbaric to sow chaos gym targeting of civilians from any country, Christian, secular, or Muslim, is testament enough to that simple truth.

    To try to pin their lunacy on the whole of Islam is short-sighted intellectual laziness of the worst kind.

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    So even if hate speech is protected by the first amendment when liberals spew it, it's acceptable, but when a conservative does it FREE speech doesn't apply and this is why liberals are so ruthlessly dangerous.

    Please, Bass. Provide some concrete evidence of this "hate speech" so-called liberals supposedly spew. Should be easy, since you've implied it's prolific. Go ahead. Anything from the last month. Oh, heck. I'll give you past year. Please post a link from a reputable source and or some politically extreme virtual rag from either the left or the right.

    And please let that evidence be something that demonstrates conclusively you actually possess a basic understanding of the difference between "hate speech" (speech that offends, threatens, or insults groups, based on race, color, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, or disability) and speech that expresses hatred for an individual just for being him/her, like, say, George W. Bush.

    Please. For the love of Pete, please tell me that you, a self-avowed journalist, actually understand the distinction and realize lambasting GW Bush for being a woefully inadequate president isn't the same as labeling all Muslims terrorists, or referring to women as dogs, or mocking a reporter's disability as the punchline to a joke in front of your supporters (Yeah, Trump still did that, and yeah, you still think he's a swell guy, despite it).

    Proof, please. Let's see this deluge of liberal "hate speech" you insist is rampant.

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    When I come up against a cop...

    There's a fundamental problem when you choose to use a word like, "against"to describe interaction with a police officer. That's not something that should ever be okay.

    ...But some people want to be hardheaded and it's those kind of people that end up getting shot. Bottomline never give a cop an excuse to do anything, that's how I was taught, my siblings and how I teach my kids and none of us EVER had a problem with the police.

    So, it's not respect that's at work here. It's fear. We should fear our police force. What a lovely way to go through life in the Land of the Free.

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    Shouldn't, but it happens all the time, everyday and all around the world.

    You may be content with this status quo, but I'm not, nor are those people who make up BLM (many of whom are not black, I should point out). And we aren't the rest of the world. We're the United States of America. We seem to have no problem reminding the broader international community that we're a bastion of freedom and protector of civil liberties. Yes somehow, we express hesitance to champion our own citizens.

    We owe it to ourselves and to the men and women who wear a police uniform -- all of them someone's mother, father, sibling, friend, or neighbor -- a better accounting for police abuses of authority. Police need significantly better training and improved tools to prepare them for, at minimum, people who mouth off.

    And they need oversight. Real, effective, potent, and just oversight.

    To simply say, "Hey, it happens. Deal with it," is unacceptable. That kind of complacent indifference is precisely why BLM protesters are rightfully fed up.

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    that doesn't give any suspect the right to mouth off at a cop.

    Bass, the police are not our keepers. The relationship is not one of master and servant. The goal of police is to enforce the law, and not, as you would have it, enforce compliance to demands that can often be based on unlawful criteria, like mood, bias, and generally asshattedness.

    However it is not about -- and never should be about - the forcing compliance for the sake of compliance.

    If a police officer loses his $#!t because someone "mouths off" to him or her, then that officer needs to find a new line of work.

    If you are told to do something, just do it and take any necessary legal actions afterward, but trying to stand toe to toe with a cop, you're not going to win and if you push it, you could put yourself in serious danger.

    To suggest in any seriousness that the general public should just shut up, toe the line, and sort out having their civil rights violated later through a lawyer, much less accept that simply arguing with a cop should be something one can reasonably expect to be hurt or killed for is absolutely, eff-ing horrific.

    That's not a police force. That's an occupying army.

    What absolutely baffles me is that you can, in one breath, defend gun ownership in America as a sacrosanct 2nd amendment Right to protect the public from government tyranny, but in another, find no irony or contradiction in your eagerness to hand over to police all the power necessary for that very same government tyranny to flourish unchecked.

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    Any immigration by Muslims entering the US has to be dependent on the renunciation of the Muslim faith. It is that simple......

    Sooooo, you're advocating for an American caliphate then? Wow. What an invigorating celebration of the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights! You're an inspiration, sir! (rolls eyes)

    Posted in: Kerry says U.S. will take 10,000 Syrian refugees this fiscal year

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    I think the current president is the most divisive leader in my lifetime.

    The division you speak of exists only in the minds of those who have nursed a hatred for Obama from the moment he won his first term in office. That hatred is rooted in no small way in the color of his skin. No one is fooled by vociferous claims to the contrary.

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    I'm talking about NOW, today, this time era, this year, this month, it's 39.9%

    Nope. Again, you're mistaken. The top FEDERAL corporate tax rate is 35% and has been since 1993. It has not changed in 23 years.

    There is no"But..." There is no, ""What about...?"*

    The top federal corporate tax rate is 35% and has been since 1993. It has not changed in 23 years. Period.

    The 39.9% you're quoting is a result of adding in the average state corporate tax rate.

    As a self-proclaimed Libertarian (a tenuous association, at best), you should be celebrating that states like Iowa, where the corporate tax rate is 12%, or Pennsylvania, Minnesota, Illinois, and Alaska, the next four states with the highest corporate tax rates, have decided to buck federal government "meddling" and chart their own course with additional tax rates their state legislatures legally and fairly decided upon.

    Or perhaps you'd rather celebrate states like Nevada, Ohio, Texas, Washington, South Dakota and Wyoming where there are no state corporate taxes?

    But if you hate the 39.9% corporate tax rate, then hate on the relevant state legislatures that chose to add more taxes on top of a 23-year-old federal rate, shout for joy for those states that didn't, and stop misrepresenting the truth in order to unreasonably foist blame on Obama.


    for all of [Obama's] bravado . . .

    Bravado? "“You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means."


a :  blustering swaggering conduct
 1b :  a pretense of bravery
:  the quality or state of being foolhardy

    This sounds like Trump, to be perfectly honest. But for you, Trump's bluster, arrogance, dismissiveness, and his cavalier attitude towards walling off our borders and banning Muslims is simply "straight talking." Funny how easily people color their perceptions when it suits them.


    But thankful at least Comey raked Hillary for all the public to know that she's a habitual liar.

    Again with your bizarre propensity to reimagine reality.

    Comey raked Hillary and her staff for exercising poor judgement, but absolutely not for lying. In response to a specific question about whether or not Clinton lied to the FBI, he answered that she did not. When asked if she lied to Congress, he said he had not be asked to investigate that. When asked if she lied to the American people, he said he was not qualified to makes that judgement.

    What else do you want?

    Read more: http://www.politico.com/blogs/james-comey-testimony/2016/07/james-comey-clinton-not-lie-fbi-225212#ixzz4ELMF0Rcl

    And now, you and your fellow sufferers of Acute Clintonus Nervosa are frothing at the mouth that Comey, a died-in-the-wool Republican, dared do his job and execute his professional judgment that Clinton not be prosecuted. You guys are ready to label him traitor to the cause and brand him as corrupt to the core. Seriously, there is no depth to which you guys will sink, including tossing your own under the bus for not towing the political line. ________________________________________________________________.

    BTW, you can continue to rage against Obama's intelligence all you want, but no reasonable person is going to buy into this narrative you're trying to sell that mediocrity is good, that willful ignorance is good, that being just plain stupid is good. None of these things are admirable or desirable traits in our political leadership and they shouldn't be characterized as some sort of victory for the Everyman manifested in Trump's ascendency. They aren't.

    Elevating mediocrity, ignorance, and stupidity to the level of virtuous only weakens the civic fabric of America as a whole. We should aspire to something better. And casting aside common sense and integrity in order to force yourself to love Trump because he's all that stands between Clinton and the White House helps no one but Trump.

    If Obama's intelligence threatens you in a way that compels you to ridicule it and question it at every turn, perhaps you should be looking inwards towards whatever deep-seated insecurities you're wrestling with when confronted by someone who is, in fact and deed, smarter than most people around you.

    Posted in: Sanders finally endorses Clinton

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    with this outrageous tax rate, big business will never be booming again.... With the highest tax rate in the modernized nation, you would have to be a fool to even want to start a corporation in the States.

    You're spreading disingenous bull-puckey, Bass. A big, steaming, stinky pile of it, as well. The top corporate tax rate in the United States is 35% and has been since 1993 when Bill Clinton became president. The highest the US federal corporate tax rate has ever been was 58.8% in the buildup towards the Vietnam War under Lyndon B. Johnson in 1968-69.

    The rate then dropped down to an average of 48% during Carter's administration, then 46% during the end of Carter's and start of Reagan's adminstrations.

    It then dropped even further to 34% during Bush Sr.'s adminstration, before popping up a single percentage point to 35%, again, under Clinton, where it has remained solidly to this very day. Twenty-three years.

    Business boomed pretty damned well during the Clinton years and into the Bush years before 9/11, the longest war in American history and Lehman Brothers/Goldman Sachs/Wallstreet amoral greed and economic depravity knocked much of the wind out of America's economic sails.

    The US economy is in a hell of a lot better place than it was at the end or 2008 and you know it, I know it, and so does everyone else who isn't living in that bubble we keep hearing about of late.

    To claim that the current 35% rate is somehow suffocating corporate America, much less is somehow Obama's "fault," is a load of unsupported gobbledygook.



    have no doubt she is the coming president,though

    I don’t think they can do enough fraud to get her elected.

    So, which is it? You have no doubt she'll be president or there's no way "they" could pull strings to make her president?

    Your cognitive dissonance is showing again.

    Posted in: Sanders finally endorses Clinton

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    why Americans need a “law and order” candidate like Trump.

    So Trump is now a "law and order" candidate?! BWAH-HA-Ha-ha-ha!! It just never stops, the myriad ways in which Trump and his campaign staff can twist, turn, and contort to be whatever will get them fast votes, no matter how ridiculously untrue their portrayal actually is.

    Trump isn't a law and order candidate.

    He isn't a constitution candidate.

    He isn't a LGBT candidate.

    He's not even a GOP candidate.

    He's in this for Trump, an Trump alone.

    Posted in: Trump and Christie join forces to attack Obama, Clinton

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    the overbearing yet incompetent police state that the US has become.

    This use of both hyperbole is certainly a crowd pleaser, but the US is most definitely not a police state.

    East Germany. Nazi-occupied Poland, Taisho Era Japan, Augusto Pinochet's Chile from 1973 to 1990 -- Now those are what a real police state would look like.

    A little perspective is in order here.

    Also, police forces across the US may very well be wrestling with racism and trigger-happiness among their ranks, but "incompetence?" That's probably the last word anyone reasonable would use to describe major police departments that have budgets that surpass that of some small countries. Very well armed, very well trained, and now in post-911 American, probably the most well funded they've ever been. Of the thousands of police departments across the US, most deliver what they are trained to.

    Interestingly, we often see folks here on JT tossing around the diminutive, "Keystone Cops" to describe efforts of the Japanese National Police Agency, entirely missing the irony that the very same police in their home countries they hold up as paragons to which the NPA should aspire are also the same police they regularly demonize.

    The Japanese police force, a national one, is the product of what Japanese society requires it to be. And that has not, up until this point, required the kind of militarization American police forces have undergone in response to very legitimate concerns and threats since the late 90s.

    A proactive approach for Japan is certainly prudent, but I think on a deep level, many Japanese ask themselves the question, "Is adopting strict security protocols that will disrupt the relative peace and efficiency our society really worth it?" Many would say no -- case in point, rejection of better security measures to prevent a recurrence of the Shinkansen fire last year.

    Posted in: Will IS militants target Japan next?

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    where was the car parked? If on a 'hard shoulder' as we call it in the UK then the lorries had no right to driving down there.

    The Shin-Meishi Expressway is a four lane highway -- two going in one direction, two going in the other -- separated in the middle in most places by either a high concrete barrier or a strip of land and high concrete barriers. The barrier side has no shoulder, however, there is what you'd call a hard shoulder on the left-hand side of the left-most lane. About 3 meters deep (wide), it can easily accommodate a passenger vehicle without impeding traffic.

    So, yeah. Good question. Where were these trucks driving that this woman got hit? Four times?

    Or another question might be, where was this woman walking in relation to the shoulder that it was so easy for four big rigs to hit run over her in rapid succession?

    Posted in: Woman dies after being hit by 4 trucks on Shiga expressway

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    Seriously, the GOP has a pathologically sick and debilitating hatred for Clinton that is so pervasive as to compel them to give a one-fingered salute to the Federal Bureau of Investigation and forge ahead with their own (cough!) "investigation."

    Pathetic and sad, this whole sordid spiral into madness that is the GOP.

    I'm glad my grandmother, a staunch Republican to her dying day, didn't live to see her party devolve into this this ragtag band of dysfunctional misfits that still fancy themselves a legitimate voice for Americans.

    Posted in: Republicans to Clinton: Email investigations will go on

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    Mr. Noidall,

    Would you let her out to near-certain death?

    If she's screaming and cursing to get out, then yes. She's an adult; the guy's not a prison guard.

    No, you wouldn't let a person out, not on the Shin-Meishi at 10:00 at night, no matter how much screaming and cursing he or she did. Unless you were in imbecile or didn't care whether she got killed or not.

    To let someone out of a stopped vehicle on a very well travelled expressway where traffic is moving in excess of 100kph at night is for all intents a death sentence.

    No, you don't let them out.


    Peter Qinghai,

    If she got out at highway speed, the landing did a significant number on her.

    While not explicitly stated, it can be inferred from the article with a high degree of confidence that the woman did not step out of a moving car on the Shin-Meishi Expressway and continue walking along it. Clearly, the car was at a rest when she stepped out and walked away for some as-yet unknown reason.

    Posted in: Woman dies after being hit by 4 trucks on Shiga expressway

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    Jonathan Prin,

    I am fed up to tell people what marriage is: in my country it is with intent to have kids. Period.

    So, if a couple were to adopt, then they would be meeting your definition of marriage, yes? Or perhaps not. My parents were married for 36 years and had 9 adopted children because they could have children naturally. Are you suggesting their marriage wasn't a marriage because they didn't "have" children? Because that would be absurd.

    Let's just be straight here (yes, pun intended). I doubt very sincerely that marriage in your country is solely about having children. Also, unless I'm mistaken, Japan isn't your country. So the Japanese probably don't give two peanuts about how fed up you are.

    People marry for a broad variety of reasons, but having children -- or more accurately, creating a family -- is only a piece of the greater whole. Economic partnership is one possible reason. Political partnerships were the bread and butter of diplomacy and social cohesion in many parts of the world for millennia. But modern marriage, at least for us common plebes, is more firmly rooted in idea about love and companionship, and not, as you would have it, a primal imperative to procreate.

    If being in a marriage based on love or companionship isn't your particular marital raison d'être, great for you. But please don't project your desire to simply exist as a breeding factory onto other people's far more diverse motivations for getting married.

    Gays, Lesbians, Bisexuals, and Transgendered people can and do forge lifelong commitments with a partner in order to create families, although LGBT couples still struggle today to see their desire to adopt children supported socially and legally. However, LGBT people also create lifelong bonds out of love love and desire for companionship too. Or for economic benefits. Or for political expediency. Or for a host of other reasons. Just like heterosexual couples do and have done since before humanity could put pen to papyrus. To claim they don't or that they are incapable of doing so belies profound ignorance on your part.

    Bravo to the people of Naha for taking this positive step towards creating a society that meets the needs of all of its citizens and not just those of an intractable subset of the majority.

    Article Unavailable

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    No country that flies into hysterics when their leader is criticized can be expected to have a long or sustainable future.

    Sadly, North Korea has defied this reasoning in a way now nonexistent East Germany, Tibet, and even the Soviet Union were unable to do. I agree, but they really seem bent on dragging the inevitable out for as long as possible.

    actually a "war" would be preferable to wipe their leadership off the planet and free their population from decades of Animal Farm

    I don't think the people of Seoul would agree with that assessment, particularly since they would take the brunt of the opening salvo. Also, I can assure you that North Korean leadership would not be the portion of the population doing the front-line fighting. As is the case with most tyrannies, it usually isn't the leadership that bleeds for the nation.

    Posted in: N. Korea says US sanctions on leader 'a declaration of war'

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    We should aim to overthrow the government and break the country up into manageable pieces.

    No, that couldn't possibly end badly (rolls eyes).

    Japan have a habit of using home turf advantage . . .

    Precisely. It's a lot easer to protect your territory when, well, it's yours.

    The salient truth that has to stay at the forefront of this discussion is that China never cared a whit about the Senkakus until the possibility of natural resources was suggested in the early 70s.

    Then suddenly it was a empassioned defense of the motherland, Chinese sovereignty, and Chinese pride in the face of humiliating during the Sino-Japanese War some 7 decades ago.

    China's intentions and recent acts are entirely transparent and self-serving, not to mention outside the norms of international law.

    Posted in: China criticizes Japan over "dangerous" jet scramble

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    This argument that Japan's DUI laws are authoritarian or draconian is absurd. They are designed as a conditioned and entirely logical response to people still drinking, driving and then hurting people.

    I lost a brother when I was 5 to a drunk driver. The asshat swore in court that he didn't think he had that much to drink -- even though his BAC was in the range of 0.2.

    In any given group of drinkers, there are always going to be those who brag about being having a higher threshold to the effects of alcohol because of weight, DNA, acclimation due to wild college years, insert-cockamamie-rationalization-here. It's from these people that you'll find the majority that end up getting behind the wheel and hurting or killing someone.

    Give drinkers a BAC limit of 0.05 and there are bound to be those who will push it to the 0.08 point, then drive. Make the limit 0.08, as it is in many US states, and there will be a significant number of drinkers who will push it to 0.1. Make it 0.1, and you find drivers weaving along the roads with a 0.15 level in their bloodstream.

    Alcohol by its very nature impedes sound judgement, and since alcohol can and usually does magnify the hubris that would cause a person to drink and subsequently think, "Nope, I won't be the one to smash this 2-ton flying projectile of plastic, glass, and steel into someone else," laws -- wait, let's call them "clubhouse rules," if that makes some of you feel less stung by the legal implications -- need to be put in place to protect the greater whole of society -- and not, as some would tell it, to fatten state coffers.

    Remember these three points:

    One, it's not all about you.

    Two, DUI is not a civil right.

    Three, Japan is a zero-tolerance society. Deal with it. Can't get your drink on without having to travel far? Take a train. Take a cab. Take some of your friend's time by calling for a ride. Heck, take an invigorating walk. Might do you some good. But don't ever drive after drinking. And please stop whining about the grown ups expecting you to comply.

    If, upon deeper consideration of the law and the wholly reasonable reasonable points above, you still find they are too much of an ask, please also consider the very real possibility you're wrestling with an unaddressed alcohol dependency issue.

    Posted in: U.S. airman arrested for alleged drunk driving on Okinawa

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    IS this going to be repeated here for every incident that occurs from now on

    No kidding. I'm of the same mind that likening every DUI, shoplifting incident, and fender bender that occurs over the next several of months -- or likely years -- with with rape and murder in order to press a political point is more than a bit tacky . . . bordering on offensive to the actual vicitms of rape or murder.

    Yes, US troops incapable of refraining from drunk driving should be held fully accountable. But it comes nowhere near being a murderer. It's not just a little bit irritating to see so-called activists try to play it off as if it was.

    Posted in: U.S. airman arrested for alleged drunk driving on Okinawa


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