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    I look at the issues and solutions.

    I'm a U.S. citizen and that is all. I oppose the vast majority of Trump's so-called "solutions" because on the face of them, they stand in direct opposition of everything I know and believe.

    Closing U.S. borders to immigrants and visitors based solely on religion? Nope.

    Making torture something the U.S. does as a matter of course? Nope.

    Defund Planned Parenthood? Nope.

    Cut funding to the Department of Education? Nope.

    Climate change is a hoax? Nope.

    Cut funding to the Environmental Protection Agency? Nope.

    No limit on guns? It's all due to mental health issues? Nope and nope.

    Vaccines cause autism? Nope.

    Don't raise minimum wage? Nope.

    As if these weren't enough for me, he absolutely loses his mind at the slightest mention of a woman needing to breast feed her child or go to the bathrom to urinate. That's just plain weird.

    Yeah, I think he's a supreme asshat, but even if he were a refined, smooth-talking charmer, I'd still oppose him.

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    [Trump's] ery reasonable.

    We're going to have to agree to disagree on this point. I believe Trump is an egotistical windbag in love with himself, willing to say or do anything in order to create the illusion of relevance in the absence of any real talent.

    Im sure you are aware of Obamas campaign so you should know the platform.

    So, in other words, you either won't or can't answer my question.

    Let me help. Just to make things easy for everyone, I went to the non-partisan Politifact to see their list of some 500 campaign promises. The current tally shows that Obama met 45% of his campaign promises, compromised with Congress on another 25%, and failed to achieve 22%, with the remaining 8% still in limbo.

    Not too shabby for someone working with a majority Republican House and Senate.

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    . . .to say he cant deliver is very stupid.

    He can't deliver because many of the crazier things he's made a centerpiece of his "platform" are supported by almost no Democrats in Congress and very few Republicans. He can't deliver because the checks-and-balances system wouldn't let him until he pursued something reasonable.

    Obama made many promises and they fell.

    What promises, precisely?

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    But the alternative of a Democrat in office again would be far worse.

    I haven't heard a single compelling argument to explain how that would be bad, aside from the usual broad generalizations steeped in political bluster, racism, and macho jingoism. In fact, there still hasn't been a compelling argument for what precisely Obama has done wrong in his time in office that has left the U.S. in any condition demonstrably worse than when h entered office on the heels of a Republican president, who, using the same yardstick conservatives apply to Obama, ushered in the Great Recession.

    Under Obama, 9.3 million new jobs were created in the private sector, while we still saw a net loss of close to 4 million government jobs at the state and federal level. Smaller government! Conservatives should be elated.

    Corporate profits are up 166%, the S&P index is up 139%, and oil production in the U.S. is up some 87%. Gun buyer checks spiked 58% while homicides dropped 11%, and federal spending has been 4.8% lower than it was when Obama took office. Conservatives should be bouncing off the walls in sheer bliss about all of this.

    These are all things conservatives swear are the bread and butter of their political philosophy, and supposed dead from their representatives, but when one actually delivers, they label him a failure and a threat to America's future?

    But wait! That's not all that's happened!

    There are now 15 million fewer people who lack health insurance.

    There are 444,574 fewer people on Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program rolls than when George Bush Jr. was in charge (he broke the mold by adding 14.7 million people to the program during his tenure, BTW).

    The unemployment rate is currently sitting below the historical median.

    Real weekly wages are up 3.4 percent.

    The number of long-term unemployed has dropped by 614,000 from where it was after the Great Recession (not Obama's Recession, as many conservative would like to reimagine things).

    Wind and solar power generation have nearly tripled, and now account for more than 5 percent of all produced U.S. electricity.

    And all of this after inheriting an economy that was nearly crippled by the Lehman Shock fallout caused exclusively by unfettered greed among those Wall Street jackals that conservatives swear are really only a force for good in the American economy.

    Methinks the fact that the improvements I mention happened under a Democratic president, and not a Republican one, is the key reason conservative continue to insist the sky is pink when it is indeed blue.

    Modern conservatism has became a sad, pathetic joke that can scarcely be compared to the conservatism exercised by my grandmother's GOP. It's a hypocritical, shrill endeavor steeped in willful ignorance and myopic double standards, more content on petty squabbling amongst its own than in any actual progress for America. And this is why the GOP will lose in November. Again.

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    but Rubio can't be ignored.

    The moment voters start to look at Rubio seriously -- because they haven't really been able to thus far because of Trump's silliness -- they'll discover that Rubio's got a fair share of slime on him as well.

    a woman that 80% of the voters find not trustworthy

    Sorry, karlrb, but that's a fib. The number sits at around 60%.

    Having a 74 year old socialist...

    Reagan was 69 when he was elected. Also, the electorate doesn't really respond to outdated McCarthyism the way they used to, as evidenced by Sander's obvious popularity. Conservatives are just going to have to find a new way to discredit the man, because "socialist" just doesn't pack much of a punch anymore.

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    Don't breastfeed! Studies controlled by big pharma! Keep using formulas! Heheh

    If this is sarcasm, I don't get it. The health of breastfeeding children doesn't strike me as a particularly "heheh" topic, and formula is absolutely not an one-for-one replacement for breastmilk. For one thing, formula cannot replicate the immune system benefits that come from breast milk. Full stop.

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    Mengele tried to do the same.

    Not exactly.

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    I'm not even going to debate the PP issue, because Liberals will believe in their minds the video was fraudulent and conservatives will believe the horrors of what PP really stand for, no one is going to win it, it just depends where you fall on that.

    There's no place to "fall," for Pete's sake! The video was heavily editted to create the impression that the law was being borken and the attorney general's office determined after a thorough investigation that no laws had indeed been broken. None. Zero. Zilch. The facts of the case -- the "truth" -- isn't anything that's open to any kind of convoluted "interpretation." If conservative believe the video, then they are gullible morons who will buy into anything, regardless of what facts may contradict their worldview. Take climate change, for instance. 90% of climatologists agree that it's actually happening and is being influenced by people, but deniers, overwhelmingly made up of conservatives, trot out that remaning 10% of scientists and exclaim that their position is vindicated. It's frustratingly absurd.

    The whole thing about Obamacare . . .

    What "whole thing about Obamacare?"Before it, some 55 million Americans had no health insurance. After it, that number dropped to 32 million. What was the lie here?

    Both sides play that game and again, depending on where you fall and what your worldview perspective is, you'll do you damndest to get your party into the WH.

    Yes, I already stated that politicians lie on all sides of table, and yes, to do everything possible to win is certainly a part of the political process in the U.S., but lying outright in order to inflame voters and generate wholly contrived outrage seems to be the go-to for Rebublican candidates over the last three election cycles.

    Not a one of the current candidates has put forth an actual defense of themselves as a candidate, but rather has devoted a ridiculous amount of time, energy, and money instead to just tearing down each other -- and Clinton, of course. It's almost as if they're saying, "Yeah, I know I'm a crappy choice. But look at that other guy!" That's not statesmanship and it's now how our presidents should be chosen. Make the case for yourself. Don't let your candidacy rest on what the other guy did or didn't do, but rather whatyou bring to the table, regardless of the other candidates. Then let the voters decide.

    Meanwhile, how do you reconcile claims that conservatives are all about "honesty" and "integrity" when they seem to still offer broad support to Trump who has brought lying to a whole new level with some of the zingers he's thrown out there? Even when proven that he's lying, he laughs it off with the hubris of, "I could shoot people and not lose voters" while his supporters still cheer his name -- almost as if they want to be lied to, if for no other reason than to preserve the delicately crafted fantasy world they live in where every terrorist is a Muslim, every poor person is a freeloader, only liberals have extramarital affairs, every woman's womb is the property of the men around her, every homosexual is simply an experimenting college student, marriage is solely the perview of Christians who hold an exclusive right to define "love," every minority facing adversity in education, society, or the workplace just isn't trying hard enough, every socialist is Stalin, every foreign nation is woefully ignorant of world affairs, and the United States of America is the first and last moral authority in the entire world by virtue of military might.

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    I don't recall any historical account of US soldiers killing infants for fun.

    The 1968 My Lai Massacre is a good place to start looking. Granted, that particularly horrific story wasn't the result of officially US government sanctioned policy. But it does go to show that war zones can produce some truly barbaric behavior, no matter who the actors are.

    The "comfort stations" however? I'm more inclined to believe 200,000 victims than I am a small, vocal minority of men who are saying, for all intents and purposes, "They were asking for it. Look at how they were dressed."

    This "absence of evidence" purposefully ignores the fact that the Japanese government facing defeat engaged in an orgy of document burning that would put the shredders at Enron to shame. Very few discerning historians have allowed this particular nugget to fall to the wayside unnoticed.

    Japanese nationalists are impeding Japan's journey towards social and cultural maturity. They need to dry up and blow away.

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    sadly many democrats judge people not by honor or integrity but lies and deceit are rewarded.

    This from a someone whose favorite candidates espouse a brand of "honor" and "integrity" that includes continuing manipulation and distortion of voting laws and voting district boundaries, fabricating data to propel the US into a war, rallying even to this day behind a proven fraudulent video of Planned Parenthood breaking the law, lying flat out about A) the economy, B) the Affordable Healthcare Act, C) immigration in virtually every aspect.

    It's a given that all politicians lie to some extent, some more or less than others. Even Bernie Sanders has floated a few that would make more reasonable people take notice with a justifiable, "huh?" ("[Texas Republicans] believe in abolishing Social Security, abolishing V.A. health care.")

    But the GOP... Wow, the GOP. It has raised the art of Anything for a Win to obscene levels. The GOP has absolute zero room to criticize anyone in the race on "honor" or "integrity." They left those at the door the moment they even entertained the possibility of officially backing candidates like Cruz or Trump.

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    Tokyo prosecutors are complete imbeciles for pursuing this case.

    Article Unavailable

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    Where is NATO?

    The sentiment is understood and perfectly appropriate. Why does Africa get short-thrifted when it comes to these sorts of atrocities happening, but attacks like those against the U.S., the U.K., or France somehow move people to feel something?

    However, NATO has no authority in Africa. It stands for the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, which is a telling title in that it was created as a mutual defense agreement between European nations against then-Soviet, but now much broader military threats.

    No country in Africa is a member of NATO, so there is absolutely no reason it would necessarily be required involve itself in the atrocities being committed by Boko Haram. Perhaps not the answer most people want to hear, but it is the reality. And honestly, what could NATO realistically do against an enemy that is as non-centralized and proficient at guerilla warfare as Boka Haram clearly are? Boko Haram has to be defeated by Nigeria and Africans. There is certainly room to help, but how that help arrives and in what form is the rub that very few can agree on.

    Like Syria, come to think of it. Or Iraq. Or Afghanistan. Or Palestine.

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    I'd rather go from a heroin overdose than from a long drawn out battle with cancer.

    How about a long, drawn-out battle with heroin addiction, followed by an overdose? That's actually the way that story usually goes. Both are equally horrible ways to die.

    In any case, I agree with Moonraker. The lines of this case and what precisely this man has been charged with -- or is guilty of -- have grown increasingly fluid and blurry over the past few weeks, almost as if the police were searching for a crime to fit the man, rather than the other way around.

    Shonanbb is correct as well. Who did this guy piss off? The police wouldn't have discovered this on their own and you can be certain altruism wasn't involved in the likely "tip" given to police to nick this guy.

    Regardless of how it came about, Tsukamoto's career and professional life are effectively over.

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    Credibility or fiscal insolvency no American wants.

    Americans don't want credibility? Hmm...

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    Did the FBI investigate Planned Parenthood? Not that I've seen...

    Did you qualify that answer on purpose? Pay attention to the news, friend. The self-righteous tool bags who dreamt up and then executed the plan to frame Planned Parenthood for the completely unsubstantiated claim of selling fetal tissue for profit are currently under indictment in Houston. David Daleiden and Sandra Merritt face felony charges of tempering with government records. More charges are forthcoming, it would seem.

    And the Benghazi investigation? No fewer than three Republicans with direct knowledge of the investigation spearheaded by head-troll-in-charge Trey Gowdy of South Carolina came forward to state without equivocation that the investigation was partisan and more interested with damaging Clinton than with anything pertaining to the truth. And even after all of their efforts, and a taxpayer's bill of $4.6 billion for their naked asshattery, they found that everything was above board.


    Now cue the email server "scandal" in the absence of anything else substantial to hang Clinton with...

    It's timely that you would mention the bogus Planned Parenthood video in conjunction with a broader discussion about integrity and honesty in politics.

    When the GOP blatantly and shamelessly suppresses votes in minority communities with capricious and arbitrary voter ID laws, employs gerrymandering to tilt voting districts in their favor, presumes to lecture Bill Clinton about the sanctity of marriage, while key GOP leaders in the charge towards impeachment were involved extramarital affairs of their own, offers inconceivably still-broad approval of G.W. Bush's ill conceived war in Iraq, despite irrefutable proof that evidence presented to support the GOP's shrill call for war were fabricated, and pursues, again, an absurdly obvious (3 out of 4 Americans agree) conservative effort to turn the Benghazi attacks into something for which Hillary is personally responsible -- again, despite all evidence to the contrary -- well, considering ALL of this, conservative are absolutely the last souls on earth to say a damned thing about honesty or integrity.

    It would be really nice for everyone involved if, when pontificating about "honestly” and "integrity," GOP leadership demonstrated some of their own. Instead, conservative American voters are stuck with opportunistic, hypocritical, flip-flopping, bigoted hacks at the highest levels of the party.

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    Nope. I'm done.

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    Hopefully his review will show that by removing all US troops and advisors from Afghanistan and letting Afghanis sort out their own problems eventually the nation will find some semblance of stability.

    This is completely and utterly naive. Any "semblance of stability" would surely arrive on the bodies of untold thousands of civilian casualties as the country disintegrated into civil war, while the Taliban ran roughshod over the nation with little or no resistance. Ultimately, the emerging "stable" Afghanistan you envision would be little more than a puppet state for Iran.

    But hey, that's their business, right? It should be of no concern to the US or anyone, really, that the faith-addled lunatics that make up the rank-and-file of the Taliban will most assuredly step right in to fill any perceived power vacuum and immediately resume a domestic campaign of terror based on some twisted reinterpretation of Sharia Law that was as shocking and horrific in 1996 as anything IS is doing today.

    If Afghanis could demonstrate not only the ability but the more crucial will to create a stable Afghanistan that wouldn't become a breeding ground for terrorism, then I'm certain the US would be all too happy to walk away. But it did try to stay out of Afghanistan. And it got two huge piles of smoking ruin and death in the heart of Manhattan for its efforts.

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    It seems rather clear here that, with in the seeming unanimous rejection of physically demanding training to help Vietnamese players experience success in a physically demanding sport, soccer just may not be Vietnam's particular cup o' sporting tea.

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    This Toshiko Hasumi woman sounds like an utterly detestable sort of dimwit. I've no more time for her particular brand of ignorance than this.

    Article Unavailable

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    I was amazed when she told me how much it was costing her to have her taxes done in the US and have no reason to doubt what she's telling me.

    You should be more amazed that she, on the one hand, was allegedly barely making ends meet with a presumably simple, scarcely adequate annual income, yet was paradoxically able and willing to fork over "thousands of dollars per year" to an accountant.

    When the average rate for a respectable CPA to prepare moderately complicated taxes is in the realm of $200 per hour (they typically charge by the hour, not by the circumstances), and the average tax return requires a little over two hours of preparation time, we're looking at some wonky inconsistencies here. Your colleague is claiming that an accounting professional reuquired at minimum 10 hours to prepare a return on a income that barely allowed her to "make ends meet"?

    It sounds like she was either incredbibly unwise about how to better spend that limited income of hers, or she wasn't being entirely forthcoming about her self-reported "plight."

    Posted in: Memo to U.S. citizens: Pay your taxes or you may lose your passport


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