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    You might wanna reread what he said, compare it to what you misunderstood, and then offer a correction.

    Just saying... He in NO WAY insinuated the article was a slight against Japan, nor did he say Tokyo is "less prepared" Contrary... he insinuated they are MORE prepared.

    Posted in: Tokyo, Yokohama declared cities at highest risk of natural disaster by Swiss insurance company

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    About the tattoos - there was a gang related murder in a parking lot at the beach last year during the peak summer season

    Are they also proposing to ban black hair? People under a certain height? Right handed people?

    Everyone with a tat is a yak?

    Drag yourself into modern times. The vast majority of people with tat's are NOT gang-related in anyway.

    Japan, as well as yourself, really needs to get over this prior to the arrival of olympics.

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    The Republicans need to put up a black, or Asian woman as their candidate.

    Mia Love. Unfortunately, she may not be quite ready yet....

    Posted in: Three years before vote, Clinton machine gears up

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    Some of you seem to be taking this one specific part of an overall event WAAYYYY to seriously.

    Posted in: Morale booster

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    but they waste a lot of time on years-long mysteries that just end up disappointing (Lost being the best example of this

    Obviously, you didn't see the ending of Dexter....

    Posted in: Why Japanese TV shows have become boring

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    So-so? Well... that's about the best he can hope for.

    > Of course the racist right

    And there goes the credibility of the entire post... right there.

    Posted in: Poll: People see Obama as nice, so-so president

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    Terrible. Terrible.

    But, out of a sense of morbid curiosity.... how in the hell do they pick the men?

    Posted in: Indian village orders gang-rape of woman as punishment for having affair

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    Must be something wrong with me. I found it to be neither funny nor offensive. I certainly didn't find it "racist".

    I'm pretty sure the problem is with those that DO find this to be racist and offensive.

    Posted in: ANA apologizes over racial stereotyping in new TV commercial

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    Heck, she's a four-star army general - they can't get rid of her that easily!

    So was the guy the offed... right?

    Posted in: Kim's aunt appears OK after husband's execution

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    Why can't "hafu" embrace their uniqueness in society without demanding society accept and embrace them

    In the context of the way you keep using the word "embrace", which isn't even what they are asking for, change "hafu" to "homosexuals", "Blacks", "Gingers", or any other descriptive term and you'll have your answer.

    Besides, nobody is asking them to "embrace" anybody. They are asking for acceptance.

    Do you go up to someone with brown eyes and treat them differently? How 'bout someone who is taller or shorter than yourself? Left-handed? Right?

    Posted in: 'Hafu' tells story of Japan’s mixed-race minority and changing attitudes in society

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    What did you do for the planet today?

    I picked up a solitary piece of garbage. It was actually a MORE environmentally friendly act than anything Watsons done. He hasn't stopped anything... he hasn't changed anything. He never will because those that he actually needs to get on his side to effect change are disgusted by his pirate tactics.

    Posted in: Fugitive eco-warrior Paul Watson back in U.S. after 15 months at sea

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    Someone sounds a bit upset with the Executors....

    Posted in: Quincy Jones sues Michael Jackson's estate

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    Kinki kids?


    Posted in: Japan votes on the musical act they most want to see in Olympic opening ceremony

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    I've never met a doctor with a tattoo in my life. Likewise for attorneys and university professors.

    And you know this because when working with you they are wearing nothing, huh?

    Posted in: Hong Kong tattoo convention aims to make its mark

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    All men love porn and those who say that they don't are liars or are in serious denial!

    That's quite a "kafkaesque" statement right there....

    Posted in: 6 porn dealers arrested after catalogues mistakenly sent to police

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    Heisenberg's signature kill is creepy but I wonder

    It's not Walt's signature "kill". It his method of disposal AFTER the kill.

    Posted in: Body of gigolo club boss dissolved in toxic chemicals

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    Strangerland.... tragically enough the ACA doesn't do one damn thing to reform "Health Care", either the provision of... or the high cost associated with it.

    ACA is nothing more than an health INSURANCE program. There was no reform to anything other than some of the regulations guiding WHO can obtain this insurance (pre-existing conditions, etc.).

    The cost of health care is still sky high.. and it's the overhead and cost of providing insurance that is the main reason for that. Sure, some people will now have access to health care they didn't before, but only because they are being provided insurance. The continuing high cost of actual CARE will either remain the same and costs will still go up because of the increased overhead to insure those people, or the cost will increase... likely for the same reason coupled with the additional ??? people obtaining that same care (via insurance).

    Practioners are starting to accept cash payments at much lower costs than the same treatments paid for via any type of insurance.

    The "stupid" people are the ones that keep referring to the ACA as health CARE reform.

    Posted in: House votes to derail Obamacare, fund government

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    Time for the keystone cops to make little flyers and go door to door handing them out. Stuff them in mailboxes.... take them to the senior's homes. Hell... give them the damn NHK people to hand out.

    And banks should be a bit more proactive. They don't need to know why someone is drawing funds, but they could CERTAINLY afford to put up some posters. Maybe even have tellers advise older people drawing out any amount over a certain limit.. in a tactful way... that it is odd for the customer to be drawing out that much funds at that age, and to be careful of those "ore, ore" scams.

    Maybe they can reduce these things by a few.

    I try to be sympathetic. Not all of these older people have access to this type of information when it occurs. They may not be aware there is such a scam. Just because WE technophiles know, doesn't mean some 60 or 70 year old will. Alas... the panic that they endure might very well override any common sense.

    Posted in: 73-year-old woman conned out of Y15 mil in 'ore-ore' scam

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    ahhhhh giraffe girl. No idea why she is so popular.

    This. Post of the day. Maybe the week.

    Posted in: Ayame Goriki is TV commercial queen for first half of 2013

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    I had one man try to force his way into my house to see if I had a TV and another two, who persistently rang my bell and kicked my door while shouting profanities!

    Oh, how I so look forward to one of them trying that at my house.

    Posted in: NHK may charge viewer fees for Internet, smartphone usage

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