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    Assad started this mess by ordering the murder of peaceful protesters.

    That's a serious allegation, can you substantiate it with any credible evidence.

    If you can't, it's just your opinion.

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    I thought that the Arab Spring was going to bring freedom and democracy.

    Let's see,

    Egypt is headed towards becoming a Sharia law dictatorship.

    Libya is in shambles, basically on the brink of civil war again.

    Syria is poised to become an Al Qaeda state if the rebels win

    Tunisia is also beginning to boil over again.

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    the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said.

    Can we please get a new source of information. Isn't it a little odd that all of the figures and information that English based news is quoting is solely from one single source based in the UK.

    Demonstrators protested under the slogan "No to peacekeeping forces in Syria," activists said.

    hmm... see if you can figure out whose side the protestors are on.

    that for the first time in the agreement's history they might be used.

    I guess they're not counting Agent Orange.

    The Syrian government has unequivocally stated that chem weapons will only be used in the event of invasion by another country. All countries with WMDs have the same policy.

    No matter how nasty the Al Qaeda rebels are, the Syrian government has ruled out use of WMD on the Al Qaeda rebels on Syrian soil.

    And a stray bullet fired from inside Syria wounded a Jordanian soldier on the border, prompting the army to respond, an armed forces spokesman in Amman said

    Stray bullet from whom? Take a look at Jordanian news if you want the answer as the French AFP seems to have oopsy-daisy forgotten to mention that.

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    Actually, I didn't know that sexual harassment was an arrestable offence.

    Posted in: Company manager arrested for trying to kiss job applicant during interview

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    You're more likely to be killed by a hornet than a random slasher

    Posted in: Experts give tips for repelling a random slasher

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    Fourteen people were arrested

    14 people arrested?

    That's all you got. Do you have any idea how many OWS protesters were arrested in America last year.

    14 people arrested, questionable reports of 2 people killed? These are farsical numbers. I don't see how 14 people constitute a mass uprising.

    after about 200 staged a peaceful sit-in outside the Libyan embassy to show support for Libya's protesters.

    200 people is a joke, that's like a minor college gathering of hippies in the States, the average G8 protest in a major city will draw about 1000 times that figure.

    Since when does 14 people arrested and 200 people protesting constitute a spontaneous mass uprising.

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    Sure, he only killed peaceful protesters

    "He" killed them? Really? Like with his bare hands in a fist fight?

    Do you have any tangible proof whatsoever that any peaceful protestors were killed or are you just quoting the Damascus blogger again?

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    Meet the new boss, same as the old boss (if not worse).

    Tunisia is also bursting at the seams. Libya is an absolute basket case (except for the oil fields which are now in French hands), Syrians are getting killed daily by marauding Al Qaeda gunmen.

    I thought that this Arab spring was all about freedom, democracy and human rights.

    Posted in: Egypt's president offers nothing to defuse crisis

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    Free, fair an open elections are path out of this but nothing can change until the rebels stop firing and killing people.

    Any election should be open to all candidates, including Assad and current cabinent ministers.

    After all, if Assad is as unpopular as some people claim then what's the harm in having him run in elections.

    In demanding that any future election excludes Assad and current ministers pretty much confirms that Assad is far more popular than NATO leaders would like to admit and their afraid that he'd probably win any and all future elections.

    In fact he's more popular than ever because he's taking a stand against the rebel invaders and keeping the Islamists at bay. For Christians, he's basically their only hope for survival in Syria as they're outnumbered 10 to 1 by Muslims and the rebels have made clear that Christians will be subject to Sharia Law regardless of their religion. The more extreme elements of the rebels have even more sinister plans for the 2 million Christians that live in Syria.

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    The best way to ensure the safety of the Syrian people and the security of Chem weapons is to stem the flow of weapons and fighters to the Al Qaeda rebels.

    Posted in: U.S., Russia discuss Syria's future

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    Spend the day as normal, ignoring the Doomsday claim like all others, Y2K, Global Warming, Apocalypse etc.

    Posted in: According to the Mayan calendar, the end of the world will occur on Dec 21, 2012. In case it is true, how are you planning to spend the day?

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    What's the baker's opinion on this issue?

    Posted in: Rocket launch is to mark anniversary of Kim Jong-Il's death: ex-sushi chef

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    Tamarama's conspiracy theory:

    It's just as possible that these 17 were killed inside Lebanon by Alawite forces in Tripoli and then dumped inside Syria.

    which clearly contradicts the basic information in the article.

    The Lebanese men killed in Syria were Sunni Muslims

    Note the "killed in Syria" point.

    So what was Mr. Jihad (and yes, that's his real name) doing in Syria? Especially since it was admitted that he's a fundamentalist Muslim and he hated the non-Islamic Syrian government.

    Two million Christians live in Syria and the current government provides them freedom of religion and worship. Apparently, Mr. Jihad from Lebanon had a problem with that and wanted to go kill some Christians and non-Sunni Muslims.

    He probably thought that it would a Turkey-shoot (pun intended) since weapons and ammo were being supplied courtesy of Turkey and Saudi Arabia and fighters are being offered over $100 US dollars a day in cold hard cash to fight against Syrian police and Army Units.

    I guess Mr. Jihad thought wrong. He entered Syria with an AK47 and Koran in hand and he left Syria in a body bag.

    Posted in: Syrian civil war spills over into Lebanon

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    Human beings must be free to choose their leaders

    There's nothing free about France imposing a leader on the Syrian people.

    Do you think the Syrians invited Al Qaeda into their neighborhoods. Who in Syria voted for or asked for armed men to barge into neighborhoods and start killing people. Who in Syria voted to have postal workers thrown off of buildings by rebel soldiers? Who in Syria asked for a Junior High School to be flattened by rebel mortars. Who in Syria voted for daily car bombs placed in civilian areas.

    Eight months ago it was trendy to deny the presence of foreign fighters in Syria. Now, it's mainstream news. If you still doubt it then it's you who's wearing a tinfoil hat, since almost every major newspaper in the world and several prominent global leaders have noted that the Syrian army is fighting against Al Qaeda.

    It seems that these lebanese families are almost suggesting that the men were abducted and taken inside Syria and executed and made to appear that they are foreign fighters. Tripoli is coastal and quite far from the border.

    Quite the far fetched theory. Occam's razor dictates that these ridiculous conspiracy theories that Assad deviously controls and plans everything and that every news event that is the favor of the Syrian viewpoint is actually staged personally by Assad, is ludicrous.

    Mr. "Jihad's" son went to Syria to fight a holy war for Allah in an attempt to subvert a secular government and replace it with a Sharia law state, but his son made the wrong bet and the Syrians showed Mr. Jihad what happens to invaders.

    Posted in: Syrian civil war spills over into Lebanon

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    chemical weapons or lose control of them to militant groups.

    Agreed, worse case scenario is that the FSA Al Qaeda militant groups get their hands on chemical weapons. The FSA has already proven to be a ruthless organization with no respect for law and humanity.

    Here's a crazy thought, how about the West pressure Turkey and Qatar to stop channeling weapons to Al Qaeda so we can ensure that Al Qaeda doesn't get hold of these dangerous weapons.

    said the two men sympathized with the rebellion, but they were not fighters.

    So what exactly were these religious zealots doing visiting a war zone anyways, that point seems to have been overlooked in the article.

    Look at the picture of the rebel firing off his machine guy, wouldn't you want that guy stomping around your neighborhood without any deference to any law and authority.

    The jihadis rebels are criminals, plain and simple. They shoot and kill people at will and respect no law nor civil society.

    Posted in: Syrian civil war spills over into Lebanon

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    So why do women get surprised when they find out that their bf is cheating?

    They should have "sensed" or "predicted" that in the first place.

    Posted in: Women can tell which men cheat just by looking at them: study

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    Total waste of money.

    Posted in: PAC men

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    The rebel tactic is very simple, but it works:

    1. First the rebels enter a neighborhood and break into people's homes and harass, sometimes even rape and kill the residents.

    2. Residents call emergency services begging for help.

    3. The Syrian army gets sent in

    4. The rebels shoot at Syrian soldiers from the windows and homes of the local residents forcing a fire fight in the residential neighborhood.

    5. Civilian casualties mount and sometimes rebels kill civilians if enough aren't killed in the crossfire.

    6. The rebels then take pictures of the mayhem and the bodies and contact Rami at the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights in the UK and give the body count along with pictures, claiming that the Syrian army randomly attacked the neighborhood.

    7. The SOHR then reports to all the world's media outlets that the Syrian Army attacked so and so neighborhood and x number of people died.

    8. Gullible westerners fall for it and blame everything on the Syrians and demand that their governments do something for humanitarian reasons.

    9. Western governments feign reluctance and then eventual respond to public opinion (which was primed by the media) and send in troops to secure the oil fields and install a puppet government.

    10. The process then repeats itself in the next country on the list.

    Posted in: Fighting surges around Damascus; NATO to send Patriot missiles to Turkey

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    So they just need to target the weapons on areas where no civilians live and where there are foreign troops. Should be pretty easy.

    That would be great if the Al Qaeda rebels followed the Geneva convention but they're intentionally hiding amongst civilians and seeking cover in populated areas. That's why all the fighting is in cities.

    Posted in: Fighting surges around Damascus; NATO to send Patriot missiles to Turkey

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    Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.

    Posted in: 100,000 protesters encircle Egypt's presidential palace

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